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Review for Vaccination News A Nonprofit Corporation, Anchorage, AK, USA

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I learned several years ago that a grievous medical controversy, based in fundamental conflicts of interest, exists among doctors, pharmaceutical companies, patients, and the government. There has been $3.5 BILLION dollars paid out in compensation from a government resource, funded by taxpayers, to patients of all ages who have been seriously injured, permanently disabled and/or killed by a specific program of medical treatment - a drug therapy - that is marketed & sold as safe, effective & necessary for all citizens of all ages. I was alarmed to learn that there are laws in several states that punish both healthy and unhealthy citizens from accepting these drugs and this drug program that is specifically designed to permanently alter the normal & healthy way the Human body functions in healthy & unhealthy people from womb to the grave - and many many more laws are being lobbied for in 2017 to punish many more citizens and, in fact, to actually take away citizens' personal rights to refuse unwanted medical treatment; this is in direct violation of the Nuremberg Code. I've learned that the drug program studies, and studies on the drugs themselves and the ingredients in the drugs, conducted by pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions funded by drug companies, and government agencies, have consistently for decades been falsified, fundamentally flawed, withheld, and wholly insufficient to produce accurate information for all doctors to give to patients about the safety & effectiveness of these drugs and this program, preventing truly informed consent from even being an option, even though fully informed decision making is the law. The marketing of the drugs & the drug program, however, has consistently made claims & assurances widely for many decades that the drugs are safe effective & necessary, including marketing to doctors and lawmakers by both pharmaceutical sales reps and lobbyists, to misinform & under inform in order to create the impression and shape the beliefs and opinions of the doctors and lawmakers toward and into blind acceptance and proactive promotion of massive sales of these drugs and the drug program to all citizens on an international scale. Pharmaceutical companies are in business to generate maximum profits for their stockholders, and lawmakers are in authority positions of creating mandates and legal consequences for the entire citizenry of nations, and the common beliefs about these drugs and the entire drug program held by most lawmakers and most doctors is fundamentally based on effective sales methods & information, not scientific accuracy or rigorously demonstrated & reproduced research results. Studies with unflattering results are both withheld and covered up, and the results that show the drugs are harmful is simply & consistently actively excluded in the marketing material applied to doctors , policy & lawmakers by the manufacturers of the drugs. It is common practice for their drug & program studies to be specifically designed to produce the results needed & wanted by the makers of the drugs in order to gain FDA approval and CDC recommendations. Many profoundly relevant and pertinent questions regarding the harmlessness, effectiveness, and necessity of these drugs & the entire drug therapy program are simply not studied, leaving a dearth of evidence showing the harmfulness or harmlessness of these drugs, their ingredients, and their concomitant administration in both the general, and specific populations, of unique healthy and unhealthy people.

Yet the drug makers' marketing information promoting assurances of safe, effective, & necessary drugs, & the entire drug therapy program, is the only information allowed an "official" and "correct" designation, erroneously. I have learned that even the history books have been re-written, and even the perimeters of disease diagnosis have also been re-written, re-worded, and re-defined to fit the narrative that these drugs & the drug therapy program is & always has been safe/ harmless, effective, and necessary, even as it consistently belies historical, medical, and scientific facts. These are some but not all of the profoundly alarming facts of the vaccination controversy that are denied, distorted, and not discussed by the industries which profit from vaccine production, promotion, & sales - government, manufacturers, medical agents, and the advertising media.

It is no longer possible or prudent to trust academic institutions, doctors, or government agencies to accurately inform consumers & medical patients of the realities, facts, and truths of the essential nature of vaccines, vaccine ingredients, and/or the entire vaccination program as a whole or in any part, according to up-to-date and accurate unconflicted current & historically published research information and therapeutic results documentation... both on an individual & population level.

Vaccination News and other honest watchdog reporting entities are the only purveyors of accurate information to patients and consumers about vaccines, vaccine ingredients, vaccine studies, and the vaccination program on an international scale. Drug sales marketing & profits have compromised our government watchdog agencies to the point of outright fraud; most doctors are uninformed, under informed, misinformed and disinformed by their expensive & official educations to the point of functioning as commission-based vaccine sales agents and nothing more; most lawmakers and lawmaking bodies are compromised by receiving financial contributions from pharmaceutical companies to the point of being bought & paid for as they draft legislation authored to a greater or lesser degree by the vaccine profiteers.

Vaccination News is a dynamic & highly trustworthy resource for accurate medical and health factual information. Thank you Vaccination News for reporting consistently & relentlessly the information people need to make more fully informed decisions regarding their medical treatments and health.

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