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The Jericho House

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Mental Health, Substance Abuse Treatment

Mission: The Jericho House is a lighthouse for men with addictions and little hope that their lives will ever change. Many have experienced sobriety at some point in their lives, but have found it so painful they couldn't stand it. This means there are some things within us that only God can heal. These are God-sized problems which requires obedience in order for God to fully work in a man's life. These are things from which they need to be set free.

Geographic areas served: United States of America

Programs: 4 phase i year long regeneration program that has been time tested for 50 years.

Community Stories

7 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

5 Leeann D.

Client Served

Rating: 5

Our son has been transformed through the ministry of the Jericho House. He was trapped in a life of addiction with multiple attempts to fix things himself with the help of counseling and other treatment programs. With the experience of the Jericho House leadership and their ability to lead residents to a regenerated life, we have seen the lives of many men completely changed. The opportunity afforded the men to better understand every aspect of themselves is resulting in service-oriented sober men desiring an interactive part in their families and mankind. What more could we possibly want?

Comments ( 1 )

the-jericho-house It is so amazing witnessing the change and the freedom in your whole family. Your son is getting near a new phase in the program. He is a good example to all the men. Love you.

Client Served

Rating: 1

I personally did not have a good experience at the Jericho House what so ever. All of the food there is out dated and when you are sent off to work for 6-8 hours the lunch that is given to you is barely edible and barely feeds the whole crew. Really it's just a work camp and you go to church, there is no true recovery from addiction going on there. I have seen men allowed to stay but another man get kicked out for doing the same thing just because the director Is having a bad day. At the time that I was there the directors daughter was hitting on all the men in the program, and trying to "get with them" and have seen a man taken to the homeless shelter because the daughter and him got physical. It is an extremely corrupt place and does more harm than good if you ask me. I have personally seen many men use or drink after leaving. If you have trouble accepting their way of Christianity, the director and staff essentially make fun of you or use you as an example. This is not a rant just a warning, I was not allowed to go to any AA, NA, or CR meetings while there even though I requested it every week for 8 months. They will convince you that this is the only way to get sober and that is simply not true, after relapsing and leaving the Jericho House I got involved with AA and NA and have been sober over a year and the quality of life I have today is amazing. No thanks to the Jericho House. Their program is not a way to facilitate long term recovery.


Client Served

Rating: 5

My name is Damir and I met Larry 6 years ago in Waypoint. Since I am from Croatia you can imagine how different things were for me. Larry, Nick and all the guys were so awesome to me and I can honestly say that if there wasn't for Larry, who knows where my life would be right now. If so at all. He was the one that sacrificed his personal life and his family to help us. A calling on his life that God has for him. I know how hard it was and I've seen it first hand. Trust me, there is no money in the world that would pay for what he is doing every day. All the broken homes and problems of each man on his back. But also, the result of us becoming godly men and broken families put together. What a blessing for me to see and experience! I live a clean & sober life for six years now, have my own business and I am forever grateful that I had a chance to go through the program under Larry's guidance.


Client Served

Rating: 1

This progam is horrible I know it from experience. Do not be fooled that "God brought you here for a reason" ...please do yourself that favor. Religion is used as a tool to brainwash people into doing what McKenna tells you to do while in the program. He wants your money and could care less if u stay sober or not''.. so long as you pay him. Ive seen him treat people like dogs and drop them off at homeless shelters and make them walk if they don't want to be in the program any more. The living conditions would make any sane man insane. The only way he keeps his clients is if they're facing more time in jail or if they're horribly brainwashed into his insane version of christianity. I reiterate MORE time in jail. I'm a prime example. I was facing WAY MORE time in jail or woulda left to BE IN JAIL. Jail is better that the Jericho house, trust me. McKenna treats you like an animal once you sign that paper. Dont be fooled. He will humiliate anyone on that stool and, trust me, it's not to "save your life". It's to satisy his own inferiority complex. He loved picking on one client by not allowing his sister to buy him a pair of pants...he made him wear ONE pair of jeans every day and wash that ONE pair of jeans ONCE a week. Everyone else coulda had a wardrobe. He did it b/c that one particular person was overweight and got a kick out of it b/c he is a skinny mustached peice of trash. A despicable human being. That was just one example...there's millions more..it's unbelievable the way he interprets the Bible to justify his evil acts such as having everyone on food stamps yet feeding us donated food. We never got to use our food stamp cards ourselves. That leads me to the question: where was our food stamp cards really spent? I'll admit Jay did spend some of the stamp cards on eggs and other necessities but most of the food eaten was donated expired Trader Joe food...it was good the ...about the only thing in the program better than jail. Anyways folks : Do Not Be Fooled that "God brought you here for a reason" . Please...esp if u r a parent with a child in jail and wants your child to get better. I promise you it will make your child hate life and want to Get High. I'm serious: This place is no good..don't be fooled.


