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Review for Starting Over Animal Refuge Inc, Ocala, FL, USA

Rating: 1 stars  

I called twice, and then I texted to get some information about this agreement I read about in her bad reviews. I was concerned that what she wanted may be over the top. My first text asked if she provided a hard copy of the vet records and vaccines and where I could find a copy of the adoption agreement. The owner answers: "Everything can be viewed when coming to the ranch." I explained I live two hours away and did not want to waste 4 hours driving and again asked her for the vet information. I then added I had read the good and bad reviews, explained I am not an uninformed puppy parent. If she was unable to email me the full contract so I can read and share her vet information, I believe she is shady. In my opinion, anyone selling animals should be able to provide a vet for references and a copy of the contract. I do not think this is an unreasonable request. Bottom line is I wanted to read the agreement and determine if I find her requirements are agreeable to me. If not, then I'd move on and find someone else. She then stated her credentials and told me she did not like the way I was coming at her. She called me rude and did not want me adopting from her ranch. Then said I was the first and only one who has ever asked for a vet reference. Then she said I was more than welcome to come to the ranch and view the 250 good reviews or just go to Orlando. Then she said she did not think there would be a single rescue or humane society willing to allow me to adopt. I explained, again, I am looking for answers, she did not answer my questions and I am doing my due diligence before making a purchase and supporting her. I also explain I did not care about the good and bad reviews, only my experience with her. So far in the conversation, this owner has refused to answer my two initial questions. 1. What is her vet's name. I want to verify she takes her animals to a vet. 2. What exactly does her contract say. If I had disagreed, then I would not buy from her. I respect the fact she runs this business. She does not appreciate and recognize the fact I am a consumer wanting information. I explained I am a direct person and a responsible puppy parent. After a few more messages, she finally summarized what is on her contract. I told her again, I want the entire contract, not her summary. Still, she did not provide a link or was willing to provide unless I visit the ranch. I explained that if I agreed to her terms, I would print it out. Then she said I am not having you sign my contract without meeting me and approving me. I explained to her, the contract is not valid unless we both sign. Then she said "I am a LICENSED organization and my corporate name is my signature and the contract does not need to be signed." She called me arrogant, said she could not send a copy because she did not have one downloaded, which was the first time she mentioned it. She called me a troll, accused me of possibly harassing her vet. She finally admitted to giving all the shots to the puppies herself. She continued to be rude. You should always ensure whatever person you are buying from is legitimate and willing to share information. This woman was not. I wanted the vet info to verify she has one and a copy of the contract to see if what she demands is acceptable. She was rude, hostile, and a bully. I would never support a non-profit like this one. Had she been upfront when I asked those questions, this rating would be a five star, not a one. Stop taking questions personally. Be transparent and share the information. I really wish this would have turned out different. This woman has a large chip on her shoulder and I see why others can see why they think she is crazy and warning others to stay far away. However, I would never judge her based on what others say. I am completely basing my opinion on my experience with her. I really wanted her to share the info I needed. Unfortunately, she would not.

**Additional comments: I did NOT call, all communication was via text. How do you have a rude and demanding tone in a text?! This woman was neither professional or calm. She refused to answer basic questions and was combative. Simply, she was a bully.

Role:  General Member of the Public
Melissa296 (Nonprofit Staff) wrote:

I could post the “entire” conversation leading me to my frustrated response but I’ll be more classy then that. This person called me and immediately in a rude demanding tone demanded for my vets information and veterinary documents on my animals along with a copy of my adoption contract. No presentation on whom she was or why she was calling . Immediately she made me on edge but I remained composure and asked why she called with these demands if she had adopted and was concerned about a puppy . She stated no and that she MIGHT want to adopt but seeing my 6 out of 250 bad reviews she finds me shady and wants all my legal and medical proof that I’m a “legit” organization and that the puppies receive their proper vaccines . I’m a shelter . Just as humane societies and animal services . Licensed by the state of Florida which makes my contracts