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Review for In Our Hands Rescue, Bronx, NY, USA

Rating: 1 stars  

This organization, In Our Hands Rescue, censors comments and feedback from their paying contributors', pet adopters, and the general public, even comments reflecting genuine concern for the animals they "rescue". They take zero feedback or constructive criticism from contributors, the general public, or previous adopters, should they consider it "negative" which they interpret to mean anything they don't want to hear; essentially missing the point of the expressed concern and what should be their #1 priority: the welfare of the animals. It is very much like a person who shuts down and cannot hear any feedback whatsoever because they think they are being personally attacked, when in reality you are expressing genuine concern and stating the facts and obvious consequences of their actions.

I expressed concern when they posted a photo of a dog, Bailey, they said had acted out because he was separated from his brother, Ben. I was not the only person to express this concern. Worried for this dog, having years of experience with traumatized and neglected dogs rescued from cultures unkind towards animals and volunteering abroad with various shelters, I did my due diligence and found the post with his backstory: He was found in Dubai with his brother, one of them (not sure why they don't say which) was tied to a trash can and the other refused to leave his brother's side. This is a clear indication they are a bonded pair and the kind of devotion that exists between them. Now, having rescued dogs from abroad myself, I know the flight alone is an incredibly traumatic experience for dogs. Nevermind for dogs coming from already traumatic circumstances of mistreatment, neglect, possible abandonment and abuse. Traumatized dogs are particularly sensitive and scared, making them more prone to further trauma if not handled with great care and sensitivity. When they arrive, they need to be made to feel comfortable and as safe as possible, until they become at least somewhat acclimated. Separating a dog from the one being that makes him feel safe is the worst thing you could do and only results in further trauma.

On their request for a foster on Facebook and Instagram, nowhere do they seek a foster for them as a pair. Nowhere do they mention they are a bonded pair devoted to each other. Nowhere do they state they hope to find a home for them together. This is careless, at best, and incredibly irresponsible and insensitive to the emotional needs of the dogs.

This kind of self-righteousness and censorship is not a good sign and is not reflective of a healthy and functional non-profit organization. Just read the response they make to any negative review on any review medium (Yelp or, where they attempt to invalidate their critics instead of directly addressing the concerns expressed. A lot of the negative reviewers voice the same issues which include but are not limited to: a negative attitude of the head of the organization and her staff, carelessness with the animals, carelessness with animals' records, poor vetting, and incredibly poor customer service. One review even said they had threatened to sue if the review was not removed which, again, shows you what kind of organization this is: one that takes zero criticism, where contributors, adopters and the public are not heard, and one that becomes defensive attacking those that have provided any kind of feedback whatsoever. As you can see, they threatened me from making any further comments on their photos and deleted all of my original and subsequent comments.

A healthy organization with legitimate customer service that genuinely cares about what they do and the contributors that make what they do possible, which you can see from countless other companies or organizations (readily apparent on yelp or otherwise) take the public's, their adopters and/or contributors' feedback into consideration and are continually seeking ways to improve and upgrade their standards of service and performance, instead of blocking it out entirely and seeking to silence anyone who says something they don't like. Particularly when the nature of the organization is supposed to be on helping animals, and helping animals and people connect. This type of silencing any critics is more like a dictatorship, which is just bad business.

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