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Review for Bird Gardens of Naples Inc., Naples, FL, USA

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I love the birds..I've been involved with breeding birds for almost 20 years now. I lived and worked at the Bird Garden of Naples for the last 3 years or so. While the conditions at the Bird Gardens of Naples, look good the the average person, they is much that goes unseen or is hidden from public view. If the public would know what goes on there, I doubt if they would support the owner as they do. The place is infested with rats, and many, many birds have been killed and eaten by rats. A problem that could be solved, but hasn't been. I would estimate while I was there, over a hundred birds have been lost to rats. .The flights and cages are built in a low area; durning the rainy season, which is half the year, the mosquitos are attacking the birds in their cages and flights. The birds are trapped in their cages with hundreds of mosquits attacking them... yet no one seems concerned, out of sight, out of mind. Of course the management stays indoors, ...If you don't think mosquitos are a problem, I suggest you spend the night in in a cage in the everglades / swamp. Up until recently, the birds were forced to drink sulfur took 5 years to solve that problem.... try drinking untrested sulfur water for 5 years, see how you like it.

To me, the most upsetting thing and the root of many of the problems there, is the owners uncaring mindset when it comes to killing small animals. I personally watched her bludgeon a squirrel to death with a 2x4 for no reason except she does not like squirrels. The owner knowingly lets the hawks swoop down and kill baby chicks, peacocks and ducklings... at least 150 that I know of....I wanted to protect them from the preditors, but the owner objected. It's nature's way according to her. However it is very irresponsible and cruel way to raise poultary. In effect all she is doing is feeding the hawks, which is illegal. In my openion she should be arrested for animal cruilty. The owner's mantra is if a person can not take care of their animals they should not have them. I agree, problem is she can't take care of the animals she has, so she should get rid of her's and stop being such a hypocrite. Many of the problems at the Bird Gardens of Naples, can be solve, but it take someone who cares about all animals, not just parrots. In my openion she should be arrested for animal cruilty, and replaced by someone who is not a Narcissistic Sociopath. I am trying to kept this review short. This is just the tip of the iceberg. To fully expose all that is taking place at the Bird Gardens of Naples would require many pages. If you do take a tour, you may want to ask the owner what she is going to do with the two freezers full of dead birds she has...

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For those reading, we have addressed these false accusations across multiple review sites. When we reply, Ken updates his review to change his story, which we have screenshots and proof of. We are unable to update our responses on these sites, so please keep that in mind while reading the following. I will be copying a pasting what we have previously written along with more information to address new accusations. Due to a character limit on replies, you can view our official response to Ken Schneider's allegations directly on our website.