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Review for Tian Wen Institute, Newark, DE, USA

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Anti-Constitutionalism –

The CCP Builds a Long-lived Dream of Dictatorship with Hostile Thinking

Chenmou Wu (The president of Tian Wen Institute)

Beginning with the 2013 New Year’s message of the “Southern Week” events, continuing with the madness of the changing message of Tuo Zhen, the Director of the Propaganda Department of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, a war of anti-constitutionalism began in China, which made “constitutionalism” the most sensitive word to the CCP authorities.
On August 1, the authorities ordered representatives from all major media together to reprint an article entitled “China’s Unrest - Worse than the Soviet Union”. The article was written by Wang Xiaoshi in order to frighten and deceive the general public. This event was followed by the August 5th and 6th publications in the People’s Daily Overseas Edition of articles entitled “American Constitutionalism – More in Name than in Reality”, written by Ma Zhongcheng, and another entitled “Constitutionalism is an American Weapon Used to Disintegrate Socialism”. The latter article was not attributed to any author. These negative articles published in widespread media seem to indicate that the nation is in peril.
Using hostile thinking and language, these three articles all seem to utilize national sentiment and patriotism in order to demean Western countries and to make the people antagonistic to the West. Demeaning Western countries is indeed a long-lived dream of the CCP’s dictatorship.
First, in “China’s Unrest – Worse than the Soviet Union”, Wang Xiaoshi’s opinion is no problem in itself. It can be said that many Chinese people would agree with it. But the key problem is that there is not a direct causal link between China’s political transition and social turmoil in the future. On the contrary, the fundamental purpose of China’s political transformation, which many Chinese both at home and abroad promote, is to avoid social unrest in the future. In other words, it isn’t necessarily true that future social unrest is brought about by political transformation, nor is the converse of this true.
So, what are the causes and conditions we should clearly know that might bring about social unrest in China? Who makes these uncertainties? Where are the roots? As we all undeniably know, and since the CCP is the only party in power, any unrest in the future would be a result of their involvement. If there is political or social unrest, the CCP should only blame themselves because governance is their responsibility. People do not cause political unrest, but they certainly suffer for it.
Secondly, the turbulent conditions stem from various social contradictions that have reached a boiling point and cannot be controlled. Lastly, the one party dictatorship is the source of unrest; people have never been the “masters” of China and there is no legitimacy for the ruling powers. Thus, various conflicts will not be able to be changed immediately. As people find out the real source of these problems they will not be influenced by these negative words.
In regards to Ma Zhongcheng’s article, “American Constitutionalism – More in Name than in Reality?” We will analyze certain paragraphs. The article states, “But it is a contradiction for the U.S. Constitution, on the one hand, to protect the rights of the bourgeois to monopolize the means of production and exploit the masses; on the other hand, talk about people’s sovereignty and freedom in other places. But both of them can’t exist simultaneously.” Ma also admits in his article, that the U.S. Constitutional system has been running for more than 200 years. So far, from the founding until present, two parties have shifted power, cycling back and forth, through elections. They have been able, at the same time, to preserve democracy, freedom and human rights, and are universally recognized for this. If using this Ma’s criteria, how is it possible for the U.S. to succeed, let alone for two hundred years?
Property and non-property are relative concepts both measured with capital so that capital becomes the common unit of value. The bourgeoisie and proletarians’ social roles can be changed at any time depending on the amount of capital they have. Tangible capital (physical level) is decided by intangible capital (metaphysical level). Real equality means equal at social capital formation and external environmental conditions, not in the amount of absolute capital. Moreover, bourgeois and proletarian are broad and vague concepts, the crowd always changing. Buddhist culture emphasizes the causal; a different gene causes a different result. For example, a lazy proletarian and a hard-working bourgeois, do they have the right to enjoy the same social wealth? So mankind needs to realize that communism is impossible, it is a falsehood that can’t ever be reality. Can’t the existing crony capital of the CCP prove this point yet? But the sin is that the external conditions of social environment and people pursuing capital are severely unequal.
“The power of the American president has not been locked by the Constitution’s cage, but was locked by the cage of the oligopoly of monopoly capital.” The developers of the Constitution set provisions of the United States Constitution that the presidential election should be held every four years and the powers and re-election of the president so that no person or company can change it. The so-called “monopoly capital oligarchs” must engage in activities within the framework of the Constitution. The power of the CCP has never been locked into the Chinese constitutional cage in the mainland. The tigers such as corrupt officials are the real “monopoly capital oligarchs”, and are still outside the Constitutional cage. The whole world knows Chinese authorities are involved in huge corruption scandals, but the CCP is dumb and doesn’t give answers to people. According to Bo Xilai, the people cannot see justice or dignity in the Constitution.
If “The proletariat is relatively naïve, weak and not unified”, why is the proletariat of America inexperienced? Is American information not public? Is there no freedom of the press? “The form of disunity” the government of the United States prohibiting people from forming associations? Never! Those claims by Ma Zhongcheng are unfounded.
Finally, “Gorbachev’s political reform completely failed to be a blueprint of a western constitution” as the article stated. The failure of dictatorship in the Soviet Union is the best indication that this type of governance will never succeed. Collapse would be the destiny of the CPSU and rightly so because it’s inevitable. The CCP should learn, be alert and act earlier. Today might be Russia’s revival, but it had to be established on the basis of this failure.

The third article, also in People’s Daily is entitled “Constitution is an American Weapon to Disintegrate Socialism”. The signature is unclear, but from the writing style and content Ma Zhongcheng may have written it. The constitution was also seen as a weapon of Western capitalism to collapse Chinese feudalism and has had an effect in the constitutional process of social transformation in China during the early part of the last century. As Darwin’s survival of the fittest by natural law instructs us, development of constitution has responsibility and should once again become a weapon in China’s transition to the modern, civilized world.
The civilization of America’s constitutionalism has an unmatched vitality with irresistible charm. It is a model of development for all human civilization, so CCP always looked at the United States as its enemy in order to rationalize dictatorship rule. Their attitude has become less hostile over time. In the 1950’s the CCP launched the “war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea”. It was a completely unnecessary war that wasted money and cost many their lives. At this year’s commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the armistice, the war was quietly renamed the “Korean War”. In previous years the CCP shouted that the United States made Korea one of its colonies. Sixty years later, Korea admits that it is a colony of the United States? In fact, South Korea has never had any claim on being an American colony. In contrast, the North Koreans still live in an abyss of suffering under a despotic dictatorship. The Korean War has done nothing to help their situation.

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