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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals

Mission: Vegaspigpets is a 501(c)3 federal non-profit organization with volunteers supporting the health and welfare of all pigpets, large and small. To provide education as to the specialized needs of potbelly pigs and provide support to all current and prospective pig owners to assure the best quality of life for our pigpets! We also rescue and place unwanted, abandoned & abused pigpets in need of a new, permanent, loving homes.

Results: We have been successful in raising a portion of the funds for the storage unit that houses all the blankets and crates we need to help our pigs. And have been able to build the new pens at the new property so we can help more pigs in need in the future!

Programs: Pet-a-Palooza, St. Rose's annual Pet Blessing, Kiss-a-Pig events, NVBigGive

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Rating: 1

I would point anyone away from this group of people. They are completely crazy stalkers. They would rather abort piglets than deal with a liter. They are unhelpful, unfriendly, rude and completely obnoxious. I would never ever do business with them. They even had their facebook page shut down by facebook due to slander and causing trouble. I've been told by peers that the owner of this organization is horrible to deal with. I will never do business with Vegas Pig Pets. Never. They are complete liars. This group never does anything in PRIVATE except try to round up minions to their secrete elite to spam pages and cause trouble. They never asked about breeding in private or public. It was sense that a male not fixed, thus breeding would happen accidentally. It was a true accident and never meant to happen. However, their response was to ABORT. We would never abort babies. Never. Because we didn't do what THEY wanted us to do, they black-balled us to everyone (causing them to be shut down and not us) They are a horrible organization and I can tell you that I've not been the one putting the complaints on here except for this one. I am not ashamed. I never took a damn dime to neuter pigs. That money from FARAC was paid to the vet and they need to get that back themselves. I am not doing it for them. You are complete liars and finally people are seeing the truth. I am so thankful for that. You cannot continue to lie to people. I have one document that needed to be submitted to the State of Florida. WOW, so that is sooooo misleading. You are complete liars. I never knew I had to PAY A FEE $10.00 to accept donations. Thank you for bringing that to life and TRYING to cause us problems. Didn't work. Try again. I will never stop helping abused or unwanted potbellied pigs. You might as well get used to me be around. I am not going anywhere. I hope you never win awards for your abuse and lies. You don't deserve anything. They TRIED to bring down the other organization but FAILED.

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VegasPigPets 01/17/2012

Thank you for your false review Lisa, but we all know you are out to undermine real non-profit pig rescues for your own gain. People will see through your bad review and yes, I will call out any liar claiming to be a rescue! Don't be upset, just remove non-profit from your claims, that's all! The on-going investigation will prove what we are saying, I don't have to accuse you of anything. And please don't speak about "accidental breeding" when your webpage openly says you have every intention of breeding: "don't call you a breeder cause breeders do it for money." So, I guess you're giving yours away! I got shut down because I provided the link that showed you had every intention of breeding. I don't care if you breed til the cows come home, we, the rescues and sanctuaries that are rescuing pigs, not breeding them aren't out to shut down every breeder, but don't claim to be a rescue because you want unfixed pigs (free) to rescue so you can breed them. That is unconscionable to put more pigs out into a world when so many are being put down! And yes, I full back lutalysing accidental breeding, but since it wasn't an accident, what can we say, call me a murderer, how many pigs have you lost already? Just get out of our "rescue" network as we are trying to help pigs and join the rest of the backyard breeders. And when you leave us alone, we will gladly oblige!