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Review for Horsesisters & Associates Inc, Titusville, FL, USA

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This dedicated charity has been saving horses in their community since 1994, before they were even a nonprofit. They take homeless horses and rehabilitate, re-feed and retrain them to become therapy horses for their equine assisted therapy & Special Olympic riders and drivers, if the horses are able. Some of the horses are not suitable. Some of the horses have terminal illnesses and come to HorseSisters to hospice with their owners paying their way along. They adopt out many as well. Losing their lease in 2003, they were called upon to move onto beautiful property owned by a prominent family who would NOT put up with any kind of nonsense were any of it true. Their current free leased 14 acres is wide open, exposed for all to see and inhabited by a small neighborhood of their landlord's lessees. Everyone loves the horses - except ONE person - most neighborhoods have them - her reputation preceded her and MOST of these bad reviews found online are from her camp. The charity begin to have trouble with this very dangerous neighbor right away, when she appeared to be jealous because she has to pay for a lot for her sad stallion mini who must live all alone. In fact, they had to file TWO injunctions for protection against this neighbor because she brandished a gun and threatened to SHOOT! No one lived on the horse property for a long time, but the crimes against the horses and property were just too grave and finally they started getting caretakers just to keep things from being stolen and vandalized. The list of these crimes is a mile long. With three strand electric fencing, some battery/solar powered, it was easy to sabotage the fencing and that they do. The articles stolen exceeded $15,000.00 one year, along with their faithful registered Parson Russell Terrier who was vermin control. The lies being perpetuated about these fine people are disgusting. They have been accused of all manner of false ills and when forced to court by an out of control animal control officer 2/29/2011 - who was FIRED for insubordination and creating a hostile workplace soon afterwards - the judge ruled the deficits he saw were largely financial. They did NOT even OWN the two horses AC claimed were malnourished (their blood work did proved they were NOT starved) and those two horses were returned to their owners. One has since died of the malady he was diagnosed with in July of 2010 by a licensed Veterinarian in front of the owner, and one is still suffering with the very same ailments he was diagnosed with by another licensed Vet while on this charity's property. In fact this same group of horrid people (disgruntled volunteers and spurned adopters) who everyone has taken to calling the "haters" have made 58 complaints to date against that same horse and those owners at their new barn. The Judge ordered a one year period for the charity to PROVE that it could indeed do as they say they could. No one has been accused of cruelty or neglect! Not even a warning! No charges were ever filed against the director Clairese or the charity and the Judge did NOT rule on that finding, even though the assistant County Attorney tried his best. He did not win. He wanted all 26 horses taken from the charity. But it was not to be. The Judge listed some things the charity was to provide during the year to support their abilities- and they were NOT any different than any other rescue would have to provide Animal Services or what they had not already been sharing amicably all these prior years. The Judge made his ruling for ONE year and that date was April 12, 2012 thru April 12, 2013. The Judge was clear to say "one cannot forget the great things HorseSisters has done for the community". At the end of this one year term, the director asked if AC was going to file their findings. NO ONE would answer her for months. Once she was finally told AC was not turning in a report, how odd, the director set up her report and filed for a hearing with the Judge for the dismissal of the case, which is pending. But the haters could not stand that. See, they spent the entire year trying to force this charity to fail. They contacted their vendors, their donors, their supporters, why even authors that wrote glowing articles about the charity - and their venues. They sent photos of the two sick horses that did not belong to the charity, insisting that the director herself starved them to death. One of the charity's horses was fatally injured by the Veterinarian that AC had out on the original date by ignorantly forcing mineral oil into its lungs. It took 6 weeks to figure out the horse's lungs were dying from the oil and a 6 year old, healthy Clydesdale had to be put to sleep. That very same arrogant vet was fired by the charity over 10 years ago for too many misdiagnosis' and for making a sexual pass at a minor on their premises - that vet should have excused himself from the charity. That vet also seized a 40 year old pony who was seen by the charity's vet Jan. 24, 2012, saying he was neglected and malnourished. In his report he claimed the pony needed dental. In the courtroom, the charity's attorney asked the vet if he was going to build the pony dentures as their vet noted on his Jan. 24, 2012 statement the pony had NO TEETH! The vet lied in his exam! He also listed the sexes and colors of many of their horses in error? Some expert in his field! He claimed the Clydesdale was colicking, but the charity contacted their own vet and gave her the horse's vital signs and they were not concerned, plus the charity has the whole situation on video and the horse is not suffering or have any colic symptoms. Ignorance led AC to seize that pony, who was just vetted 5 weeks earlier, and they tried to seize the Clydesdale as well, lying that the director refused veterinary care for it when she called her own vet and followed her own vet's protocol. The director has a video of the vet and the officers trying to stuff a very calm (he was supposed to be in dire straights, dying of