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Review for Wings of Hope Living Forward Inc, Gilbertsville, PA, USA

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It does not give you much choice on your role to chose, but I am a grieving parent, and I have to ask, as a non-profit do you and the women running this give yourself and your husbands a salary? How many Parents that could not afford to go to a retreat have you paid the way for? Does it pay your gas to the retreats? I have heard some really nasty stories like you all having your husbands attacking a female volunteer that wasn't willing to do things your way anymore! I noticed that your merchandise has changed based on the fact that you lost some of your volunteers that could make some of the things you were selling...Still way over priced t-shirts for grieving parents, unless you are out to make a quick buck...You would think that someone that has been there would understand the hard times you go through after losing a child but you do have your husband and seem to have very few morals! And then you have the Paid service of making a memorial..that is never seen on the site, the parent does all of the work, sends you the pictures, the poem and anything she wants said...and wow you send it back so she can display it on her FB page...and you post 1 picture! What does that service cost? If you were doing this because you cared you would have a picture of every one of our children on your site not just the ones that paid! That is why you only have 2 pages, most people are as disgusted by it as I am! Most people just won't say! I am in your group BTW I do have a few friends but thinking of leaving because I don't agree with it at all! I think if you are NON_PROFIT you need to give us some numbers tell us where the money is going and tell us what yours and your helpers salary is! To me that is the worst thing about calling yourself Non-profit, is you can claim it as salary and tad-ah it is still non-profit! After the horrible stories I have heard about you there is no way I would believe you are running this morally....But I bet you are not going to answer not one question I brought up! because all of these people giving you 5 stars are either your personal friends or you have them fooled still! Nothing goes uncovered ever!

Role:  Advisor
shirdan (Nonprofit Staff) wrote:

I would be more than happy to address all of your questions and concerns. I am the President of Wings of Hope Living Forward Inc. and we run our organization with integrity. Wings of Hope Living Forward was not set up for our board members to receive a salary, however we do have one paid member who is compensated $200 monthly as our State Chapter Administrator. Due to our privacy agreement with members, we will never disclose the names of members who have received a sponsorship. I can say that WOHLF has sponsored 35+ parents and we have held seven retreats so far in 2014 and 2015 to date. Every non profit has expenses. Travel is an expense just like our website cost, office supplies, brochures, printouts, printer ink, printing, business cards, gifts, excursions, etc. I had to laugh when I read about someone being attacked. That has NEVER happened at any of our retreats and will NOT ever happen. I am sure the made up nasty stories were told by someone who has acted improperly and have been asked to leave or has been banned by Wings of Hope due to behavior or drama. We keep all retreats drama free. Thanks for the reminder about the Memorial pages. We need to change that wording because we are no longer continuing that service. As far as numbers, that is all public and as soon as the IRS makes it available, it will be available for anyone to view. It is obvious to me that you are someone who knows nothing about non profits and is out to try and start rumors about our organization that are just not true. I would ask that you start one and see how those quick bucks come rolling in...because they don't. There is a lot of hard work that goes into our retreats and we are dedicated to it's growth and longevity. We have been blessed to have met so many wonderful parents who have lost children. Wings of Hope will continue to support parents and grandparents who have lost a child. I think I have answered all your questions and concerns. God Bless you and I am sorry about the loss of your daughter.