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Tiger Haven

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Causes: Animals, Protection of Endangered Species, Wildlife Preservation & Protection, Wildlife Sanctuaries

Mission: A sanctuary and rescue facility for big cats, much like an animal shelter for dogs and housecats, except we are a "no kill" facility. Cats entering the facility are given a permanent home. We do not sell, transfer, give away, or use cats for breeding or labor purposes.

Programs: Provided a safe haven to abused and neglected exotic animals, primarily big cats. Provided permanant housing and care, performed rescue operations, and worked with state wildlife agencies. 280 cats have been rescued and housed.

Community Stories

4 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters



Rating: 4

I believe Tiger Haven is doing their best to help these beautiful big cats. And I agree that charity navigator doesn't explain clearly,that the costs of fundraising are ridiculous. So it's understandable that Tiger Haven must spend 50%.H however,sending dollar bills in the mail-in the hopes you will get it all back,is foolish. Less than 5%will return that dollar,and those that do,will only send a small 5-10$ donation. Ex:$30k×5%=$1500×$10=$15k-$1500recovered 1$bills=$13,500. Net loss=$16,500. At best,you break even,if 10%give$10each...it is possible that if 10%respond@$25each=$75k-$30k sent out,you net$35k. I tend to think a net profit occurs not more than 3× per year. And if these mailings are done 6× a year,with 3×netloss$16k=&49,500 and 3×netgain$35k=$105k-$49,500=$67,500 net gain/year,minus payments to the experts. Not great. But I love the calendar,but I think more people love hi-quality silkscreened t-shirts,sweatshirts,etc.and would gladly pay double the cost.Also,that former admittedly underpaid employee,was working there because he/she obviously cared for the animals....so you better get the owner in-check with her spending of excess...I can't fathom why this former worker would lie about that. So, I would like to see full disclosure of all net income minus salaries&non-profits I would hope,do NOT/SHOULD NOT give bonuses. Excess income should not be at the owner's disposal. I will be conservative in donating,for now. Put it all out there&i will gladly give more to help.

Review from Guidestar

9 Elsie B.


Rating: 4

I am writing this because I wouldn't have known anything about the crap that going on in China to these big cats if Tiger Haven didn't get it out there! So a lot of their $$$ is spent on fundraising. All this means is they are doing it from the ground floor. Instead of pointing fingers, lend a hand. They are shouting for help the best way they know how!!! The first time I got a petition to China was Tiger Haven.They get my vote for having the guts to give these animals the grace they deserve. I know they are on the top of my donation list , whatever Charity Navigator's stars show. And a THANK YOU to Tiger Haven for kindness and courage...

Review from Guidestar



Rating: 1

I worked at Tiger Haven for 4 months. Please, find another charity to donate to. The owner brags about the fact that she has 3 million excess dollars above the cost of running Tiger Haven to spend however she pleases. Everyday, she has multiple packages from Amazon delivered to her office, most of which contain things that are of no use to the cats. For example: cat statues, blankets, candles, posters, movies, house plants, and an assortment of useless crap. This place needs to be changed. The cats could be cared for far better. Mary Haven isn't qualified to own and run a place like tiger haven. I'm just ranting, but I care about the cats and they aren't being cared for the way they should and more of the money that is being donated should be used in a far more responsible way, and should be improving the cats quality of life.



Rating: 5

I cannot believe that this organization only has 1 star, when there are numerous organizations on Charity Navigator that are rated higher even though their scoundrel Presidents, CEOs, etc. are paid nearly a quarter or half a million dollars which equals a quarter or half of their funds. The president of Tiger Haven takes a meager salary which is a strong indicator that what a person donates actually goes to helping the Tigers. Check out the website, it's very informative. Unlike the bogus organizations who contacted me to become a member or asked for more money after I already had joined or donated money, I am not inundated with e-mails or mailings from Tiger Haven asking for money.

Review from CharityNavigator