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Review for Tri County Humane Society, Boca Raton, FL, USA

Rating: 5 stars  

About a year ago I thought I would visit TCHS after living in Boca Raton for over 20 years and never seeing the organization before- but hearing about it. I had NO intent on adopting anything; just a visit. I asked a couple of worker's the way to the office as I use a cane due largely to sciatica and they said 'keep going through that door and first door on your left is the office'. I went through the door and it was the entry door to the big dog cages. Second cage in I looked to my right and there was this Dane sized Weimaraner Coon Hound canine. Skinny, yet the dark brown and tan features blended well. I stopped and took off my sunglasses and i did not approach his cage, put my fingers in or even speak to him. And after a minute or so he let out a soft sort of slow yelp. I still remained where I was and I knelt down slowly to look at him at his eye level and I smiled. Again, the yelp/moan came out but this time his docked tail was wagging so fast that his back side started to wobble. I slowly raised my hand, fingers down, as if he could kiss hand and sure enough, he came forward, locked eyes with again and let out a soft slow moan. And that was it for me. I walked inside the office and a lady named Susie asked if she could help me and I explained how I just came to visit with no intent of adoption. I already had 2 female rescued canines at home and I preferred females over males but I had to inquire about what the dog I had seen. His name there was 'Shadow' and he had a rough start being adopted out of there as a pup by a couple who eventually moved to Atlanta, divorced and the guy moved to the Keys taking Shadow with him. He tired of Shadow and took him to a vet to be put down and left. The vet scanned him and sure enough he had a chip and Tri-County's info. They called Tri-County and explained the situation and whether tri-County wanted the dog back. Yes they said- we will find a way to get him back here. Somehow they got a gentleman to fly down and pick up Shadow and fly him back to Boca Raton Regional Airport where he was picked up by Tri-County folks and he had JUST BEEN PUT IN HIS CAGE LESS THAN AN HOUR BEFORE I WALKED IN! Susie said I could not walk him or take him out of the cage because of his being newly arrived and that she would call me next Monday or so to meet and walk Shadow- in the interim, fill out this paperwork. I suspected they would have many requests for Shadow and another guy came in while i was there asking about him. When I left, i went back out by the big dog cages and Shadow was barking at the guy and I gently said " Easy big boy and a long gentle shhhhhh" and he stopped barking and did his moan at me again. The guy asked if he was my dog and I said 'perhaps, we shall see'. The following week Susie called me and asked me to stop by Tuesday for a meet and greet with Shadow as he was vaccinated, checked out and all was good. I was surprised as I thought for sure they would have called other people who might be younger and without a cane. Being a former Marine and Vietnam Vet I do not let the need of cane deter me from much but running is no longer an option and walking had become arduous as i was diagnosed with poly myalgia rheumatic-a. I showed up, brought my own long leather leash and steel choke collar and Susie brought out Shadow and the tail started wagging at a rapid clip as I placed the collar over his head gently and brought my hand up under his chin and asked him if he might like living with 2 other rescued canines that both female- one a chihuahua/westie mix and the other a Golden Lab/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix- and there was a pause in his wagging as he let out a short moan/yelp sound. So I said "let's walk!" and off we went and Shadow was trying to pull initially and I wrapped the leash quickly around my right hand to take up the slack then gave a gentle but firm jerk back and told him " there is no rush- slow down- it is OK- and then Susie and I proceeded to walk around the back grounds and eventually back inside and then she asked the question " So, what do you think? That went well and the poor dog has had such a rough start, he seems to like you already, do you want to take him?" And without any indifference I said "Yes, I would be honored to have him as part of my family!". My home is fenced all around with heavy landscaping making the enclosed pool and backyard very private as that was a concern of Susie's- and that he was to be inside more than out. I explained to her that I have had canines my whole life and none have ever been kept outside in a dog house. They were and are part of the family. So off Shadow and I went to his new home where I had two female canines in a cage in a spare bedroom as when ever I leave, they go into their cage quickly as they always get a treat and positive reinforcement from me before I head out. Now no offense to anyone but 'Shadow' quickly changed over to Montague, aka Monty and he adapted amazingly fast to his new name of Monty. I helped Monty check out the house, room by room, every nook and cranny his nose wanted to go and we eventually arrived at one of the spare bedrooms where the barking was incessant but he was fine, tail wagging and I opened the door and Millicent, aka Millie the Golden Lab/Ridgeback was barking but not real loud. Magdalena, aka, Maggie/Magster was barking as hard as she could and would not stop. There is a spare king sized bed in that room and I told Monty to hop up and I removed his collar and gave them each a treat which shut the Magster up