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Hope For Paws

Rating: 3.57 stars   89 reviews

Nonprofit Issues (NTEE):

Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals


8950 W Olympic Blvd #525 Los Angeles CA 90211 USA


Hope for paws rescues dogs and all other animals who are suffering on the streets and in shelters. Our goal is to educate people on the importance of companion animals in our society, to reduce euthanasia rates at shelters, increase adoption rates, and inspire people all over the world to take action in order to end animal abuse, neglect, and homelessness.


In the past year we were able to save hundreds of dogs and cats from a life of pain and suffering. We worked with dozens of rescues all over the united states, and by working together, we were able to get all of these animals great medical care, bring all of them to foster homes, and find each and every one of them a loving forever home. In the past year we started a spay/neuter program and got hundreds of dogs and cats fixed in an effort to reduce the overpopulation problem here in southern california. Hope for paws' rescue videos and photos continue to inspire people from all over the world, and this year they were viewed over 75 million times.

2014 Top-Rated Nonprofit
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Reviews for Hope For Paws

Rating: 5 stars  

1 person found this review helpful

They found my dog and got it back to me. I thought he was dead and missing. They found him
When he was sick and paid for his health and found me. I almost fainted. They are a blessing for me and my family.

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Role: General Member of the Public
Rating: 4 stars  

5 people found this review helpful

To some of the "reviews" on this charity...1) Non profit doesn't mean that people working for the non-profit do not get paid. It isn't realistic to expect any person to "work" (i.e., rescue dogs) full-time or even standard part-time hours for zero pay. Most people - unless independently wealthy - cannot afford to do so. They have to buy food, shelter, cars, etc., just like the rest of us do. 2) If you are going to make claims that could result in a negative impact to the non profit you are reviewing you should cite links or detail where you found the information/claims you are making so others can review as well. If this is a legitimate organization your claims may affect their ability to obtain donations which then affects their ability to save these animals. 3) To those who claim "no one knows what happens to these animals". In fact Hope for Paws states very clearly in their videos the other rescue organizations they work with to get these dogs fostered and adopted. In virtually all of the videos you see the before and the "after" - the dog recovered from the abandonment and/or abuse they have suffered. There have also been many cases where there is a separate video or pictures of the dogs with their new families. Some of these new families even have started FB pages with their rescued dog(s). I have donated to Hope for Paws - and I don't know if the claims made by some here are legitimate or not - I would hope the latter. But if you're going to make claims that could affect a non profit and the work they do - sharing where you obtained your information is the responsible thing to do IMO.

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Rating: 1 stars  

18 people found this review helpful

I would not donate to this charity as there are many unanswered questions in regards to their financial status. The videos are made to sucker you in to donate money, they have been accused of dumping animals in the desert and left to die. Do lots of research before you give them money, there are many, many legitimate groups who actually help and rescue animals for adoption. Don't be fooled.

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Role: General Member of the Public
Rating: 1 stars  

34 people found this review helpful

I have watched the videos and cried and prayed--came very close to donating then did some research.Have a few questions:for an organization that takes in millions,why only 3 staff members?Or am i wrong?If Eldad is claiming non-profit status then is it true he bought a house with a pool(Profit!) from the donations???Why all the secrecy re the finances and why no reports to the IRS for 2 years?Why the trips-funded by donations-to Costa Rica to rescue dogs when so many in America need rescuing still?Could be the organization which is only a drop box for mail has 3 people because these 3 can keep their lips zipped? One of the Lisas is an "actress"and the other a weight-lifter and both really adore their "SELFIES''.I noticed from the start that the vids are too slick and so is the way Eldad talks.Also I thought he was 36 years old?Read that he was an Israeli army commander-then read that he came to America at age 18.Was he an army commander at 18 also?Or 16? How about 12?Something stinks out there in Hollywoodland and it ain't the Halibut,Jazz-bo.

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Rating: 5 stars  

12 people found this review helpful

Dear Lisa and Hope for Paws,
Here are Duke’s before and after pics from his surgery last week. He is doing SO much better thanks to you and Red Rover. He is now eating well and is not in the constant pain and misery he was in with his ear.

Thank you so much for your compassion and financial help so that Duke could have his surgery. I and my neighbor Katie will be forever grateful that you were able to help pay the vet’s bill as there was no way that Katie could have afforded to have it and would have had to put Duke to sleep. He means the world to her and I believe that you saved two lives with your help. You and Hope for Paws are amazing! Please keep up the wonderful work that you do for these helpless animals! Duke before surgery, in fact, his growth became as large as a golf ball right before the surgery and he was in terrible pain.

Thank you again and again!

Best regards,
Carole Jensen

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Role: General Member of the Public
Rating: 1 stars  

33 people found this review helpful

I started researching this organization and since it is a nonprofit I searched via State of California charity database. There is a file. They collected over $2 million last year. However, they are seriously delinquent in providing the state required financial information since 2014! The state mailed them a letter dated July 26, 2016 giving them 30 days from the date of the letter to provide it or they can lose their tax exempt status. I map viewed their Beverly Hills address and it's a mail drop. Until this org becomes more forthcoming I wouldn't donate. Good luck trying to find those rescued dogs to adopt also.

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Rating: 1 stars  

41 people found this review helpful

What research confirms this is an honest and transparent organization committed to the dogs? Other than all the publicity for the videos that pull on our heart strings I haven't found anything that assures me this is a group whose real mission is to rescue and find homes for dogs. They get millions of hits for many of the videos and ask for a $5 donation. You do the math. If only 5% of people responded they would make millions. The income they do declare is far under what would be expected with the enormous publicity generated by the multiple viral videos.Yet they can't hire someone to make sure people get receipts acknowledging the donation. And we don't really know what happens to these dogs.

So please, direct me to the sites that will assure me of their integrity. I've yet to find them.

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Rating: 5 stars  

13 people found this review helpful

They are the best organization. Selfless people saving animals round the clock!! They have helped so many animals find better lives.

I do my research carefully and and am very impressed with this group.

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Rating: 1 stars  

50 people found this review helpful

Based on a video I saw of the rescue of a dog named Jordan (whose leg had been cut off), I began donating $10 a month to HopeForPaws. I thought it was odd that I never received any acknowledgement, communication or updates. After two years of monthly donations, I finally googled and saw plenty of evidence that this organization is not to be trusted.

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Role: General Member of the Public
Rating: 1 stars  

39 people found this review helpful

I came upon their youtube vids and initially thought they were God's gift to homeless and abandoned dogs.
I always gave them a 'like' and shared their vids.
BUT...something seemed off...the vids were very slickly done....way more so then any other group that was starting off and it never showed the dogs in their apt or home. It seemed it always went from a rescue of a dog filled with fleas/mange many times injured to the vet that was always open. My vet isn't always available to me.
Then I read how a dog was left in the desert in a crate...of course the dog died a horrible death. Eldad and his wife were directly responsible so I had read. Running out on boarding fees and his wife saying in court he couldnt speak English.
I don't know if everything if true but court records don't lie.
Seems there is enough proof to think way more than twice about believing what this organization says.
I'd certainly never give them a penny...I know way more deserving grassroots organizations that don't live in Beverly Hills and go without to help animals.
They say an associate is the one that caused trouble for them but I don't buy it.
This Hope for Paws seems way too fishy.

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