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The Humane Society of the United States

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Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals, Wildlife Sanctuaries

Mission: Celebrating Animals, Confronting Cruelty

Results: -We passed a bill in Congress making interstate dogfighting and cockfighting a federal felony -We worked with law enforcement agencies to bust abusive puppy mill operations -We continued to investigate and combat Canada’s gruesome hunt of Atlantic harp seals, and our boycott of Canadian seafood now has the support of more than 1,000 restaurants and food businesses and 300,000 individuals -We persuaded the National Institutes of Health to ban the new breeding of chimpanzees for research -We provided hands-on care to thousands of animals at our network of sanctuaries and wildlife centers -We responded to the wildfires in southern California, and helped save more than 1,000 animals—dogs, cats, horses, goats, and others -We passed the first bill in a state legislature to outlaw cruel confinement of farm animals when Oregon banned gestation crates for breeding pigs -Food industry leaders like Burger King, Wolfgang Puck, and Compass Group adopted ground-breaking humane reforms advanced by The HSUS -Our efforts persuaded leaders in the fashion industry such as Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, Tommy Hilfiger, and Foot Locker to go fur-free, and other designers and retailers such as Burlington Coat Factory to drastically reduce the amount of fur they sell -We passed two precedent-setting bills in the New York state legislature to require accurate labeling of all fur garments, and ban the electrocution of animals in fur factories -We passed state legislation in Illinois to ban horse slaughter -We continued passing laws to ban Internet hunting, with 34 states now prohibiting the practice -In Congress, we secured language in the Senate Interior Appropriations bill to stop the imports of polar bear trophies killed by sport hunters in the Arctic -We won court victories to protect endangered right whales from being harmed by fishing longlines, to stop invasive research on Steller sea lions, and to protect wolves and Canada lynx -Our Rural Area Veterinary Services (RAVS) program provided more than 30,000 medical treatments to animals in remote areas of the country often underserved by veterinarians -We helped pass 86 new animal protection laws in state legislatures in 2007, a record year

Target demographics: mostly women ages 40-50

Geographic areas served: USA and beyond

Programs: Advocacy and public policy, encompassing such activities as expanding the scope of corporate policies concerning the treatment of animals, urging consumers to modify their spending and lifestyle habits to favor humane products, increasing the scope and strength of animal protection statutes and regulations, and persuading their leaders to ally themselves with humane values, are important elements of the hsus' work. (continued to schedule o)

cruelty prevention program, and direct care and service cruelty prevention programs serve the fundamental hsus mission of carrying out long-term initiatives to ensure the well-being of animals in a variety of contexts and settings. The hsus's direct care and service initiatives are designed to meet its commitment to animals and their basic care needs across a wide range of issue and program areas. These initiatives involve external grants to other organizations and the direct care work that is carried out by the hsus and its staff members. (continued to schedule o)

