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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals, Philanthropy, Public Foundations

Mission: Soi dog foundation usa supports the public education, animal protection and animal welfare efforts of the soi dog foundation a recognized charitable organization based in thailand. The purpose of soi dog foundation usa is to provide information and education to the american public on the plight of animals in and around thailand and the efforts of soi dog foundation to prevent and eliminate animal cruelty, provide medical care, sterilization (spay and neuter), end the dog meat trade and support the foundation's other animal care projects. In addition to providing information and education, soi dog foundation usa solicits financial donations from the american public that are forwarded to soi dog foundation thailand in support of their mission.

Programs: Soi dog foundation usa continued supporting soi dog foundation's ongoing animal welfare efforts in phuket and starting in 2012, bangkok. We solicited general (unrestricted) donations to support soi dog's mission and help fund their many ongoing animal care initiatives. For example, funds were used to increase the number of sterilizations in phuket to nearly 18,000 dogs from approximately 14,000 the year prior. At this rate, soi dog hopes to stabilize the street dog population in phuket by 2015. These funds were also used to provide medical care and treatment to stray and neglected dogs and cats, provide food for stray dogs and cats and to shelter to those dogs and cats that could not survive on the streets due to infirmity, illness or age. The funds were also used to provide ongoing support of soi dog's facilities and staff, to continue to combat distemper and other outbreaks, support the new cat hospital that was completed in 2012 where stray cats could be cared for separate from the dogs and to continue with shelter improvements such as the continued building out new dog runs where sheltered dogs could be better segregated by age, disposition and health - a particularly important development for sheltered puppies and older dogs. Finally, another major initiative was to help establish a fully operational soi dog clinic in bangkok. Having a clinic in bangkok not only allows soi dog to care for bangkok street dogs, but also provides a soi dog presence closer to the shelters being built to care for those dogs rescued from the dog meat trade.

another major area where soi dog foundation usa continued to support soi dog was in the ongoing care, treatment and feeding of the countless dogs and cats under soi dog's care in phuket and now bangkok. Donations were solicited to support these efforts through dog and cat sponsorships and a puppy care support sponsorship program. All solicited donations directly tied to these sponsorships were sent to soi dog in the form of block grants by type of sponsorship. Soi dog's efforts to care for the most neglected of animals in phuket and bangkok has made a huge difference in the quality of life of these dogs and cats. Through the ongoing sponsorship program that has nearly 800 active monthly donors in the us, these animals now have safe places to live and are provided with medical care, food and socialization. As a result, soi dog's ability to find forever homes through local and foreign adoptions has grown dramatically. None of this would not be possible without the generous financial support provided through the sponsorship programs.

a major focus for soi dog was combatting the horrific dog meat trade in northern thailand, vietnam and laos. First launched in 2012, soi dog's efforts have had a dramatic impact on this trade. To date, thousands of dogs have been rescued and the trade in the mekong river delta has effectively ceased. Additionally, soi dog in partnership with other animal groups successfully worked towards a regional agreement with se asian countries on rabies prevention that made it illegal to transport live dogs across borders. And while these results are impressive, the need is still great as the fear is that smugglers are finding other routes and/or are slaughtering dogs in thailand for export. In partnership with soi dog, donations were solicited to aid in their efforts. Block grants were made to help soi dog continue in with this vital work. General dog meat trade donations were used to continue to create worldwide awareness of this cruel and inhumane trade, work with local authorities and government officials to stop the dog smuggling and rescue dogs from the trade. An important development this past year to raise global awareness behind soi dog's efforts was the "i didn't know" campaign. Through this viral video and outreach, donations were solicited to purchase billboards in thailand to bring the issue of the dog meat trade to the forefront among thailand's population in the northern part of the country. This effort garnered incredible support and as a result of the poster campaign, awareness of the issue in thailand is at an all time high.

