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Review for Serenity Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation, Maple Valley, WA, USA

Rating: 1 stars  

It was around 2005 I think that I went to Patricia to offer some expertise in Marketing (as an advisor and volunteer). After a couple of meetings and several discussions I decided it was not for me. Around that time she had received some negative press online and I wanted to get the story for myself so that I could figure out how to help her move past those problems and redefine her nonprofit. She was in the process of cleaning up her financials (I met with her volunteer lawyer) so that part was already underway. I was thankful for that because I wanted nothing to do with that kind of paperwork - YUCK.
I was told by her that a story that leaked online about her stallion getting loose on the property and impregnating at least one rescue mare, was true. It was a year or so prior to us meeting but this is the kind of story that does not go away so I recommended that she geld her stallion and post the proof online. After a period of months later I continued to receive their emails and I responded with the question of whether she had gelded him yet or not. After asking this several times it was apparent that she was going to continue having this stallion onsite so I stopped working with them.
My opinion is that if you are that passionate about animal rescue, you should not be making more of them and intermingling that business with your nonprofit.

Role:  Advisor
Patricia (Nonprofit Staff) wrote:

First, I bought the property in 2006 and moved here with my horses to build a stable for boarding. It was not intended to be a rescue. Finding 83 horses on 11 acres changed those plans when 23 horses from a hoarding situation came to the farm in 2007. In 2008 we became a 501(c)3. With the exception of 3 rescued pregnant mares, we have not had a foal on this property since 2009 and there are no stallions! It is unfortunate when a person whose intent is to malign a wonderful, caring organization with totally inaccurate information, can do so anonymously, therefore avoiding taking responsibility for their actions.


Review for Pasado's Safe Haven, Sultan, WA, USA

Rating: 5 stars  

I volunteer for Pasado's mobile spay/neuter clinic intended to assist the low income residents of King County. There is also one for Pierce County. I have extensive experience with medical care for animals from working at a vet and owning a farm, so I thought I'd try out offering some hours as a volunteer. My supervisor/trainer is very sweet and very good at dealing with the public, I have learned so much from her and am very thankful for each opportunity I'm given. The amount of patience she has is astounding because I normally dislike working with the public. It can be very nice when you are thanked and appreciated but when you are on the receiving end of rudeness or someone doesn't listen to instructions or what have you, it can really bring you down and make you want to quit. Yet the employees continue on with their life's passion. I have no doubt that they could be making more money with a different medical facility but I have to admit, it 's kind of fun assisting with surgeries inside the back of a custom mobile home, so there are perks!
So I've read some other reviews including negative ones and wanted to tell others of my experience with this organization. I have worked with only educated, intelligent professionals that are caring and helpful. If there is any comment to be had of volunteer turnover, it is only that it is the nature of volunteers to come and go. It is amazing how our volunteer coordinator can schedule that many volunteers not truly knowing if they might flake out and not show up. She deserves a medal!
As to any comments about the earnings of board members or whatever, considering the amount of work it takes to run a company - let alone, a nonprofit, several animal medical clinics, rescue facilities, and forge then KEEP relationships with other animal welfare services and donors.. they deserve a hell of a lot more than $63K or even $100K, whichever it is in 2015.
I look forward to many more hours volunteering with these great people at a great nonprofit. Thank you to everyone there and the other volunteers that give their time, as well as those who cannot offer their time so they offer monetary donations instead.

Role:  Volunteer