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People Helping Horses

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals, Developmentally Disabled Centers, Disabilities, Human Services

Mission: The power of one is considerable, while the power of many, united in passion and belief, is unstoppable! Join us in our passion and efforts; with your help and support, you too can Change the Life of a Horse... FOREVER!

Programs: Rescue and rehabiliation - the organization provides rehabilitation and adoption services for abused and neglected horses.

education- the organization hosted several horse care and training education seminars.

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This organization's nonprofit status may have been revoked or it may have merged with another organization or ceased operations.

Community Stories

5 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

I was a primary whistleblower for this travesty.

It started with finding a horse lamed by barbed wire, living knee deep in raw sewage, being underfed. He was further lamed by a rider 100 lbs. too heavy for his size, riding on gravel roads without shoes. His feet were overgrown to further crippling levels. He lived in a junkyard of rusty machinery, with hazardous broken fencing. He had come up to Canada from People Helping Horses, two years previous. He had been tangled in barbed wire while on their watch.

I was appalled to find he had been adopted from a rescue. It was clear from his Success Story on PHH's website, they knew of the horrific conditions. This horse was further adopted to Society of Creative Anachronism "jousters." These complete amateurs were going to ride a lame horse with one blind eye, at full gallop in competitions.

When I met them, they were yahooing the horses around recklessly on concrete with sewer holes and on gravel. They did not have even the skills to lead a horse out of a stall, let alone ride. To get their animals in and out of stalls, they cracked whips and slammed doors and gates directly on their bodies. None of the tack fit. Halters, bridles, saddles; it was all so tight and badly cracked from lack of cleaning, the horses were being rubbed raw just from this.

In the two years since the horse had been adopted, PHH did no reference checks and no follow up visits. The adopter transported the horse herself from Arlington WA to BC. If PHH did any sort of adopter evaluation, they didn't care that these people had 0 experience or facilities for a horse. I quite frankly wouldn't keep a rat on their farm.

I began investigating PHH. I wondered how a "rescue" that garners over $1 million annually, could not rehab and monitor a horse such as this. I also wondered why they were rehoming only ten horses per year. I have rescued animals for decades, responsibly, and could rehab and rehome dozens for just one year's worth of PHH donations.

I took prolific photos and videos, and of course called the SPCA. With the help of other horse advocates, evidence went to the WA Attorney General. Witnesses from PHH came forward, as well.

This rescue deserved to be shut down. God willing, it will make people more cautious in future.

The poor horse was moved to a decent facility after SPCA intervention. Unfortunately, a similarly abused senior cat horribly died of neglect, despite my efforts to save his life.

To further highlight the nature of the "adopters": I am still being harassed by their friends. An entire network of people were yahooing on their horses, and protecting them in their abusive endeavours.

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

People Helping Horses is a one of a kind organization! The care, treatment, and training the horses receive to ensure a healthy, happy, sound horse both mentally and physically is phenomenal! All horses are well cared for and meticulously kept. The management team is both approachable and professional. Being part of this well run and VERY needed program it, helps me to feel like I am doing my part and making a difference. Thank you for all you do!


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

It sounds like almost all of the reviews on here are fake. Very disappointing. But very believable knowing what people can do these days. Like miss Gretchen. Good luck with karma. Horrible nonprofit organization. Needs to get a clue.


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

This organization spent over $500,000 in 2010 on fundraising alone. Take a look at the financials of another horse rescue in the same area called SAFE (Save a Forgotten Equine) SAFE helped just as many horses as People Helping Horses last year but with an overall annual budget of less than $100,000. PHH is constantly begging for donations but they already have tons of money -- so much that they can spend enormous amounts on fundraising and salaries. If you want your donations to go to an organization that actually needs your help and will not waste it on expensive and excessive fundraising, I suggest you visit http://www.safehorses.org


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 4

In working with People Helping Horses in a marketing aspect, I came to understand this organization has great vision. The leadership of PHH is constantly innovating how best to help the horses and the people who want to give to them, and how to do that most effectively. Their care and desire for all involved, horse and human, goes way beyond basic care and feeding, they truly get a second chance at a wonderful life.