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Review for Central Union Mission, Washington, DC, USA

Rating: 5 stars  

H. Patricia Blackshire
Central Union Mission
October 12, 2021

Hello Readers!

Volunteering at Central Union Mission ("Mission"), actually feels like a jubilant experience after each visit. How is this possible? (Every. Day. Begins. Anew.) I can't explain it. But, when you know, you just know.

The outpouring of love and attention to each "needy" individual" is palpable throughout the entire organization. It's incredible to watch from the sidelines, the deliberate actions of dedicated teachers, counselors and ministers execute the educational "blueprint" curriculum at such a high level. Their care and love is mind-stirring.

The superb Administrators of this vital institution have also created an ideal place to volunteer or work. They are intentional. They continue together, as a great team building upon an extraordinary legacy that began over a century, ago

Being an eye-witness to lives being spiritually restored at the Mission, and the transformation that takes place benefits our communities, families and society. But, most of all, the individuals who decided to undertake the rigorous journey to get here, made it a victory lap. They will begin a new, purposeful life - unlike before.

Your impact can make a significant difference.

What is volunteering? Helping to save the lives of those "living in the shadows" of unimaginable circumstances. The suffering is often too real. Won't you stand up, stand out and be a force to be reckoned with?

So, let's get started! Come out and join us!

Role:  Donor

Review for Suited for Change, Washington, DC, USA

Rating: 5 stars  

H. Patricia Blackshire
August 25, 2021
Virtual Coach Volunteer and Supporter

There's one word that readily comes to mind when I think of Suited for Change ( "SFC"):  Authentic
They say and do the things that they truly believe in.

The last year and a half has been a watershed moment for all of us.  SFC continued to reach out and navigate a terrain that seemed, at the time, literally impossible.

During this time, a number of businesses had attached "closed" signs across their windows and doors.  This organization does not take its mission,
lightly. However, over the last year, SFC went into overdrive.  The results are now in.  They found an incredible way to serve their vulnerable clients under the most daunting of circumstances.

This place is a sanctuary for women seeking opportunities in the business world.  SFC offers a wealth of resources to help with furthering their
education, financial advice and personal support.

Upon arrival at the office of Suited for Change, they are given one-on-one service involving clothing, business "know how" and much more.  This introductory period serves both clients and staff members well.  The staffer gauges the needs and goals of the client. And shortly afterwards, they form a partnership of working together to help the client achieve their target of employment. 

Our unwritten motto is:  You Will Succeed

As a volunteer and supporter, I've been involved in the boutique sales, in-house stylist and now serve as a virtual coach.  These duties are all intertwined in furthering the goals of SFC.

The dedicated staff members at Suited for Change and our unique clients have taught me a valuable lesson about the vicissitudes of life and how one can overcome anything with a transformative mindset.

I have been an eye-witness!  Helping hands is who we are!  There's no challenge too big for us.  We
lead with a big heart, kindness and a willingness to serve our vulnerable clients from all walks of life.

Role:  Volunteer

Review for Suited for Change, Washington, DC, USA

Rating: 5 stars  

H. Patricia Blackshire
Virtual Coach Volunteer 2020

Suited for Change

Suited for Change ("SFC") is an organization that serves a diversified group of women seeking employment in the surrounding D.C. Metropolitan area. It not only effectively aids, but also seeks to restore confidence and power to women, so they can fully realize their potential of reaching their desired goals. The women sometimes struggle with a multitude of issues, which causes them to basically survive on the margins of society for a substantial period of time. For many years, clients have overcome and transformed their lives through sheer determination and will. This is a powerful testament to the great leadership of the SFC organization, who serve with unceasing commitment, vision and tremendous hard work.

Initially, I started out as a volunteer stylist. I was clueless as to my own understanding of the journey I was about to undertake. I coordinated outfits to match a specific business culture for the clients. And, working closely with the clients, hearing their personal stories, allowed me to get to know the clients in an endearing way. At times, it felt like meeting old friends. To see them laugh and cry, connected me to our shared humanity in a way that was heartfelt and humbling. I have found my calling in life!

When a client from SFC seeks and gains employment, it is unimaginable joy for the client and the supportive team. So, I am very excited to be a part of this talented group; and, witnessing firsthand lives being changed dramatically. The world is a much better place when we lend a helping hand. Join our world! We are here for you.

Role:  Volunteer

Review for Central Union Mission, Washington, DC, USA

Rating: 5 stars  

Central Union Mission ("Mission") is one of the finest nonprofit organizations that I have ever been affiliated with. As a volunteer and writer, I am very proud to be a part of the outstanding team of administrators who continue to make the day-to- day work look so amazingly effortless.

Walking through the halls of the Mission, two years, ago opened my eyes wide to the transformative power of prayer. You are unable to make progress, unless you are specifically orientated towards the "how" and the "why" of service.

The Mission manifests christian values and use it as a tool to transform the lives of homeless men, with much admired success. It's a great testimony to their integrity and devoted teamwork.

When you help your brothers and sisters, you automatically help yourself. We are all a community and we need one another. What is your life's purpose? To help someone.

My life has been deeply enriched through my fellowship with Central Union Mission.

So, grateful for this journey!

H. Patricia Blackshire
September 17, 2020

Role:  Volunteer

Review for Central Union Mission, Washington, DC, USA

Rating: 5 stars  

Central Union Mission was a place that I was unfamiliar with, until one day my students reported to me the subject of homelessness in their public high school. Immediately, I went into action to help my beautiful and caring students, who wanted to help their classmates. The first action was to go online and search for nonprofits who were addressing the topic of homelessness. I searched and found Central Union Mission

In the interim, I was able to connect with one of the administrators, a Director. She personally visited the students and armed them with knowledge about how to go about helping. The information shared to the students will be with them for a lifetime. And, they will know exactly what to do if they ever have a personal experience of knowing someone in need, including themselves.

This experience will be one of the highlights of their education. The lens of their eyes really opened up at that moment to see what was going on in the real world. And, the Director gave them many examples of homelessness.

If it were not for my students, I probably would not be enjoying this rewarding experience at the Mission. Every day, I feel joy and happiness because I am serving the men at the shelter. And, they respond with a grateful attitude.

I also have the good fortune of working alongside the Coordinator, whose tasks are many. And, responsibilities of unimaginable heights. But, he makes it look effortless.. How does he do it?
Every day, I learn from him. And, so do the volunteers who come out to serve and do shelter upkeep.

The Coordinator presents the unique history to the volunteers who have no idea regarding the background of this historic institution. They walk away with knowledge that was provided to them, and they too, like my students will remember this encounter and share with others.

I have been witnessing some amazing transformations from the men, who are enrolled in various educational and job-training programs. The formula that the Mission uses, actually works! The results ate in the numbers.

Yes, I advertise the good news about the Mission. The work this entire organization does, on behalf of the men is quite meaningful. They are leaders, who lead with their compassion, commitment and hard work. And, I am humbled by these examples.

To the men at the shelter, YES, YOU CAN! Remember, the God who lives inside of you. He loves you! And, wants you to succeed.

HPB -- October 3, 2019

Role:  Volunteer