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The National Crittenton Foundation

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Children & Youth, Crime & Law, Family Services, Family Services for Adolescent Parents, Foster Care, Human Services, Sexual Abuse Prevention

Mission: The National Crittenton Foundation supports empowerment, self-sufficiency, and the end of cycles of destructive behaviors for girls, young women and their families who live at the margin of the American dream.

Programs: 'bold (bridging opportunity love and determination) program was conceptualized as a program to support the development of the social capital, leadership skills and civic engagement of young women survivors funding was received to develop bold. Working with a committee of young women and women from crittenton agencies the components of bold were developed including the society, quest and circles. In 2014 the society was developed to be a smart phone app. The society app will be piloted in 2015 in 5-7 crittenton agencies bringing women from crittenton agencies called sisters, together with other women, friends who agree to share information, skills and perspectives with them.

educationtncf worked with crittenton agencies and former consumers to provide education, resources, and information to decision makers and partners to increase their understanding of the needs and potential of girls and young women who are survivors of abuse and violence. This included communicating the need for the gender and culturally responsive, trauma informed, strength-based services they need to heal and thrive. Tncf hosted and co-hosted four briefings on: improving the outcomes of children by supporting young parents, adverse childhood experiences and young mothers, and meeting the needs of girls in the juvenile justice system. We are not invisibleworking in partnership with the crittenton family of agencies tncf brought current and former clients/consumers of services to washington, dc to share their perspectives as survivors of trauma and violence with decision makers.

agency support the organization provided training, networking, referrals, research, program development, advocacy, evidence building, professional development and two conferences for the 26 members of the crittenton family of agencies providing services in 31 states and the district of columbia. Additionally, ongoing technical assistance and support is provided to agencies.

connie lieding scholarshipthrough a contribution made to tncf by beth burrell, an individual donor, this scholarship fund was developed in 2011. Scholarships cover educational expenses for young women between the ages of 17-27 who have successfully completed programs at crittenton agencies. During 2014, 11 scholarships were awarded to women advancing their educational goals at technical and community colleges, four-year colleges and masters level degrees. An increased number of scholarships was awarded because of an increase in the contributions made by the donor. Georgetown policy seriestncf in partnership with georgetown center on poverty, inequality and public policy is sponsoring a policy series "marginalized girls: creating pathways to opportunity policy series. Girls at the margin action alliance co-hosted quarterly meetings of the 93 members of the alliance on a range of topics. Building evidence continued the evidence building work from 2012 byworking with a subcommittee of agency representatives and dr. Roy wade from childrens hospital of philadelphia(chop)/stoneleigh foundation research fellow. The group developed a new demographic section, selecting well being domains and questions to be piloted with second administration of the adverse childhood experiences survey. Second administration of ace was begin using new data system redcap through chop. 20 agencies are participating and 8 are piloting the well being questions. Search support provided support to individuals searching for family members separated through adoptions. Public speaking - spoke on a range of issues of importance to marginalized girls and young women, e. G. Ascend/aspen instittue thinkxchange, healthy teen network, etc. . Fostering girls strengths convening hosted 2 national convenings bringing together 45-50 leaders, advocates, researchers, service providers and young women/women to develop a national blueprint for supporting the needs and potential of our nation's most marginalized girls and young women. . National girls initiative (ngi)lead and staffed the ngi of the office of juvenile justice and delinquency prevention of the department of justice. Planning hosting a national roundtable for girls coalitions and alliances on policy reform for girls in or at risk of etnering the juvenile justice system. Began planning for the awarding of innovation awards, drafted policy statement of girls in juvenile justice and provided technical assistance to states on girls.

Community Stories

6 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


Board Member

Rating: 5

For 130 years, Florence Crittenton organizations in the United States have assisted milions young women and their families become more independent, fulfilled and productive members of our communitities. For most of decades of its existence the organization has maintained a profile out of the limelight in its helping role but in the last few years, a concerted effort has been made to not only advocate for the needs of marginalized young women but to the aide them in advocating for themselves. The young women are activley taking the initiative to give legislators and the community at large a greater undertanding of their strengths and the trememdous potential they possess. Significant efforts are being made to break the cycles of poverty, ineffective parenting, abuse and neglect that majority of these young women have faced.