Client Served

Rating: 4

As one who has a son at The Jericho House I enthusiastically recommend this ministry. I have seen the life changing results in the life of my son as well as the lives of others who are the program. Larry and Rick are using their God given calling and talents to affect change in the lives of these men. They are allowing God to use them as a conduit to provide the necessary tools with which these men can use to allow God to help them overcome their addiction. It is not the ministry or the “program” or anything else that changes a person, only God can do the real change.
In the short time (8 months) our son has been at Jericho House we have seen many men come and go both on their own as well as being asked to leave due to rule infractions. Without exception, the guys who “get it” and buy into the program (not $ but with their heart, mind and soul) and allow God to do a work on their hearts are the ones who benefit and who see a radical change in their life. Is the program perfect or the leaders perfect? No and neither are any other ministries, businesses or people. Larry and Rick do care about the success of these men and their families and both are very knowledgeable about addiction and how to deal with it. I have seen their willingness to work with someone who has broken a rule when the person’s heart was right and repentant because they want to see the person succeed but not at the expense of undermining the ministry.
Addiction is destroying many families and we need to build up ministries like The Jericho House. It’s easy to find fault with any organization we are involved in but in my opinion the key thing is: are the lives of the men and their families being changed? I can only speak for myself and my family and the answer is YES!! Thanks be to God and The Jericho House!!

4 Jonathan F.

Client Served

Rating: 5

The first time I met Larry McKenna... It was 2003 and I was entering my first of at Christian Regeneration programs at NLB. Since those days I've come to think of Bro Larry as a second Father. I followed him to Waypoint Center. Where I can honestly say that he has seen me at my worst. It was there that I expierenced what you are reffering to as his " Tough Love"... but, little did I know or realize at the time that was what I needed. He helped me go through Dunklin Memorial Church. and then to his Servant Builders program. I Love Larry McKenna... and I trust him with my Life. Throughout the Years. I have watched him struggle. Sacrifice time with his Family, Money, and Nice Houses to devot his life to the Ministry. He has never tried to make a dime. and virtually given up everything he has ever had to help others.. And the payoff.. well, the reward is to see people like me. 30 years old. Running one of the largest half way houses/ Programs in the Gainesville Area. Great life and Success story. that Came to Him A Broken Child in 2003. I believe in Larry McKenna. I would follow him into any battle. He is My Mentor. My Friend. And My Brother. And it has Been a Pleasure in Life Knowing him.

Comments ( 1 )


the-jericho-house 11/26/2011

Thank you so much. God is blessing your life and using you in an amazing way. I am not surprised you are a gift individual. Love you.


Client Served

Rating: 1

This place operates on a shoestring budget and utilizes food stamps to feed the men in the program. In my time in the program I witnessed numerous guys berated at the director's mood and that is contingent on how the wind was blowing on that given day.

It would also appear your treatment in this program was contingent on how much money you or your family possessed and was willing to give to the program.

I have seen them solicit (extort) donations from guy's currently in the program to buy items we did not have the money to purchase. Item's that were needed for day to day operations.

I have personally witnessed people who drank or used drugs multiple times who were allowed to stay in the program and other people who broke a rule once were kicked out.

In the likely event you are kicked out!

Don't ask for a refund!

You are graciously given a ride to town and left on the side of the road .
No phone call or help period. Don't bother to ask.

If you are repeat customer then this is the place to go as you can graduate in mere weeks or a few months at most.

Plan on working everyday in the cold or the heat or rain/snow. Class time is max 2 hours 2 times a week.

Trust me you are too busy working to have class.

After experiencing first hand just how fake the pretend pious nature Rick espouses to others and his real nature is revealed to you as he is kicking you out.

Which he loves doing, you can tell he neither care's if you live or die once he has quickly made up his mind to toss you away like a bag of garbage. No consideration is given to your legal matters or even if you have a place to go.

He carries mace in his pocket to protect himself, that should be an indication of his treatment of others, no golden rule here.

Let's not forget the "shoot from the hip" half-truths spouted by Larry. I am sure he thinks he is justified in his embellishment because in his own mind he is helping to save your life. If he doesn't know the answer he will make one up while you wait!

If you have any legal troubles I would not consider this facility as they will constantly threaten to call you P.O. about anything they consider a problem.

I am speaking of small stuff the judge looks at you and shakes his head ruefully like why am I being bothered with this pettiness!

This place is famous for making a mountain out of mole hill and sweeping mountains under the carpet if you have cash.

The only positive comment I can give on this facility is the curriculum from Dunklin Memorial Camp is good.

I love all of these reviews by people who have not lived in that house, nor have experienced the wrath of Larry or Rick. It is easy to say how great someone is until you have lived with them, then you can give an honest opinion on just how bad the conditions really are every day.

Board Member's reviewing the program, such as Jared & Emily Flowe how is that really a honest review. I can see Jared doing a review on NLB, but since he does not live there, nor has he ever lived at TJH just how accurate can it be!

How can he do an honest review?

Mr. Maddox you work there! Yet you speak of us not knowing how to run a ministry, I think Paul covers it best in 1 Corinthians 13:4–8a

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

Isn't this what Jesus taught??

I think these reviews should be for people who have been in the program or family, not friends of Larry's and Rick's and certainly not people who have not been in the The Jericho House program.

I am glad to see this is turning into a No Longer Bound and Waypoint review page. Talk about strongholds!!

Comments ( 2 )


the-jericho-house 11/26/2011

Thanks for the insight. Proverbs 15: 31-33 “If you listen to constructive criticism, you will be at home among the wise. If you reject discipline, you only harm yourself; but if you listen to correction, you grow in understanding. Fear of the Lord teaches wisdom; humility precedes honor.”


the-jericho-house 11/26/2011

I am so sorry that you will this way. Now I know who you are. I will keep praying for you. I hope that you will be blessed with a job soon and that you will start on the road to forgiveness. Love you man. Sorry you are hurting and sorry for my offending you. Jericho House has evolved into a program that is very different then when you were here. We hope to grow even more. Thank you for expressing your honest feelings. God bless.