for 2 minutes or so and closed the door leaving Monty on the bed, and girls in their cage. I changed and about 20 minutes later went back and opened the door and Monty was sniffing the girls through their cage, Maggie was barking and Millie was calm. I brought Millie out and Monty and Millie started off a little tensely as Millie wanted to be dominant and Monty was having none of that. Growls ensued and I immediately startled both by yelling at both "Hey! Enough! Stop!" and i took them out to the lanai where Monty promptly proceeded to urinate on the barbecue cover over my protests. I opened the pool cage door off they went, running around the yard as I go the hose to spray down the barbecue cover. Then I slipped inside and got the Magster and calmed her down as she will not let me out of her sight for one minute when I am home- which is most of the time. I took Maggie out and let her out the opposite door and she took off at full speed to where Monty and Millie were and the barking started up again. Around here, every home has a canine and she set off the neighborhood with dogs barking 3 and 4 houses down. She finally stopped when Monty came up to her nose to nose. Then Maggie went into her growling mode which is a regular event anytime anything is going on she doesn't like. Millie had let Maggie be the boss early on and 98% of the time Maggie gets her way. All it takes is for Millie to give a low growl and Maggie realizes that she had better stop and leave Millie be. So fast forward about a year or so now and they are playing together, eating together but separate, the few fights Monty and Millie had early on, I broke up quickly with my voice and made sure they understood they had to respect each other's space. So when Monty was fed, I would snap my fingers at her if she moved towards him and his bowls. Monty never infringed on either of the girls food. Today they are three, very spoiled, very loved and well cared for canines who receive their Heartgard monthly as well as their Frontline Flea and tick thing. They receive three year rabies shots, bortatella-very important!, and stool samples are checked for any parasites or worms. Millie has had her teeth cleaned and I do not recommend teeth cleaning for most canines pat the age of 8 or so. the 'Twilight Dental Cleaning' is not twilight for Millie, they have to sedate her and then she has a rough few days afterwards. Millie was snatched off death row the day she was to be put down as every home that adopted her, brought her back as would growl at the people and scare them. Millie is another story for another time. Shadow aka, Monty is now filled out and well over 100 lbs of muscle mass and gorgeous after his bath. they are all bathed once a month. They are all checked before coming in the house with baby wipes to make sure there no dingleberries. I do not like homes to have a 'dog' or 'cat' smell and especially my own. They are used to having the baby wipe check and literally line up before coming inside after being let out to go. they are inside canines who love their toys, their favorite spots and who all zonk out after feeding. They are fed once per day of quality dry food and a little moist on top with some water (Science Diet) . In the evenings, they have their treats and they always wait for me after dinner as I save each a snitch. I know people food is frowned upon but my canines typically go well into their 13th to 17th year before the crushing event of losing them takes place. Remember, each canine we own and love is another chapter in our lives and we made a tiny difference by loving and caring for our chosen rescues. If only more people would rescue canines and leave the whole thrill of buying a breed because they soon realize the thrill is often gone quickly once they get them home. And that is why there are so many breed canines in shelters as people do not understand canine mentality. They think it is all just kisses and love and the canine becoming a loyal companion. Those qualities are earned in the way you raise your canine and your patience in their mistakes. Striking a canine to hurt the canine will forever tarnish the relationship. A smack on the butt that is half hearted with a specific command and the canine learns quickly what gains approval and love and what does not. People adopting puppies have a solid 12 to 18 month period of accidents and chewed up shoes, furniture, whatever they can get to and ground rules need to be established repeatedly as canines learn quickly with ROUTINES. When I have to use the head/bathroom, I then take out my dogs. How dumb can humans be to think that if they eat and drink and then use the head/bathroom, that your canine is feeling the same way! they want to go outside- IF YOU LET THEM. Best wishes to all the canine lovers out there, Respectfully, David Fredrickson.

I've personally experienced the results of this organization in...

very unexpected ways. i am a bit leery to go out there again for fear of the same events unfolding. 3 canines are manageable and land-mine duty is a daily event with the Magster leading the way, showing me where the land mines are.

If I had to make changes to this organization, I would...

try and help financially for them to have their driveways and parking lot cleaned up from the ducks and I would recommend a nice natural enclosure for the ducks to enjoy with plenty of room for them to roam.

Role:  Client Served & I took a drive to a shelter that I had never visited and had no intent whatsoever of adopting anything but things did not go as planned. I also do my best to utilize Charity Navigator and donate to the best animal/children charities possible annually. "Ma.