Board Member

Rating: 5

As a former client and now Board Member, I have seen the Crittenton agencies & The National Crittenton Foundation from many perspectives. Once a client, I will always appreciate that there was a place for my son & me to live while trying to bridge the gap between a difficult family environment and the independence I knew I was capable of achieving. As a Board Member for National Crittenton, we continue to support our family of agencies & be the national voice of so many young women trying to break the cycle of negative family patterns.

Previous Stories

Board Member

Rating: 5

When I count my blessings, Crittenton is at the top of them. Crittenton has enriched my life on so many levels over the past 20 years. At 16, along with my my two-year old son, I moved into the Southern California-based Crittenton home. My stay at Crittenton served as a pivotal point of change for the better in my life & the life of my son. Growing up in a household filled with constant fighting, verbal & physical abuse, I had visions of a different life for us. Thankfully, there was a place for both my child & I to stay during a time of many transitions. Thanks to the program structure & caring staff members, I was able to save enough money to move into my own apartment at the young age of 18. The feeling of being able to provide for myself & son was so empowering! I went on to earn a bachelor's degree from CSU, Fullerton. I am forever grateful for the concrete foundation Crittenton offered for me to be successful in life. Now, I am a member of the Board of Trustees for The National Crittenton Foundation. They have opened up so many doors for me to give back & help empower other young women. The staff members at The National Crittenton Foundation are top-notch & committed to making a difference for young women everywhere.

Justin Y.

Board Member

Rating: 5

I've seen tremendous growth and scalability of The National Crittenton Foundation's impact over the past three and a half years that I've been on the board. I've met with girls and women who have benefitted from programs and funding generated by the Foundation, including advocacy on Capitol Hill, social media campaigns, initiatives to measure the impact of services delivered, and more. I'm looking forward to giving more of my time in the future to help The National Crittenton Foundation ensure that all girls, young women and their families live safely in a just world in which they can visualize and achieve their unique potential as healthy, contributing members of society.


Board Member

Rating: 5

Initially I was a Board member of the Southern California Crittenton Agency in Fullerton, California from 1991-1996. I then joined The National Crittenton Foundation in 2001 and I am presently the Treasurer. I have also rejoined the Fullerton Agency Board in 2009. In this time I have had the priviledge of visiting 14 of the 27 Agencies. What keeps me coming back is the change in the look in the young ladies eyes. When they first arrive they are scared and in survivor mode. After a time the look becomes trusting and full of hope. Not only do they gain self esteem, many continue their education into college, and they become valuable members of our society.

Board Member

Rating: 4

My name is Catherine Kamara. I was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa and was raised in Maryland/ DC. My journey with The Crittenton Foundation started in Feburary 2007, I was seventeen at the time and my newborn was five days old. The thought of my son and I being in custody did not settle too well with me at first. The day my son and I entered the doors of Florence Crittenton Services in Charlotte, North Carolina I was reassured immediately that this was a safe environment for us. I have lost both of my parents at a very young age and the only person I had trust in just gave me up for custody, so you can say I had little to no trust or faith left in anyone else. It took a lot for me to start trusting others but the staff at Florence Crittenton Services made it easier for me to start trusting again. Florence Crittenton Services was the first place my son called home and it was the first place since my parents died that I actually felt safe in, meaning not having to worry about my next meal, how the bills were going to get paid, or who will give me that boost of positivity when I felt like giving up in life. I have been out of foster care for about three years now and to this day I still continue to stay in contact with my FCS family. The National Crittenton Foundation has opened up doors for me no one else has. I have met some beautiful inspiring smart women that have walked in the same shoes that I have, as in having family members that abused them, not having the right resouces to help them, and being a single teenage mother. I can truely say these ladies are the big sisters that I've always wanted as a kid and I'm grateful to have met them in my adult life. When I'm with them I feel like I can speak about anything that's troubling me in life and not get judged by it. The last thing I need is to have someone judging my every footstep. With these ladies I have learned that it is ok to make mistakes and get right back up and correct them. They say God places certain people in your life for a reason, and I truels believe this. I really appreciate the ladies of TNCF for entering my life when I most needed someone.