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Review for Refuge Ranch Ministries of Charlotte Inc, Charlotte, NC, USA

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I worked at this place for a LONG time!!! I maybe should not say worked for them, I did work but I was never paid. As a matter of fact I lived in the basement and paid them 1000.oo a month to live there.

You would not believe the hate there, the gossip about people who come to teachings, about his own staff in meetings. ! I have had Micheal Rozell stick his finger up in my face yelling at me, my husband had to step in and ask him to back up. When my husband and I told them we did not believe in demons in Christians and we do not believe a Christian has to have a curse they told us to get out, you have 30 days, remember we were not being paid at that time and by then I had left my job, a GREAT job to work there, promised that I would be paid but I never got paid, not a dime.

The day we told them that we felt the teaching was not Biblical nobody was allowed to talk to us at all anymore, we were shunned. When we (my husband and I) told them we did not agree with their teaching they told me I was demonized and had no spiritual gifts. These people were like my family and never once did they ever say anything nice to me ever again. It was really sad for my husband and I.

Our statements were based on the word! This is all explained in Galatians 3, those who choose to live by the law will be judged by the law, and essentially they place people under the law. Galatians 3 :13, it is so clear.....Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written: "Cursed is everyone who is hung on a pole." IT IS FINISHED not IT IS FINISHED and now you have to go thru deliverance. Would a God that is passionate about us do that to us? NO! He is pulling for us, not against us!

When they were filling out their 5o1C3 they lied on their application, of course they did not want them to know they are a deliverance ministry but you can see it on any of their websites, heck go to a Friday night meeting! April and I sat there and tried to come up with things to put on there.

I watched their kids while they were on their honeymoon, I lived on the campus, I dedicated my life to the ministry, and at one time I believed it all 100%! I was there left hand man. I knew and saw everything.

These people don't even know the difference between the old and New Testament. You know the New Testament begins after the gospels, someone may want to tell these people that. The new covenant started after the gospels and there is no mention of demons, none at all in any of those books. NADA! Ask yourself this and look it up anywhere, what is the new covenant?????

When we left I had SEVERE mental issues because I was told not to get pedicures (I would get demons and curses when the ladies touched me), when people pulled on the property they would kick them off, (they were witches casting spells on the property), they definitely were not helping them like Jesus would. If I was around alcohol I could have the "demon of alcoholism" JUMP BACK INTO ME.

Every Friday night at the public meetings staff are assigned to "witch watch", harassing those that are pegged as witches that have come to put curses on the ministry. They had developed SO much fear in me I could not even live in the outside world right for a while!!! That's what happens when you leave a cult.

They have no clue what the character of Jesus is. April his wife was my matron of honor and Michael was our best man at our wedding, come to find out years later they were telling people the whole time that my husband and I were having pre-marital sex and that is why the ministry was not growing, along with another man named Mike.

I have seen these people tackle and physically HURT UNDERAGE kids trying to run off the property and hold them against their will. Not one of his "VISIONS" has come true, he is deceived. I feel so sorry for them now, they are Pharisees and don't even know it, and they are ruining lives left and right!

You want to get handed a sheet of paper with hundreds, like 500 demons and you circle the issues you have, they tell you they are demons and they will call them out of you, well that's your place then! They prey on the weak and vulnerable and are nasty people behind closed doors. I have seen/heard them talk about Pastor Steven Furtick and say how angry of a person he is because one of his assistants went thru deliverance there @ RRM. Why would you talk about that?? If you are doing God's work out of love wouldn't you want to protect him, maybe pray for him, and not prey on him? I have been doing a deliverance with Michael when people had their heads bowed he would be laughing or making faces like "what, weirdo", like the person was strange. After people leave a deliverance they are talked about over dinner, we ate together just about every night.

If you try this place out YOU really need to be careful!!!! I have seen some messed up stuff there!!! If I had not of left I would be dead now. As a matter of fact I was sick there, real sick and they just kept on trying to call out demons and I was too brainwashed to not go to the Dr, and I would have died had I not got medical help. I had severe vertigo, serious monthly problems, really bad pain and lethargy. They said they were demons, I actually had uterine cancer and if I would have stayed I would have died.

