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Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals, Arts & Culture, Film & Video

Mission: The moving image is arguably the rawest, most powerful educational tool we have to witness our behavioral patterns, attitudes and interactions and aid us in our continued growth... The VISION of the World Animal Awareness Society (WA2S.org) is to focus a lens on a wide spectrum of interactions at the human-animal intersection and curate a detailed filmed archive of behaviors in expectation of observing human evolution.

Results: All programs are tracking: More here: http://www.WA2S.org

Target demographics: produce stories and build educational outreach programs around the world

Direct beneficiaries per year: more than 100 animal focused non profits / charities with communication support for critical programs

Geographic areas served: the places where humans and animals interact filming important stories

Programs: Operation Houston - Stray Dog City Operation Punta Cana American Strays 2030 Project All Eyes On The Gulf Expedition Leaving Fukushima EZ The Skype Sessions - Crude Awakening Snapperfest

Community Stories

13 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

When Tom found out that we are planning to castrate male dogs with calcium chloride at a Spay/Neuter Clinic in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, he enthusiastically offered to come and spend the full 4 days of the clinic to record the issues the local rescue people are dealing with. He is sincerely interested in improving the way we all can assist controlling the stray dog population problem in the world, and he recognizes the possibility that the low -cost injectable castration with calcium chloride in alcohol can and will really make a difference. His crew is ready to record volunteer veterinarians, technicians, rescuers and caregivers at work; and not just the technical stuff; he is working towards a reporting that will show the world the need for this kind of work. We are looking forward to being of assistance to the great work Tom, his crew and his non-profit are doing.

2 Justin Z.

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

I am the director of the documentary SMART - Specialized Mobile Animal rescue Team. Tom was extraordinarily helpful with archival material and content for a particularly tricky section of the film. Through this partnership I was able to learn more about the World Animal Awareness Society as well. I can't thank Tom and his team enough for their work and help.


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

World Animal Awareness Society does an amazing job at bringing to light things (such as the massive number of stray dogs in US Cities) that others may want to keep hidden. In addition, they use this information to help raise funds for other organizations that are working on fixing these plights.


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

Tom and his crew of dedicated volunteers are phenomenal assets to the animal welfare community. Using state of the art equipment, they create a real time assessment of what is happening in animal. With intelligent, unbiased film making World Animal Awareness society sheds light on animal welfare issues that are happening in communties around North America. They not only cover the issues, they also strive to help these communities find solutions to these issues. Being a disaster responder I have to say, Tom and his volunteers are by far one of the best organizations I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

Tracie Dawson
Arthur, Ontario, Canada

5 Julie174

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

I truly appreciate all the hard work that Tom and the WA2S team have put in over the last few years to help bring attention to the homeless animals of Detroit.

3 Marcos P.

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

I had the great opportunity to meet Tom and his work with the World Animal Awareness Society, during Haiti´s catastrophe. Most of the time, the public get the information, regarding animal rescue operations, from animal welfare organizations involved on the field´s operations, sometimes organizations have political interest; and not always all of the information gets to the general public. I think that the Animal Awareness Society is fulfilling a critical niche by acting as a third party, broadcasting reliable information to animals’ lovers around the world.

Marcos Polanco


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

My name is Bill Gabbard. I was FOH Director of Operations for 6 weeks at Hurricane Katrina, LSU Animal-Rescue Command Post.
I also founded the group: Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support, which acted as the internationally-recognized, leading communication lifeline to the world during the immediate, post-disaster rescue-efforts, as well as the first, biggest, and longest running, ongoing support-effort on the island, providing support for the local-rescues.

I was introduced to Tom, (and how he rolls), when he called, stated that he wanted to come to Fukushima to get our story, ....and then within a matter of hours..he did-so!
In the world of organizing rescue help and support, someone who can document your situation or story, and then relay that message to the world,... is probably the single most important connection/friend you can make.

This is a man and an organization who get-in , and get the story, ...and then they get that story to the people who can act-on it, and actually make a vital difference. Conversely, if the story is fluid, or changes..they follow that too. They are literally the ESPN of the animal-world.

WA2S is simply all-business. They are not waiting until the story fits into "Anderson's" schedule. They are not sitting around until all the accommodations are in place and "Wolf's deli-tray" has arrived...like the mega-media outlets tend to do. Currently, there is nothing that even comes-close to what Tom and his team are doing at WA2S....nothing that is acting-on what's going on RIGHT NOW..in the animal-world.
This is not a news-outlet that will run the obligatory animal-story... if it will turn a profit.
They are an unbiased, non-profit organization that can bring the bright-spotlight to the real issues, which gets word-out, and the ball-rolling.... to affect a real change.

In closing, I was very impressed with Tom's vision, what WA2S is doing, and what they hope to do in the future.
I firmly believe that they will do what they say. :)

3 Scott47

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

\The World Awareness Society is a remarkably fantastic organization. They joined with our non-profit in a time of need and volunteered help during one of our oil spill surveys and at a very crucial time. The professional connections which they helped us foster were invaluable in helping us with almost instant credibility with the major media corporations and other production companies.

