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Roseville Home Start, Inc.

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Causes: Health, Homeless & Housing, Homeless Shelters, Nursing Facilities, Seniors

Mission: Roseville Home Start exists to successfully transition homeless children and families into affordable, sustainable, permanent housing and self-sufficiency. This is to be achieved through the development of a system of housing and support services that is flexible, accessible and accountable.

Programs: Provided living accomodations, mentoring, education and case management services to over 50 families who were coming out of homelessness and who are striving to find stable and productive lives.

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Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

Unfortunately, this is another example of a client who was not willing to put in the hard work to become successful.

Previous Stories

Professional with expertise in this field

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Those commenting negatively have little understanding what takes place within our organization.This is not a place for disgruntled ex-clients, who have not been successful, to complain or write nasty comments directed at the program and/or staff. If you have a legitimate complaint, please follow the correct procedure. Thank you.


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

I want to thank all of the poor victims of (this so called) homestart program.i was also in need of urgent housing for my family.i have 3 children and my wife was due to have our 4th child in couple weeks.we got referred to this (so called family help) program and so i looked it up on google.i read the first couple reveiws.they were bad.i figured well theres always at least 1 bad reveiw about everything (u know theres always a bad apple trying to stir things up even if its really good).so i continue reading more reveiws,looking for where the positive ones begin..but that wasnt the case..every single reveiw that followed had the same or similar story/experience(i read every reveiw there was.at least 10).every family experience/story was identical to one another.all stating the same exact problems..all talking about the same person who directs the (so called family help) program.they all say the same name (amy) who took their money and dogged them in the end.they all say same thing how every family either quits or gets kicked out.they all say how they had to give the (so called) ppl all their money and lost it in the end.they all say the same about having cps called on families.all say same thing about being forced out with their children with nowhere to go.etc. etc...oh, and i almost forgot.out of about 10-12 reveiws,there were 2-3 reveiws that were (so called) positive.however,each one came from an annonymous profiles with no profile pics (hmm.i wonder why)and each of those 2-3 reveiws were nothing but critisism toward the victims who shared their experiences.saying stuff implying that every single one of those families were not there to better themselves.that the families didnt last in the (so called family help) program because they continue bad habits that put them in the situation theyre in.these annoymous profiles are actually downgrading these poor families.claiming that these less fortunate families refuse to do whats in their childrens best intrest.they are claiming that each family who doesnt complete the (so called family help) program its because that parent(s)didnt want to do any good for their children.these annonymous reveiws say these poor victims are more concerned about partying and being irresponsible rather than wanting to better their own families n do whats best for their children(added so much insult to injury)..so what does that sound like?ill tell u what i think..those 2-3 annonymous reveiws are actually the staff members from the scammed program they call themselves trying to run.they are posing as previous clients of the (scammed program) trying to defend the criminal operations they got going.if this place really helps families as a legit organization, then why does every family (who are all in the same boat with situations) tell about the same experiences,mishaps/misfortunes and all treated the same way and most of these negative reviews match one another word-for-word.and to top it all,why is this b!#ch "Amy" in everybodys story treating each family with disrespect and misfortune.taking these families money then kicking them and children to the curb wit nowhere to go and no refunds.now i dont know about u, but coincidences dont come in this size.my gut has always been my best freind. Homestart in roseville needs to be reported. Amy, along with her staff, need to be prosecuted..beleive..it IS in motion


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

Home Start is a program that prioritizes the needs of children in homeless families. Adults of the family are expected to abide by strict program rules and are taught essential skills. The goal is for adults to become strong parents and leaders of their family. Adults who put their children’s needs above their own thrive at Home Start. Success at Home Start requires residents to be honest with themselves and others, to take responsibility for life choices, and to begin making decisions that benefit the welfare of their children. Adults receive a detailed explanation of program requirements and expectation prior to entrance. When adults choose to deceive the program, they jeopardize the safety and wellness of their children. Adults must make a commitment to change their unhealthy lifestyle to benefit their children’s futures.

2 ellacrane

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

Home Start is designed for families who are ready to get their life back together. Those who are not ready to take control of their situation create frivolous complaints because they are required to obtain employment, pay bills, and take care of their family. Every rule has a purpose to better the lives of the families and Placer County community. Each rule is set to ensure success after graduation: to set up family values and responsibility.

To receive services such as Section 8 housing and rental assistance graduated clients must have abided by the budget program. The budget program is designed to help clients save money and payoff any outstanding bills. Disgruntled clients complain because money is going toward current and past bills rather than frivolous items. Home Start is about setting priorities straight – family, bills, and employment – to become a contributing member of society.

1 Ann_50

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

Home Start is a program that works for families in the community who are willing to focus on becoming successful members of our community. Families enter Home Start having come from a myriad of backgrounds and life experiences. Often there have been long periods of unemployment coupled with substance abuse and poor choices. Home Start focuses on the needs of the children because the adults are often the generation that chooses not to do what it is going to take to move forward, become self sufficient and provide the stability and home-life their children deserve.

When the parents of the children served at Home Start choose not to comply with the policies, create an unsafe environment for staff, volunteers and other families, they are required to find alternate housing. The facility is not locked, so folks are able to leave when they choose.

Unfortunately disgruntled ex clients posing as others are using this venue to post their opinions, rather than making use of the grievance policy and procedures that are in place at Home Start.

Home Start is a non profit audited annually and the financial reports are available to the public.

Home Start is not a "flop house". Strict rules apply and are enforced, for the benefit of the Home Start community and our community regionally.