Community Stories

7 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

I was present at Soi Dog on Friday when 27 lucky dogs rescued from the horrific dog meat trade by Soi Dog arrived at the shelter. It was an emotional moment to see these previously brutalised dogs greet their saviours with licks and wag their tails despite the horror that they have been through. With the support of animal lovers, the amazing people at Soi Dog will now treat, rehabilitate and socialise the animals before finding them forever homes accross the world. This charity does amazing work, and needs all our support to make a life saving difference to animals that cannot help themselves.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 5


Dog Advocate


General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

I live in Phuket and am eternally thankful for everything Soi Dog does for the street dogs and cats here. Without them, the animals would get no medical treatment, would not get sterilised, would not be eating properly, and would have no hope in life. The selflessness of the founders of Soi Dog, Gill and John Dalley, is just incredible. Since they started their animal welfare programme here, the number of street dogs and cats has reduced significantly, and Phuket is apparently the only province in Thailand which is officially rabies-free, directly as a result of their work. I hope and pray they can roll out their operations to other parts of Thailand.

Previous Stories


Rating: 5

I have volunteered at the Soi Dog shelter in Phuket several times over the last four years. The staff and volunteers do an incredibly selfless, compassionate and professional job on a shoe-string budget, caring for all the street dogs and cats that come through the doors every day. Without Soi Dog, these animals would remain untreated and on the streets, without anyone to help them. Those animals that can fend for themselves are treated and when recovered, returned to their territory on the streets. Those that will not be able to fend for themselves are put up for adoption. Soi Dog also operates an island-wide sterilisation and vaccination programme for stray dogs and cats, and to date has sterilised and vaccinated over 71,000 animals, which is over 70% of the stray population. By 2015, the stray population will be officially under control. This has societal benefits in the way of significantly less strays on the streets, but also clearly benefits for animals themselves; fewer strays means less suffering and pain. Soi Dog will then embark on the same programme in Bangkok, where there are an estimated one million strays. Soi Dog also runs educational programmes for children and local communities, teaching how to properly care for dogs and cats. And Soi Dog has almost single-handedly put an end to the illegal dog meat trade between Thailand and Vietnam. At its height back in 2011, an estimated 500,000 dogs were illegally smuggled from Thailand through Laos and into Vietnam each year, destined for the dog meat restaurants of Hanoi. This figure is now down to a few thousand a year, and falling all the time. It is to me quite incredible that such a small organisation is making much a big difference to the welfare of dogs and cats in Thailand and increasingly other parts of South East Asia. Soi Dog seems to tackle those big issues that others don't want to touch. It's just an incredible organisation.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

I am interested in adopting a dog from Soi Dog. If one has been listed as ready for adoption, does that dog remain at Soi Dog until it is adopted or will it be released back into the streets. The dog's name is Mabel. Also, does your organization ever help with travel expenses for the dogs. I noticed some had 50 percent which had been donated, etc. Please reply.

Comments ( 1 )


leonard 01/02/2015

Hi, Thanks for your interest in adopting. Please email our adoptions manager Cristy at cristy@soidog.org


General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

How the human race can allow this to happen is beyond me, but thankfully we have selfless people who help these beautiful, but pityful creatures live some kind of normal life. I am seriously considering adopting one of these beautiful dogs and have just set up a monthly payment (albeit small) to help pay for medication etc.

Keep up the good work Soi dog foundation


General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

I have donated to and followed the work of Soi Dog for several years. In my opinion one of the most effective non profits in helping dogs and cats.

Soi Dog's work in ending the illegal dog meat trade to Vietnam has been amazingly successful and countless dogs lives have been saved.

Their main focus is on sterilization of street dogs and cats which is the only effective (and humane) method of addressing the root cause of the suffering this being over population. To date Soi Dog has sterilized over 55,000 dogs and cats.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 4

This is an absolutely amazing group. They are saving dogs from the illegal meat trade. Some of these dogs were once peoples pets and have been stolen and are smuggled into and awful death trade. Please get involved, spread the word, donate, adopt. They are doing so much to save dogs just like yours. Not being in the US does not make these dogs lives worth any less in my eyes. Please take a look at the work they do and decide for yourself. https://www.soidog.org/Default.aspx