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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals

Mission: Vegaspigpets is a 501(c)3 federal non-profit organization with volunteers supporting the health and welfare of all pigpets, large and small. To provide education as to the specialized needs of potbelly pigs and provide support to all current and prospective pig owners to assure the best quality of life for our pigpets! We also rescue and place unwanted, abandoned & abused pigpets in need of a new, permanent, loving homes.

Results: We have been successful in raising a portion of the funds for the storage unit that houses all the blankets and crates we need to help our pigs. And have been able to build the new pens at the new property so we can help more pigs in need in the future!

Programs: Pet-a-Palooza, St. Rose's annual Pet Blessing, Kiss-a-Pig events, NVBigGive

Community Stories

5 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters



Rating: 1

I have never been more disgusted with an organization in my entire life. The rescue of pigs is wondeful and I was more than willing to donate. However, when I found out (through following their facebook page) that they spend a great deal of time harrassing others who don't conduct business the same say, I was appalled. I even saw some of their owners/followerers/volunteers personally try to sabotage a fellow organization. I must admit, I do not know much about the other organization as I do not live in that persons area, but their behavior was abhorent. I will NEVER donate another dime. These people are childish and petty. I wish I could get my money back.

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VegasPigPets 01/18/2012

Disheartened Donor, please feel free to email for a refund, we only want supporters! We don't ever harrass anyone, you are obviously not reading our page but just listening to someone's script because you would know we are the ones being harrassed! If our PRIVATELY ASKED QUESTION to a rescue was "are you breeding" and the answer was "yes", does that not make them a breeder? Rescues don't intentionally breed! We also confirmed this "breeder" was not a registered non-profit with the State or IRS, why is it wrong to ask her for proof? We were the ones slammed publicly by this person or you for that matter, not the other way around? Should everyone not ask the proper questions before supporting anyone claiming to be a non-profit organization, rescue or not? I guess it's not that hard to pull the wool over people's eyes as you are already on a website you can easily check if this "organization" is a non-profit, can't you? But, it's just easier to believe untruths so you feel justified in supporting them and trying to defeat our real purpose of "animal rescue"!

7 Stella Dora v.


Rating: 5

Fabulous organization with excellent reputation of putting the animals first and using 100 percent of donations for the pigs. This rescue takes on cases others would not and in the end produces a highly adoptable pig. Has very high standards for adopters. Educational site on Tea Cup Pigs (NOT) is known world wide and used by many world wide.



Rating: 5

I've watched Vegaspigpets help so many pigs in need. Crystal's heart is just huge. She has taken in pigs that nobody wanted. Supposed teacups that were over 300 pounds that were discarded by people who thought they would stay tiny. Sometimes these pigs were being looked at by people who were going to slaughter them for food. She is a huge advocate for spay/neuter as well as the proper care and nutrition for these animals. I have been at her place and helped her load pigs that were hard to place in a home, but she was able to put into rescues that would give some of these unwanted pigs a forever home. She has driven them to California, Utah and Colorado. She's driven them when she had migranes so bad her face swells up. She went to the Casinos here and got one of them to donate something like 5,000 comforters to her organization. She had to rent a storage unit, there were so many. She then called pig rescues to come and pick up FREE blankets to keep their pigs warm during the cold winter. Vegaspigpets is an angel, she doesn't breed, she makes NO money off of these animals; every penny she has goes into the care of pigs. She finds homes for pigs and works with the new owners to make sure they have the proper facilities, food and love. She is there anytime they have a question or concern. She has picked up pigs that were used as bait for fighting dogs, pigs abandoned on the side of the road, pigs that were kept in a trailer for their entire lives and the trailer was over a foot deep in pig crap, pigs that couldn't walk because their hooves were so long, pigs that had been mistreated and were scared of people, overweight pigs that had lived on a diet of donuts and dogfood, skinny pigs that had lived in a dirt lot and weren't fed at all. Crystal of Vegaspigpets puts her money where her pigs are. She is passionate about these little (and many times HUGE) guys. She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES, LOVES pigs and is an outspoken activist for their proper care. Bless you Vegaspigpets for your deep devotion to these wonderful creatures!

7 jminshall


Rating: 5

VegasPigPets is a lifesaving organization to all piglets large and small. Crystal not only takes in stray, abused or simply unwanted pigs but takes great care and time with rehabilitation and education. I have followed many of her pigs from rescue to adoption and they have all become very human oriented, healthy and emotionally secure adoptable pets. I LOVE this organization and this is one that I reccomend to anyone interested in either adoption or just simple education of the pig!!



Rating: 5

I have witnessed miraculous recoveries thru this rescue. Ms KimHan may as well be the pig whisperer, she is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to give excellent advise. I appreciate all that she does to help these unfortunate cases, bringing the pigs back socially and physically. Thank you Crystal!