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The Jericho House

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Mental Health, Substance Abuse Treatment

Mission: The Jericho House is a lighthouse for men with addictions and little hope that their lives will ever change. Many have experienced sobriety at some point in their lives, but have found it so painful they couldn't stand it. This means there are some things within us that only God can heal. These are God-sized problems which requires obedience in order for God to fully work in a man's life. These are things from which they need to be set free.

Geographic areas served: United States of America

Programs: 4 phase i year long regeneration program that has been time tested for 50 years.

Community Stories

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6 Leeann D.

Client Served

Rating: 5

Our son has been transformed through the ministry of the Jericho House. He was trapped in a life of addiction with multiple attempts to fix things himself with the help of counseling and other treatment programs. With the experience of the Jericho House leadership and their ability to lead residents to a regenerated life, we have seen the lives of many men completely changed. The opportunity afforded the men to better understand every aspect of themselves is resulting in service-oriented sober men desiring an interactive part in their families and mankind. What more could we possibly want?

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the-jericho-house It is so amazing witnessing the change and the freedom in your whole family. Your son is getting near a new phase in the program. He is a good example to all the men. Love you.



Rating: 4

What a great opportunity to be able to share our feelings about The Jericho House. To be a part of a ministry that is only two years old and growing is a God sent. We are not only volunteers but have a son in the program as well. We have been able to watch up close the changes the Jericho House has made in so many men's lives. The brotherhood that developes between the men is life long.

For us, we have seen the positive changes in our son, more confidence, dealing with feelings good and bad and buidling back bridges with people he loves. He has a renewed realtionship with God and understands the life long journey he is on.

As for Larry and Rick, these men give of themselves day in and day out with little if nothing in monitary compensation. The pay they get is the part they play in helping someone turn their lives around and live a happy and productive life. Both of these men care deeply for the men that come to them for help.

Being a part of The Jericho House has also changed us, we have made close realtionships with other families who know and understand the journey we are on. And through the recovery clases have learned how to deal with our own emotions and those of our son.

We are blessed that Larry and Rick have come into our lives. We will continue to work long after our son has graduated to help build an awareness of The Jericho House, and help in raising money for their continued success.



Rating: 4

I've been associated with non-profits for over thirty years and have known Larry McKenna for the past ten years. During my time with him for seven plus years at NLB, Larry not only helped my family, but helped me personally. He is one of the most dedicated men I've EVER known. He has always put others before himself and is a tireless leader and devote Christain. Because of Larry, I'm still at NLB daily and have been for the past 10 years. He is the main reason, I am teaching Famly Recovery at NLB and has recently helped me thru a tragic loss in our family (non-drug/alcohol related). Unfortunately, the world we now live in does not have enough Larry McKennas in it.

Sincerely.............Gene Alderman



Rating: 4

Addictions can lead to a premature death! We are grateful parents for the many ways that Larry, Rick and their families have helped save our son's life! The directors of The Jericho House ministry make many sacrifices to teach, mentor, counsel and sow seeds of biblical principles into the lives of the men and their families. We have personally witnessed a progression of healing in countless lives because of the "tough love" that is practiced day after day. Family Recover and Inner Healing classes have helped us understand the depth of a person's struggles and pain along with learning we are powerless over others choices. It has been a blessing to be part of a ministry where truth is uncovered, chains are set free and hope is found! We believe God has great things in store for The Jericho House.

3 Volunteer and Past Board Member


Rating: 5

Sometimes people come to recovery looking for help and they get the help they need, not the help they want. I have known Larry McKenna personally for more than 10 years. In that time I have been blessed to see Larry in action from many angles. I and my wife sat under his teachings in marriage classes. I have worked as a volunteer in two of his ministries and was on the original board of directors for Waypoint.
There is no doubt in my mind that Larry operates with character. His ethics are based on Godly principles and beyond reproach.
Recovery is a renewing of the mind. We come into recovery having been convinced of lies about God, about ourselves and about others.
When Larry challenges these faulty belief systems in addicts and co-dependent spouses it can either be received or rejected. Either way it is a painful experience to deal with the truth about ourselves.
Larry has a deep relationship with God and his recovery is Christ centered. If you think about it, each addict has set up their own throne and kingdom in their hearts and these kingdoms must be given up by the current ruler and the thrones made empty for the King of Kings. Those not willing to abdicate; who continue to hold on to the lies they believe will never know the truth and the Truth is a Person who could set them free.
This program is a Christ Centered program and it is the Dunklin curriculum. So someone looking to successfully attain sobriety with serenity must be open to a relationship with a living Christ. Otherwise it would be an exercise in futility; a bed and a job with no pay... With Christ it is a doorway into an eternal experience with God and a family of people who are pursuing the same passion. It doesn't get easier, it just gets better. Hardship becomes a pathway to peace.
Larry and his family have sacrificed more than can be imagined to serve the people society would rather not deal with. They suffer to minister to those who most churches would rather not be bothered with. When I see negative comments like the very few that are here, I praise God because I know that Larry is doing what is best for the men, even if the men can't see it now. AND because of this scripture: “Happy are those who are persecuted because they do what God requires.” Matthew 5:10
So Take heart Larry McKenna and family. You are doing what is right and the people who have known you the longest are standing in a circle with you. We believe in what you have done and will do for the body of Christ.
If you are considering a Nonprofit for either donations or for help for a loved one, or yourself consider this ministry and this leader very seriously. The ministry will change lives and the leader will do what God asks of him, no matter what to facilitate that change.



Rating: 5

I met Larry M. in 2000 when he was director of NLB. Through his Inner Healing class, I found freedom from many destructive behaviors and more importantly, the self-hatred that was causing me to live a life full of self-sabotage. After taking the class 4 times, he invited me to be a part of the ministry by helping teach that same material to women who were significant to the men in the program. I taught there for a long time and continue to teach Inner Healing to women; seeing many lives changed because of his influence on mine.
Larry knows addiction and is an expert at helping addicts! Most people in the life of an addict are co-dependent and continually enable them. Larry is definitely not an enabler! He knows that, at any time, one of his men could go back to drug use and it be their last fix. He knows that what he does is really a life or death ministry! And I have seen him rescue many perishing men, and their families, from the brink of destruction! He knows what he is doing and does what he does because he knows what works with addicts! I send people his way that I know need the serious kind of heart surgery that Larry does. Jericho House is an incredible organization! It has a great success rate (with people who really want to change and not just stay the same).

Comments ( 1 )


the-jericho-house 11/26/2011

Thank you Lu. There are many ladies the Lord has touched through you too. God bless you