Previous Stories


Rating: 5

Thank you for listening and actually doing something to help get to the truth about what is happening not only here in the Gulf but also other ecologically troubled spots that need the sterilizing light of national attention. Thanks for helping us to continue the investigations.


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

As a professional filmmaker and videographer concerned with animals, I am thankful that World Animal Awareness Society exists to tell the important stories that are often times looked over and ignored by other media outlets. They play a critical role in raising our awareness of non-human animal issues that that affect our communities.

30 RobertFelts

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1


*Originally posted 12-24-12*

Tom McPhee, Founder, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of The World Animal Awareness Society, owes me money. I was laid off by Tom McPhee a little over two years ago -- shortly after the events recounted in the @evolotuspr review below. He had been paying me late for months, then reduced checks, then reduced late checks, until finally he wasn't paying me at all. Now, it's my fault for not leaving when I saw the writing on the wall. Still, I did legitimate work for Mr. McPhee and the WA2S for months while Tom's promises of better days (and back pay) never came true. He laid me off owing me $4000 -- he even signed a contract saying as such. Not even any interest charged, or setting any defined time to keep up his end of the bargain -- just a straight up $4000. Over the course of the next year, he paid me $300, and it was like pulling teeth just to get that much. The last time I talked to Tom McPhee was about a year ago, on Facebook. I had bills to pay too, and sick of Tom's excuses for non-payment, I demanded a more structured payment schedule. He basically told me to get bent. That was a year ago, and in the months since, he has not made a move to get me one red cent of what he owes me. I've moved on. It's not worth it to sue, and even if I did, he probably wouldn't pay me. However, as a remnant of my time at WA2S, I'm still subscribed to their Youtube channel. I saw there a video of Tom McPhee "Pimping" WA2S for P4A. In the video's description was a link to this website, proclaiming that WA2S was a "Top-Rated Non-Profit" for 2012. That got me angry. I have not been affiliated with the group for two years. I have no idea of its current structure. For all I know, they could be doing great work. But seeing a website call them Top-Rated for anything, when I KNOW FOR A FACT THEIR CHAIRMAN OWES ME $3700 AND HAS FOR TWO YEARS, well, let's just say that irks me a bit. And for that reason, I cannot rate them any more than one star. I would give them less, but apparently, you have to give them at least one. Sincerely, Robert Felts -- FORMER Post-Production Supervisor for WA2S/Man Smiling Moving Pictures
*UPDATE 12-25-12*

I've just exchanged text messages with Tom, & I can inform anyone reading this that the Chairman of the Board for WA2S, Tom McPhee, has RENEGED on his contract. He admits I worked for him; he admits he owes me money; and he continues to refuse to pay me. Why? Because he's a deadbeat, and he knows it.

This is the pattern with Chairman Tom: Agree to a contract, accept the services rendered, don't live up to his end of the deal, obscure and obfuscate when the wronged-party wants their money, tell said party they can go ahead and sue but it will do them no good cuz he won't pay anyway, and then spin it in forums like this as if it's some great opportunity for him to grow as a human and organization.

Don't believe me? Just read his response to the @evolotuspr review several spots below this one. At the end of his meandering essay of a response, he admits a donor stepped forward to pay his outstanding debt. And yet, Mr. McPhee refused to pass that money along and pay off his contractually obligated debt. Instead, he says he will let their review stand, as the "airing-out" of such "grievances" is payment enough. So, I guess you're even-stevens now? No more debt? As if the only options are between paying a legal debt and letting a web review stand!?

As I say, this is a pattern with this man. After reading my initial review that has since been removed from this website, Tom texted me on Christmas Day -- my first contact with him in over a year. In it, Tom confirmed he was RENEGING on his contract. I think people can now clearly see that the word of Tom McPhee means absolutely nothing.

A contract with Tom McPhee isn't worth the paper it's printed on. Tom McPhee is a serial failure who has left a trail of broken promises and bad debt across every project he's undertaken since I've known him. He's a used-car salesman with a video camera. I have reason to doubt he even cares about animals.



(please copy & paste address in your browser, without the parenthesis of course)

Written in Tom's very own hand-writing, and witnessed by former WA2S CEO Michelle Way, you can see Chairman Tom agreed to pay me the sum of $4000 for services rendered. To date, I have received a grand total of $300 of the $4000 he owes me.



In it, you can see that Tom has gleefully and unilaterally declared his debt paid-in-full. How does he come to that conclusion? Well, obviously it's a result of me publishing this review. It's all just another opportunity for Tom and the WA2S to "mature into the powerful, responsible corporate non-profit that we expect of ourselves." What a joke! You wanna be responsible, Mr. Chairman-of-the-Board? HOW ABOUT PAYING YOUR DEBTS! I hope this is a cautionary tale for all those interested in working for, volunteering for, or considering entering any kind of relationship with Tom McPhee/WA2S. He will promise you the sky, but deliver only empty air. And when the time comes to pay the piper, he will cut you loose like you never existed. He is a man not to be trusted.

**UPDATE 2 - 12-27-12**

Tom, your silence is deafening. Are you gonna answer these charges? Or are you just gonna post more cookie-cutter reviews from these volunteers you've snowed into thinking you're legit?

You wrote a book trying to refute (unsuccessfully) the @evolotuspr review. Where's my book!?