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Wildlife Haven

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Animals, Wildlife Preservation & Protection

Mission: Wildlife Haven was founded in 1990. Our main focus is on the care of injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife. Wildlife Haven provides professional care to native birds and animals, most of which are in trouble due to manmade causes, and gives them a second chance at life in the natural world.

Programs: Rehabilitation - cared for 650injured/orphaned animals with a 81% release rate. Assisted over 1600 people with wildlife questions and inquiries related to animal care/preservation.

Education - presented 15 programs to over 800 people at public forums and speaking engagements, and assisted over 2000 visitors/ callers with one-on-one educational responses.

Community Stories

5 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

1 Sarah234567

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

I am a veterinarian who used to practice in the clinic where Jane would bring injured wildlife for care. She taught me a great deal about wildlife and about people. Over the years I have had opportunities to work with other wildlife rescue organizations, and they all have fallen short of the work Jane does at Wildlife Haven. Hands down, this is the best facility in Ohio, and I suspect one of the best in the country. North central Ohio is blessed to have Wildlife Haven as their option for wildlife care and information.

Client Served

Rating: 1

This organization does not like follow up on the wellbeing of the animals taken to them.

This organization isn't honest about intentions.

Be careful.

If you want your rescue to be kept as an educational ambassador, I would not recommend this organization.

Jane appears to have a strict policy to release animals into the wild. Bottle fed minks, possums, and skunks are released with questionable skills for survival.

Bottle fed is the key. Kept animals, even wild ones, have NO survival skills. They are sitting ducks for disaster and likely the ones you see dead on highways.

Jane is caring for and putting a lot of effort into animals who will be nothing but a food source for animals who grew up wild. Her Facebook confirms this.

Jane did not like when I asked how she was going to train the fox kit I entrusted to her to survive in the wild.

Jane was not honest about her intentions, and I would choose another organization in the future.


Client Served

Rating: 1

This place is dishonest. I passed on a fox kit to be kept for education. I was told by Jane he'd be handled. After I asked about him a couple times, Jane got really defensive. I gave space and recently asked about Scout again. She's not formed a relationship or worked with Scout. Looking back, she was afraid of him when I dropped him off.

She has a bobcat in really limited conditions as well. I'm not sure she is comfortable with strong animals.

If you look at her FB, it seems little easy animals and birds are her thing.

I regret giving her the fox kit.

*Jane Schnelker's response (director of Widlife Haven) to this review is not surprising.

*The fox kit in question was saved from a farmer's chopping block, and we didn't know we weren't allowed to keep him until several weeks later. When we found out it was illegal to keep him, we looked for a good rescue. Jane told us he was not able to be released. He wasn't 'dumped' off at Wildlife Haven. Jane begged to have him early to give her silver fox company after she had an older fox put down.

*This woman isn't honest. She was aggressive and rude when asked about the wellbeing of the fox. A direct quote from Jane, "I'm too busy to deal with this."

*We've had to accept the fox kit will be released this fall without proper training to survive. If you research wildlife, animals succeed because their mother teaches them. Second best is training them. Jane was unwilling to verify she has concrete methods.

*Just be careful. There are more rescues out there that might be a better option for your wildlife.

Comments ( 1 )


wildjane 07/23/2017

This woman had a young red fox illegally that she deliberately tried to 'tame'. She had to get rid of it. I told her when she brought it that I would make up my mind about captivity or release - that I needed to see how it went. She was told several times that I hadn't yet decided. I have this all on written private messaging This is total 'sour grapes' because he proved to be as wild as any other fox kit brought here and will get to resume his wild life when he is ready. ~ Jane Schnelker, Director, Wildlife Haven


Client Served

Rating: 5

We had a nest of bluebirds. We were sitting on our deck and I saw a sparrow bobbing in and out of the bluebird house. I went out to it and the sparrows had killed the parents and was pecking on one of the babies' head. I immediately called Jane and ask her if she could do something with the babies. I put the entire nest in a shoebox and took it to Wild Life Haven and Jane put them with another mother on a bluebird trail. Even the baby that the sparrow had pecked bald lived! As far as I am concerned this is the best place ever for saving animals, etc. They Care!


Client Served

Rating: 5

Jane at Wildlife Haven has been there for me more times than I can count. My family and I are some of the fortunate people that seem to have animals in distress come to our place with some regularity. Fortunate for the animals because we care, and they will be safe. Fortunate for us because we have Jane and Wildlife Haven in our neighborhood. Jane has always helped with advice from what to do if you disturb a bunnies nest to taking in injured critters and giving them the care they need. I have a great deal of respect for Jane and her staff. The amount of compassion and dedication it takes to nurse wild animals back to health is huge. We are very blessed to have Jane and Widlife Haven in our community.

1 Tami H.

Client Served

Rating: 5

I have been both a volunteer and a client served at Wildlife Haven and higly recommend everyone taking the time to get to know the place and the wonderful work that is done there. As a volunteer, I learned so many things about the behaviors, habitats and needs of the orphaned and injured wildlife that comes there for a second shot at life. As a client, I have called upon their services with creatures as varied as skunks, raccoons, grey squirrels and cormorants. Caring for the wide variety of wildlife that is taken there requires a round-the-clock commitment. Please consider this group when you are looking for a worthwhile cause and a committed group.