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Womens Resource Medical Centers Of Southern Nevada Inc

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Causes: Christianity, Counseling, Family Planning, Health, Mental Health, Religion, Reproductive Health Care, Reproductive Rights

Mission: Women's resource medical centers of southern nevada exists to save the lives of unborn children by sharing the love of jesus christ through spiritual, physical, emotional, and educational support to our clients.

Programs: Introduction thank you for taking the time to become familiar with the women's resource medical centers of southern nevada (wrmcsn). This organization originated in 1985 with the purpose of serving families in the community of southern nevada who are faced with a pregnancy that they did not plan. The mission remains the same today just as the statement proclaims, "women's resource medical centers of southern nevada exists to save the lives of unborn children by sharing the love of jesus christ through spiritual, physical, emotional, and educational support to our clients. " statistics from the center for disease control and the alan guttmacher institute indicate that 93% of all abortions occur because of social or economic reasons and that 50% of women who have had an abortion in the past are more likely to have another. Since 1985 we have personally met with some of these women and we have found that the majority of them would not choose abortion if they simply had someone to assist them in their circumstance. The wrmcsn acts as that support as we embrace these women and give them the education and resources that they need to be able to make a choice for life. All of the services that we offer are free of charge to our clients. As our mission statement proclaims, we are driven by divine love there is no worldly profit for this organization. The wrmcsn is a place where god's love is extended to those who are faced with the choice of death. Most of them do not know that his grace and mercy is abundantly poured out upon his creation to all those who will receive his gift of reconciliation. Many of our clients receive god's gift with joy and we are able to see the fruit of this ministry extend to both the lives of unborn babies being saved and the eternal life of the mother and father. Community impact according to time magazine, pregnancy centers are playing an important role in why abortion rates have lowered in recent years: "that would seem to be evidence that the quiet campaign for women's hearts and minds, conducted in thousands of crisis pregnancy centers around the country, on billboards, phone banks and websites, is having an effect. . . "(why have abortion rates fallen? " time, january 21, 2008. ) "today, it's still worthwhile to pass laws restricting abortion, but time and money spent on providing and promoting compassionate alternatives saves more lives. " (marvin olasky, "lessons from the past," world, january 17, 2009. ) las vegas has been listed as one of the top five "at-risk" abortion cities in our nation. Right here in southern nevada, over 6,000 clients a year receive: - pregnancy tests. - ultrasounds. - crisis counseling. - material resources such as maternity/baby clothes, diapers, formula, car seats, cribs and other related items that they need to support them with their decision to choose life. - parenting education. - abortion recovery program for women and men. - education on the benefits of abstinence outside of marriage. - prenatal/fetal development education. - male clients receive fatherhood counseling from a male mentor. Client approval ratings in order to ensure the highest level of client service, private and confidential "exit interviews" are conducted after every client visit. The women's resource medical centers of southern nevada has always been able to achieve the highest standard of service and in 2014 the client approval rating was 97%. The clients of women's resource medical centers of southern nevada also indicate that they would recommend the organization to a friend. The number one source of new clients among all other forms of advertising is "word of mouth. " "when i first came to the women's resource center and found out the news that i was expecting, i was not getting along with my family and was thinking that i didn't want my baby coming into the world with all of the problems. I was thinking that i had made a mistake. The following week i came to get my ultra-sound and heard the baby's heartbeat. I thought that even though my mom loves me, i was her mistake. Thanks to god i have a husband who supported me. My baby helped bring my mom and me together. He truly is my little angel and every time he smiles i thank god for the women's resource center because if i hadn't heard the baby's heartbeat i don't know if he would be here. " ~ america "i would like to thank women's resource center for saving the life of my precious baby. I was going to abort her, but now she is five months old. Thank you for the continuing support of providing diapers and supplies for my baby. From the bottom of my heart, thank you again for the help. " ~ herminia "when i first came to the women's resource center, i was shocked to find out that i was five weeks pregnant. It was a hard experience telling my parents that i was having a baby at such a young age. I was fifteen turning sixteen. My mom was disappointed about my pregnancy. My whole family was angry until they met my son. The anger went away and happiness came to all of our lives. We are now married and hector loves being a dad. " ~ keily "i wanted an abortion because i am muslim and my family would not accept me if i came home to africa pregnant and not married. The women's resource centers did not do abortions, but they gave me a free pregnancy test and an ultrasound. They told me that jesus was god and that he loved me. I could not have an abortion after seeing my baby on the ultrasound screen. Thank you so much. I love my little girl, samira, and i can't imagine her not being here. " ~ meme "in the beginning i didn't want to have the baby because we couldn't afford it. I asked my friend for help and she brought me to the women's resource center. The center gave me what i needed. I had an ultra-sound and saw my baby for the first time and that is when i decided to keep her. It was good that i came to the center that day. I am so thankful for the center and god for all the things that you have helped me with" ~ marcelina "when i came to the women's resource medical centers to have a free pregnancy test i did not know what i would dothanks to the staff i made a decision to have my baby and when i came back for my ultrasound i found out i was having twins if it were not for the women's resource medical centers i don't know what i would have done i am so thankful for all the help and resources they have given me and for helping me make a decision for life" ~ rushina "i was 36 and single and did not have any children; i was looking for an abortion fast as i was driving i saw a sign that said 'free pregnancy test' so i went in. It was confirmed that i indeed was pregnant. After spending some time at the women's resource medical centers they made me feel like it was not a disaster and i left with the idea that there might be a 'miracle' growing in me and not a 'mistake'. The center introduced me to christ too i look at my beautiful son and i thank god everyday that i saw a free pregnancy test sign"~ tammy "i have had multiple abortions. I was a drug addict who was in and out of jail. I came to the women's resource medical centers and my counselor showed me how to restore my relationship with christ and told me how much he loved me and my unborn child. I made a decision not to abort. I am so thankful that i walked through those doors"~ karen income sources the women's resource medical centers of southern nevada is a faith-based, non-profit 501(c)3 organization that is 100% funded by our local community. This organization does not receive government funding and all of our services are provided free of charge. Volunteers the women's resource medical centers of southern nevada serves over 6,000 client visits every year with the assistance of faithful volunteers. There are around 65 trained volunteers who have clocked in an average of 1,500 hours per month this is a value of 232,000 per year that the organization is saving from hired staff, even excluding the additional savings from payroll taxes, workmen's comp and medical benefits. In addition, our medical operations include approximately 100 hours per month of donated services from medical professionals. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about this amazing organization. If you would like to partner with us, please visit our website www. Wrmcsn. Org

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The world takes so much nothing is what is right. I wish you the best but no one was there to help when our little girl was taken by cps the hospital just erased us had adoptive family vising and giving gifts to our new born. I am a man and the way we were lied to not by this group but no one helped. And we did nothing mom went thru a nightmare and all we got was the run around shame on you Nevada. Shame on you. you can see them actually kidnap our child and never had anyone even sit down and talk to us we had DeeAnn and went back in fourth for three weeks to the hospital lie to the administer tells us on camera the blood did not match and my attorney tells me we should let go of the past do what they want to do. Remember we have done nothing false positive and still it reads out to the facts. God help all involved i have made this my life's mission to disrupt and stop this from happening to some one else. We are on youtube ynotbush. enjoy the vids. Anthony Bush We host www.owners-edge.com from home and this is killing mom and no one cares about us or what this has done to Shila.