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Shadow Cats Rescue

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animal Services, Animals, Wildlife Preservation & Protection

Mission: Support and neuter activities

Results: Over 3000 cats have been trapped, neutered and returned- potentially representing thousands of kittens that were not born to continue the cycle of overbreeding Over 500 cats adopted into indoor homes Over 200 cats have lived out their lives at the Shadow Cats Sanctuary.  We average of 75 cats at any one time.

Target demographics: We target community wide areas interested in humanely reducing the free roaming cat population through TNR irregardless of social, economic or other issues

Direct beneficiaries per year: The cats benefit. The community also benefits through the humane reduction of community cats, reduction of tax burdens by reducing the cat intake numbers at city shelters. We serve as a humane option and resource for ill and injured cats as we have space available.

Geographic areas served: Central Texas

Programs: We actively support spay and neuter activities by managing feral cat colonies by providing food, water and medical care for these cats. Kittens taken from feral colonies are given medical care including spay and neuter and then socialized and then adopted out. In addition, we provide medical care to any other kittens and cats taken into our care.

Community Stories

5 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


Client Served

Rating: 5

Over a decade ago, we adopted two rescue cats from ShadowCats, and these two remain the furry loves of our lives. Since then, we have stayed engaged with ShadowCats as donors, and we follow their efforts regularly. They fill a wonderful niche, and they do it beautifully.

2 Karen McCumsey

Client Served

Rating: 5

Shadow Cats is amazing. One time we were helping a cat that had been attacked and mauled by a neighbors dog. The owner couldn't afford the emergency vet cost's and was in danger of having to put their cat down to end her pain because they couldn't afford the surgeries she needed. We put the word out, asking for donations to help cover the expenses....Shadow Cats saw our post and without hesitation, stepped in to help. They literally came to our rescue and raised enough funding, quickly enough to where we were able to pay the vet to perform the needed surgeries to save Sissy's life. They are an awesome Organization and beyond any doubt, deserve a five star rating.

1 611Juniper


Rating: 5

As I recall, I wrote a review about Shadow Cats a few years ago. I'm back to tell everyone that Shadow Cats remains just an outstanding organization. It's hard enough to run a good sanctuary for special needs pets, it's another thing to be a mentor and supporter to groups/individuals all across the country. It's another thing to lead the charge for changes in government policies. It's another thing to go to court every day during an animal abuse trial to make certain that there is Justice for Moody. The leaders/volunteers of Shadow Cats do all these things, and they continue to do them at an amazing level of excellence over the years. They are a model for what every public and private organization should be!

Previous Stories

Client Served

Rating: 5

It's one thing to provide services, it's another thing to be a mentor to anyone/everyone who needs help. That's what sets Shadow Cats apart. You simply need to look at the explosive success of the Western Iowa Feral Cats Program to see the impact that Shadow Cats has. I, for one, learned about/became a great supporter of WIFCap because Shadow Cats let the word know about their launch. The generosity that everyone with Shadow Cats shares, their creativity in programming, their commitment to serve the real outcasts of society (e.g., FIV cats), and the skill they bring to the effort ... well, I am in awe!

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3 Eleanor B.

Client Served

Rating: 5

My daughter and I were first introduced to Sheila Smith and Shadow Cats Rescue about 6 years ago when we had a very sick kitten, Calcifer, that was dying from FIP. We were at the vets office daily for several weeks with our kitten. Dr. Smith of Central Texas Cat Hospital who also happens to be Sheila's husband was also caring for a litter of kittens that all had upper respiratory infections so bad that many of them had scarring of their eye's and other lifelong eye issues. They were called the "eye" kittens and every one of them was given a name that started with the letter "I". Needless to say, we played with our kitten there and also played and spent time with the "I" kittens. The last two weeks of our Calcifer's life were spent being closely monitored by Dr. Smith and his wonderful staff to ensure he was never in pain right up to the end when there was no hope for a recovery or cure. We were devastated! But it was during these last couple of weeks that we met Sheila as she would come in to check on her "I" kittens also. That is when we learned about Shadow Cats Rescue and all the wonderful things their organization does for cats. We fell in love with her and Dr. Smith!

We went home and thoroughly cleaned and bleached all the surfaces we could to make sure our other two kittens wouldn't come down with FIP. During the two weeks it took us to disinfect our house, my daughter and I kept thinking about those poor "I" kittens and their plight. We didn't think they had much hope of ever being adopted with their lifelong eye issues that they would have due to their illness not being treated properly by the original owners. We decided we would adopt "Iggy". Sheila came to our house to inspect it and our other kittens and to see if we would be good parents to her baby. Then came the day when she approved our adoption and we went to Central Texas Cat Hospital to pick Iggy up and bring him home. We played with all the kitten when we were waiting for Dr. Smith to finish his exam and release Iggy. I happened to be playing and holding Isabeau when she suddenly calmed down, looked up at me, put her paws on either side of my face and pulled me down gently to touch noses. I was a goner! I, who have never owned a cat (all the kittens were my daughters), decided then that Isabeau would be totally "my" cat.

That was our beginning with Shadow Cats Rescue and Sheila. Since then we have adopted several more and fostered several hard down-on-their luck cases for them. Some of the stories about the lives these cats lived before being literally rescued, makes a person wonder about the humanity of mankind. Shadow Cats is a blessing and I hope you will visit their website to learn more about them and their mission. Help support one or two, or more of the cats that live at the Sanctuary by sponsoring or donating food and medical supplies. If you live in the Austin area, consider adopting one or two, or more and be a god-send in their lives. http://shadowcats.net/


Client Served

Rating: 5

We found two wonderful FIV+ cats thanks to the good folks at SCR. While they primarily perform trap, neuter, and release work, they occasionally come across pets that cannot be returned to the outdoors. A lot of people aren't terribly enlightened about FIV - but SCR is and gave our two a warm, comfortable home for years until we came along. Sheila Smith actually put them into her SUV and drove them 200+ miles to their new home - but only after having someone inspect our house to ensure that it would be a suitable 'forever home' for them. It's five years later (wow), and Bogart and Emily are still healthy and happy thanks to SCR rescuing them in the first place. SCR does an incredible amount of good in the community - they even work with towns in the area to update their archaic policies towards strays. The volunteers are wonderful people and we hope to join their ranks some day.