Michael encourages split ups in marriages, not directly of course, he just tells the man or woman in deliverance sessions that if they have sex with their spouse all their demons will come back into the person in the deliverance session. Believe me I was behind the "closed doors" for a long time (4 years drinking the kool aid), this place is 100% religion and law.

I will begin my close with the fact that Michael actually counseled April (his current wife) and her husband Tye (now ex-husband) and started to date her before they (April and Tye) were even divorced!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!! He talked her into leaving Tye and said he would never change and she would be subjected to all his demons. I witnessed all of it, but at that time I was so snowed. It was all unbelievable! The board had to call them on it! They would go down to Florida so no one in Charlotte saw them. Michael’s ex fiancé Nancy showed up at the ministry, he broke off his engagement to a woman he said himself "God told me to marry her". He proposed to her in front of a whole Church, Steele Creek Church of Charlotte. Enter April & Tye counseling with Michael and suddenly April and Michael are both single. The night before the wedding April had second thoughts, and she knew to be careful because of who she is, she is the daughter of Dexter and Birdie Yeager, think Amway, think HUGE money. Suddenly Michael could be with money (April) and what God had told him about marrying Nancy he actually did not tell him. Judge for yourself. I ponder on that sometimes. April used to be my best friend, so sweet and caring, but Michael changed her.

One day we were going to eat and April was crying because Michael had hurt her feelings, he said "don't try to manipulate me with your tears, stop crying". Those kind of things just hardened her, he is a total jerk to her and women in general, heck and men. When I saw him do that to her that was when I said I need to leave, this guy is so fake. He smiles and acts like he cares and he gets behind closed doors and talks so much crap.

He smiles so BIG in-front of people, geez it is so strange like Jekyll and Hyde.

One more story, I really want to give you a feel for this place. April had gained a few pounds, Michael was all over her making her eat right, and I know I ate about every meal with them! The more he did it the more I could see it bothered her. Michael told April that he had a demon called "Fear of having a fat wife", right to her face! I promise you I am not making this up, i know because I was a little heavier back then and then my husband came to me next and told me he had the demon too!!!!

We look back now and we laugh so hard, but it took a long time to get there! . When we tell people these stories they roll laughing and we wonder how we did all this stuff. But seriously false prophets will pay dearly and that is sad for them all. I could go on and on but my funny memories are long and we have been gone for like 4 plus years so we just pray for the people that get tangled up there.

God's word says it rains on the just and the unjust, it does but those of us that keep in faith, God so lovingly brings us thru any issues, and you are so close to Him that things don't even bother you. By the way I am 18 months cancer free :-)

I still to this day have malnutrition/electrolyte issues because of the 21 day food fasts we were pretty much required to do SEVERAL times a year, it has caused me some pretty serious health issues. Once I came off a fast early and he called me to his office and said I was considered a leader at the ministry and if I say I am going to fast I need to do it because it was a bad reflection on the ministry, no regards for my health, not even an inquiry as to why I came off, just worried about appearances. My body was so weak, by that time I was pretty sick, remember I had cancer and some other health issues form the malnutrition.

I am so thankful of the timing that Jesus pulled me out, or I would be dead.

Of course they would say now that I am writing this I have a demon and he would never answer to this online, he will do it behind closed doors so he can lie. I consider myself just like Paul, once one of the BIGGEST Pharisees and now the biggest lover of Jesus and His grace!!! :-) The funny thing is Jesus was never mean to anyone but the Pharisees and nobody was mean except the Pharisees. How can they not see it?

Oh Father won't you forgive them because they don't know what they been doing............ Jesus is love, not hate.....we all got a choice to make :-)

If I can get a few people to stop and look at the Bible, the New Testament (after the gospels) before going there, look for any mention of demons. Would God send his only son Jesus to die so we would have demons? That would be like putting your child out in a yard with rabid dogs.

Let me pose one more question to you. To believe this ministry you would have to believe that unless you met Michael Rozell you would not be able to go to heaven or have a good life? For goodness sake, does he think he is Jesus.................well I will let you figure that out yourself.

By the way if you go here don't light candles, don't do Yoga, don't go to Chiropractors, don't study Kinesiology (sorry Drs, nurses, CPT's, Paramedics you are cursed).

Jacqui Kerzman
Ft Mill, SC

Role:  Volunteer