the work of research and education, with the related activities of public education and outreach, is a core element of the hsus's programs. This work is conducted through many sections including donor care, communications, media and public relations, conferences and events, publications and content, the humane society institute for science and policy, faith outreach, rural development and outreach, humane society academy, and the hsus los angeles office. Donor care donor care, which oversees and manages the membership experience for the hsus, responds to thousands of supporter and member inquiries sent annually. In 2014, donor care fielded 75,178 telephone calls across all hsus affiliates; 138,618 emails across all hsus affiliates; and processed 150 to 200 pieces of mail per day, handling approximately 45,948 pieces of mail in the year. Communications communication with the general public and other audiences is a high priority. The content department creates print and electronic magazines, brochures, advertisements, reports, and other documents. In 2014, more than 773,000 people received the hsus's bi-monthly all animals magazine and there were nearly 57,000 recipients of the magazine animal sheltering and its e-newsletter. The combined readership of all animals, animal sheltering, and kind news was more than 830,000. The hsus communicates with many supporters via phone, letter and email, and on social networks. The hsus has more than 2. 2 million supporters on facebook, updates more than 300,000 followers via twitter, and updates more than 30,000 people via instagram. The hsus's ceo/president writes a blog about animal issues and the organization's activities, sent to approximately 6,000 subscribers. In 2014, the hsus website recorded nearly 26 million visits, and supporters took an estimated 1. 4 million online advocacy actions. Hsus online videos were viewed approximately 9. 3 million times during 2014. The hsus has a dynamic text message program, activating more than 100,000 constituents to take action for animals, directly from their mobile phones. Media and public relations the media relations department works to inform the public about animal protection through mass media. In 2014, the hsus distributed nearly 200 press releases, 50 statements, and 70 news briefs to journalists; distributed more than 300 letters to the editor, op-eds, and guest blogs; conducted interviews with news outlets; and placed related advertisements. These efforts generated more than 6,000 news stories about the hsus and its work. Conferences and events the hsus hosts a number of conferences and events for animal advocates. These include animal care expo, the major professional animal care and services conference in the world, and taking action for animals (tafa), a marquee event for humane advocates interested in engagement and training. In 2014, 1758 people from over 30 countries attended animal care expo, and 1222 people attended tafa. Humane society institute for science and policy the humane society institute for science and policy (hsisp) works to integrate the science of animal welfare into public policy and other forums. Hsisp focuses the energy and expertise of the hsus's cadre of scientists and other specialists on the most urgent public policy questions affecting animals worldwide, via conferences, consultations, and other channels. In 2014, hsisp expanded its digital asset repository - a curated on-line library - to facilitate access to useful animal welfare documents for a broad audience, and sponsored a conference on animal sentience that drew participants from around the world. Humane society academy through humane society academy, the hsus provides teaching materials and professional development to support teachers and humane educators. In 2014, the hsus reached hundreds of educators through the association of professional humane educators (aphe) conference, national service-learning conference, national afterschool association convention, online webinars, and the hsus's certified humane education specialist (ches) program. More than 565,000 students from kindergarten to 6th grade in 19,367 classrooms received age appropriate messages about animals and kindness in kind news. Through the adopt-a-classroom program, kind news remained america's number one humane education resource. The hsus also managed the shaw-worth and florence kaufelt student scholarships, and honored the national humane teacher with a special award. Faith outreach the faith outreach program engages people and institutions of faith with animal protection issues. In 2014, the program cultivated major faith leaders by co-hosting regional dinners in the midwest; creating a video series with nationally-known faith leaders; creating the hsus dharmic leadership council, and more. The faith outreach volunteer and ally program increased by 40 new volunteers and 300 allies, and hosted over 20 faith outreach events at local churches. In an effort to engage faith communities and individuals nationwide, the faith outreach program attracted 3,500 new supporters through its ongoing and seasonal campaigns including fill the bowl, humane backyard, eating mercifully, and st. Francis day in a box. The program continued to provide assistance for hsus public policy priorities by facilitating support from faith leaders for a variety of campaigns. The work of the faith outreach program was featured by a number of notable outlets including the new york times. The hsus los angeles office the hsus's los angeles office works with influential public figures from the world of entertainment, including actors, musicians, athletes, authors, and filmmakers, to raise awareness of the core campaigns and programs of the hsus through events, print advertisement and video campaigns, exposes, and other advocacy efforts such as public appeals, social media activity, opinion pieces, and endorsements for humane legislation. The hsus's dedicated celebrity supporters include james cromwell, betty white, woody harrelson, kristen bell, kaley cuoco-sweeting, kate mara, anjelica huston, martha stewart, jon bernthal, kesha, chase utley, and golden tate. The los angeles office acts as adviser for a variety of film and television projects - both documentary and narrative - to ensure and promote humane messaging, and encourages filmmakers to invest in alternatives to the use of exotic animal actors in their productions. Partnerships have included the groundbreaking documentary blackfish, through magnolia pictures, and darren aronofsky's global blockbuster, noah, through paramount pictures.

donated in-kind services reported per instructions: p&a: $21,167,406 legal services: $2,684,209 facilities rental: $4,935 advertising: $19,750 airline miles/tickets: $48,723 total: $23,925,023

Community Stories

3 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

14 Sandy85


Rating: 5

Over the last couple of years I have learned much more about what The Humane Society of the US does and am more impressed and more grateful than ever! The reach of their work is astounding! I appreciate they way they care for and seek justice for all animal species, including pets, wildlife and farm animals. They have people "on the ground" rescuing animals, meeting with corporations to promote more humane treatment of farm animals, as well as working to change laws to protect animals in all different kinds of situations. I appreciate HSUS so much and am proud to volunteer my help in any way I can!

1 Katherine28

Client Served

Rating: 5

The scope of the work done by HSUS is simply amazing. Not only do they provide training and resources for small local shelters - like the one I manage, they also tackle the larger issue of animal cruelty in industries around the world. They are by far the largest, most effective animal welfare group that you could donate to. I have always been impressed with my HSUS State Rep who goes above an beyond in a state where animal welfare ranks low in priority for our legislators.


Client Served

Rating: 5

Great charity led by Mr. Pacelle. I have to wonder at the negative comments here about no kill shelters contributions, etc. and the efforts to discredit this organization. What is really going on?

2 Peggy R.

Client Served

Rating: 1

(Actually, Client NOT SERVED!! And I would rate it no star at all if that was an option)

I called the HSUS back east directly concerning two decent, usable wild mustangs that had nowhere to go but the auction unless I found an option. They have a 1200 acre horse preserve fairly local here in Southern Oregon. They had it filled to capacity with domestic horses they had rescued from PMU farms in Canada, so there was nowhere for these 2 poor local mustang mares to go. There have been many horses I have retrained and rehomed in the last 5 years when people dumped their horses. Where is the HSUS when the real crap goes down? Not helping any actual Oregon horses, that is for sure!! I got on the phone for literally days and finally found a wonderful woman near Redmond, OR who took them in for training and rehoming. This was a 6 hour haul, and to the "preserve" was 2 1/2 hours from where the horses were located. The HSUS is an scamming organization with the goal of ALL creatures having more rights than humans and an agenda of the goal of all humans forced to be vegans. DO NOT DONATE TO THIS GROUP! See this link: http://humanewatch.org OK...I feel better...