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Review for Midwest Animal Rescue & Services, Brooklyn Park, MN, USA

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I would like to share with you my experience with MARS:
I applied to foster a dog - German Shepherd, in what I thought was, and was impressed upon me, as urgent foster care needed. The first 2 dogs I was told were placed with fosters unless "I wanted to interrupt their new environment" and adopt. Of course not, my intent was to help rehabilitate and help out a dog in need.
We recently lost our Beautiful and Beloved German Shepherd to cancer and hip dysplasia after having her 12.5 years. We wanted to open our home to help out another dog since we had the room, patience, experience and need. So my intent was to foster and get the dog 100% ready to go to the right home and at my cost. I mentioned 2 dogs at first (it didn’t matter to me – they just both looked like they might have a hard time being adopted so I picked challenges). I was redirected to another which is fine. We started the process and I was told by Heather that she loved my application and that I would be a great foster. Unbeknownst to me, they were shipping this dog from MO. Which again is fine, I assumed they knew what they were doing and would be professional. I had asked early on when I could meet this dog (with every intent to bring it home, but wanted to acclimate it to me and my family before it was abruptly relocated – at the time I did not know it was in MO). I was then asked if I was even serious about bringing this dog in and then in a rude manner asked if I was serious about adopting or fostering. This took me aback as it did not even seem a rational statement. I was just trying to approach the process in a reasonable manner. I said I had every intent to foster and work with the dog, but would like to be able to adopt if I changed my mind (which I thought would be ok). Just a question….
She then started to pressure me and talk in circles about adopting dogs. I dismissed her ignorance and just wanted to move forward – no need to meet the dog ahead of time I guess. Then I get an email from another woman called Tracy who said that she will take over my case from here because she is closer to the Twin Cities and Heather is busy.
I was received a voicemail later that day left by Tracy asking me to call her back. I am certain that she had not intended for the entire message to be recorded as I had 4.5 minutes of her yelling and swearing at her dogs - (no wonder they bark at her so much – my dogs never did that). I had a bad feeling after talking with her because she sounded unstable and ignorant, but thought I likely wouldn’t have to deal with her too much.
She called me two days later and very abruptly and pointedly told me that she called our vet and that our pets were not up to date and hadn’t been seen in years, and that we needed to give her the name and number of a vet with updated records. Well I did give her the name of the vet and have the records to prove that our pets are up to date. She had twisted so many words and statements around that I was panicking trying to think of solutions and where else I might have taken the dog and cats to for vet services. I told her that I would have to call her back after contacting the vet and looking for additional information. Why would I give her the name of our vet if I was trying to be deceptive? By the way I did later find their records and my dog wasn’t even due for a visit until 11/13 and up to date on everything. The vet didn't even have the right paperwork, dates or names.
Tracy then tells me that she is pulling my application because the last 2 years of my dogs life was unaccounted for. My dog was current (I have found all of the records) and very healthy (she deteriorated quite quickly towards the end). She was 12.5 years and even last year people asked me if she was a puppy yet as she looked so healthy and young. She was in phenomenal shape and very pampered. My husband called her to talk to her because the family was shocked that they cancelled the home visit 20 minutes before it was scheduled via email. Tracy then proceeded to tell him that we made our dog suffer and did not try to get her medical help and that is why she died and probably suffered without medication. THIS IS NOT TRUE and she didn’t even know what she was talking about. HOW DARE HER!
Our dog was not to the point where she was in pain or needed pain management. She was medically supervised and this “person” Tracy had no idea as to what she was even talking about. She spoke out of complete ignorance of the situation and tried to lead a scenario in a derogative direction. I can't believe that someone would even go there. We simply could not find hard records of the diagnosis upon her demand- this was a difficult time for us. Yet she had no problem shipping a dog from another state before checking this.Tracy is clearly deprived of integrity, character and social skills.

I find it very odd that they would ship a dog all of that way and change their mind at the very last minute - this seems very unprofessional and self serving - I am concerned by their lack of professionalism and tact. After digging a little deeper it appears as this woman as a special fondness for the type of dog that we were going to adopt - and likely wanted to bring the dog into her home - but why is it necessary to drag us through hell in the process - we didn't care what this dog looked like.

In conclusion, I see that this program manipulates rules and processes to suit and benefit the needs of people within, not the dogs. If an "organization" such as this, rather put a dog in the care of someone that yells and swears at their pets that way and encourages crating then I clearly understand that this is not an organization for me.
It is a tragedy that someone like that is in a position to make judgment calls period.

I am disgusted with the entire process that we went through. This place is a horrible example of dog rescue and in no way, shape or form should be pretending to do so. I don't want to discourage people from trying to rescue dogs in need. I think it goes deeper than that and starts with the people that are corruptly running this organization. They are the ones that need to be let go. They should get the right people running it and what they have now is just crazy.

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