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Review for Pasado's Safe Haven, Sultan, WA, USA

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Not so safe haven.!!

I feel so bad for the animals left at Pasados, they are total control freaks and the Executive Director Laura Henderson has NO animal background or experience to run an animal rescue facility PROPERLY! She cares more about looking good in the public eye and scrutinizing and browbeating people to be vegan then what's important like actual rescuing animals in need, adoptions and proper care of the animals.

**** Fraud, intimidation, trespassing - Pasado's has a long history of fraud. Fraudulent fundraising and fraudulent use of money. A long history of slander, bullying, intimidation and harassment. Why do you think the Attorney General keeps a close-full watch on them??

Do your research before you give this group money! It goes to the Executive Director Laura Henderson & Director of Rescue and Investigations Kim Koon's over inflated salary!!!

A lot of people HAVE had concerns about this place for a long time.
If people questioned them they would be told with a quickness Pasado's would sue them. Or better yet fire them if they were an employee wanting better care for the animals, Laura Henderson has done this on many occasions.

Laura Henderson hired a Victoria Secret retail employee who had no prior sanctuary, rescue or Animal Care Management experience to become the Animal Care Manager to oversee all animal care.

This person was responsible for a diabetic cat named Ian to receive Insulin at certain times or he would go into diabetic shock & have seizures, Ian under the Animal Care Manager's supposed supervision relapsed and almost died many times because of her not getting up in time to give Ian his insulin ! MANY caregivers came to Laura about concerns that the Animal Care Manager was not giving several animals their medications on time and or at all Chester the blind pony for example was supposed to get his medication yet, there were many occasions where he did not causing him to become sick and be in pain. Their outside Equine Vet who is very credible has these "Lack of care issues" written in her notes that she gives to Laura Henderson- The vet was very concerned that Chester was not getting his medicine and stated as such!!

**** 5 Animal Caregivers soon quit because of lack of animal care that fell on deaf ears thanks to Laura Henderson not having any animal care experience or knowledge.

**** Whalen the newborn calf that was brought in through Monroe Animal Control NEVER did see a vet while he was alive at Pasado's only after when he had already died- he rallied for 3 or 4 days suffering yet NO vet was ever provided!! Why??

Isn't Pasado's supposed to help animals?
After all isn't that why Pasado's even exists is to help animals?

Law enforcement and animal control in Snohomish Co. refuse to work with Pasado's due to their ineptness. There are plenty of other worthy and HONEST charities and rescues out there who would use your money wisely. This organizations is not one of them!!!

Do not support Pasado's they are money grubbing media whores. Not much of your donations go to the animals' ACTUAL care.

****The horse supplements have been cut out as the Executive Director Laura Henderson has no concept or knowledge of animal care and feels that's an expense that is not needed , all of the horses have issues so the supplements are NEEDED, their own outside equine vet has told the Executive Director -Laura Henderson that cutting out the supplements was a bad idea. While the rest go to the enormous salaries of the Executive Director-Laura Henderson and her inept Director of Rescue and Investigations- Kim Koon who couldn't catch a clue even if it was her own dog's name!

**** The Executive Director Laura Henderson & board President sent out emails to ALL employees & Volunteers that they had to write good reviews on guide star to boost the ratings and make Pasado's look good while burying the bad reviews. Isn't that fraudulent right there?? The so called "good" reviews are biased and written by staff, if they want to keep their jobs of course they will write good reviews.

**** The Executive Director- Laura Henderson won't pay for critical medical care of dogs older then 9 years old, she has a $300 dollar limit on older animals. Why take them & promise the Donors the animal's will get the best care in their last years,months or weeks?

I'm sure the DONORS have no idea of this going on !!

****They buy animals ( goats, pigs, fowl) for tours to fill up the yards to look good for donations instead of actually going out and rescuing animals in need. Yet they spin it as a rescue, it's pathetic, yet it's much easier for the Director of Rescue and Investigations Kim Koon to purchase an animal then do her job of actually investigating and taking animals out of dire situations.

Stay away from this organization it is shady and misuses funds!! Pasados's needs to be shut down and the animals rescued from this so called "safe haven

If I had to make changes to this organization, I would...

Get a whole new board ! Fire Laura Henderson & Kim Koon - hire people that have the right experience and knowledge of running a rescue facility !!

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