colic) Clydesdale into a small two horse trailer. The horse was smarter than all of them as he refused to get into the trailer. They were forced to leave him. Once those three horses were taken off the property and taken to an undisclosed location, that vet and the AC officers opened a bag of feed and let the three of those "starved horses" gorge themselves. It was springtime and all horse experts know not to allow horses full, unlimited access to tall, new grass. No one else cared. Those three horses were allowed to eat at will and for the pony, that could have killed him. The pony had to see a vet in an emergency the day it was returned to the rescue and given medication and an IV drip. No one reported this back to the charity and that pony died six days later. The haters blamed it all on the director. NO ONE knew - on the stand, when questioned by the charity's attorney, that a horse could eat themselves to death. NOT the AC officer, the County Attorney, or the Judge. HorseSisters knew. Between their board members, there are over 500 years of equine knowledge between them. Through the year, some board members were then traumatized with late night filthy calls, breathing, hangup calls, calls to their employers, one even had a dead dog dragged 1/4 mile into their property by someone who threatened her online. The charity lost board members. The bullying and name calling online was brutal to the volunteers - who were made fun of for their body sizes, or their clothing or the way they did things and photos of them and their minor children were published on social media and other places online against their wishes. The charity lost MANY volunteers. The hater's behaviors has been childish, cruel, even ugly, yet the charity has maintained what their attorney calls "clean hands" in NOT reacting to them on social media or enacting any revenge. Even the director and her family, for the first time in their lives, have been set up and accused of some odd crimes of late. Mr. Austin, age 63, has never been in trouble in his life, took a plea from two felonies to a misdemeanor from a road rage incident where he was attacked by three family members in their 50's for bumping their bumper at a green light and they lied that he had a gun. It was their word against his and he was a set up, insurance fraud. These sick people then requested their identities be kept secret so there was no accidental contact, so their initials were posted in all court documents. But these hateful, lying haters say he assaulted minors, in their absolute ignorance. There were NO youths involved in anything at all. But this is what these haters assume and have publicly declared against a wonderful man. These haters claim the director assaulted a code enforcement officer (one the haters have sent to the charity's thrift store over 40 times with false claims) The director called the police on the code enforcement officer for threatening her and refusing to leave the inside of the premises. The directors arraignment is 9/13 and there will be a jury trial as the director is innocent. These haters continue to hide behind fake names and fake profiles that were set up just for places like this where they leave lies instead of reviews. Cowards. Just yesterday "someone" anonymously complained the charity's mule was "dying" and they called out the Sheriff's department and AC. More taxpayer dollars wasted for their false reports. 99% of their complaints have been "unfounded" and the 1% there was an issue - the haters could have caused that issue. The haters are calling the county managers, commissioners, any city, county or state agency they can to make false accusations against. The charity is so busy trying to do damage control from their hateful and false accusations, their programs have been stopped. They cannot apply for grants, or request board members, or volunteers without these haters going after everything. The haters promise venues that allow the charity to join them, or business that do business with the charity that they will picket them and boycott them and we all live in a very small town. The horse world is small as is. This is how its been for the past 18 months for this poor charity that has done no wrong. Each time someone makes a false comment like this, someone else reconsiders helping with donations for this all volunteer based charity. The director who is not eligible for disability but walks with a cane and needs a scooter because a debilitating back disease and a knee replacement and her husband, who is on disability from a 1991 car accident, gave $6000.00 to the agency and live very frugally. They do not charge the charity for the use of their truck, their 6 horse trailer, their harnesses, their carriages and wagons and their own horses to pull those vehicles to do horse drawn events such as weddings, parties, festivals, hayrides, trail rides, or to give lessons to able bodied riders to generate donations. They do not take any of the donations made., never have. They never charge the disabled or veterans for their services. These people think of themselves last and always have. HorseSisters, named after their first two therapy horses, who were indeed sisters, is their dream - the last thing they would do is harm it. There is something horrible wrong with people like this - who by the way - have been asked several times to come meet the board and look at the financials as the charity has a weekly open house. NO ONE has had the guts to do so. They just do things like this - heaven forbid if they donate so much as a bale of hay! They have not, in fact they told people we refuse their donations, when nothing is further from the truth.

If I had to make changes to this organization, I would...

find them a new home away from this evil neighbor. A home where they can enjoy their horses, where their clients can come for services and not have their photos taken against their will - to live and work in the peace that all people have the right to have. I would try and expose these cowards for who they are and ask them who they are to judge anyone...

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