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Operation Help Now, Inc.

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Nonprofit Overview

Mission: Operation Help Now, Inc. works to address the needs of street and homeless children in the developing countries, by providing sponsorship, education, health care and shelter for street and homeless children in the developing countries

Results: orphanage in sierra leon provides housing, food and care for 50 children, our scholarship programs to sierra leon and haiti send even more kids to school and help them access educational oppertunities that in turn are passed on to their communities

Community Stories

3 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

7 Elena23

Board Member

Rating: 5

Operation Help Now is a nonprofit organization that has immediate and far- reaching impacts on the communities it services. We help homeless children in developing nations directly, by taking them off the streets and out of the cycle of poverty. The Second Chance of Life Orphanage provides homeless children in Freetown, Sierra Leone with a place to live, clothes, food and clean water. Our caretakers are members of the local community who love and nurture these children, and try to lead them down a positive path in life. By providing the next generation with access to education we empower motivated young people to change their lives and help their communities. Our scholarship programs in Sierra Leone and in Haiti provide motivated children with the opportunity to change their lives and ultimately help their communities. We pay for tuition, books, school supplies, uniforms, and transportation to and from school. Operation Help Now has already helped a lot of children, but we need donations to keep going. Since 2007 OHN has been helping people in the US and abroad. Around 90 children in Sierra Leone have been taken off the street and are currently housed in our orphanage. They, as well as children in Haiti, go to school through our scholarship program. When you hear their stories, and how much they want to go to school and make a difference in their communities, you cannot help but get involved. The people I have met through OHN since I joined in 2009 have been some of the most caring, passionate people I've ever met, and they have made a world of difference in these children's lives.

2 Juan7


Rating: 5

by far one of the best non profit organizations that i ever supported- i know that my support goes right to the needs of these children and the workers that support it. May God bless this ministry.



Rating: 5

Operation Help Now is a small organization, but it is changing the lives of the children involved, and giving hope and a chance to break out of the cycle of poverty to the communities involved. Rather than taking children out of their communities, the Second Chance of Life Homes are at the heart of the community, and really are its future. The orphans are not the only ones who benefit- the people are the market who sell the food to the cook, the people who will someday sell goods to, or be employed by successful adults who received their education (and guidance, and compassion) through the scholarship program, all benefit financially, and the hope that a generation of educated and compassionate youth instils in a community is a powerful force for positive change. The people in the community who attend the big meals and soccer games organized by OHN members when they visit on biannual (or annual) service trips benefit too. They are given shoes and clothing donated in the US which are shipped over (I have helped with this packing) but not distributed until the service group gets there- this makes sure that everything goes directly to people who need it. OHN also spreads awareness of diseases and healthcare tips to prevent them, info on clean water and nutrition to help parents who want the best for their kids. This is a great way to help people directly. They are extremely transparent about where the money goes (always directly to the people being helped). For example, money send to sponsor a childs welfare is sent by money order to the caretakers in charge of the Home you are sponsoring, and they spend this on food and a stipend for the cook. The lease for the buildings are paid ahead of time, but sponsors are encouraged to contribute. Money sent for the scholarship program goes to the child's tuition and school uniform. OHN leaders are extremely ambitious about continuing to expand, and they encourage donors and volunteers to travel to these communities, participate in the service trips, and get involved as positive role models for these children. I know that by sponsoring the welfare and education of a child I am ensuring that these communities (and the global community) have a brighter future.



Rating: 4

After seeing and hearing about Operation Help Now’s work around the globe I have been motivated to show support to this organization which works effortlessly to help feed, clothe, educate and shelter children around the globe. I have I never seen the look of an impoverish country up close but I know that many people around the world are currently living through inhumane situations. Just a meal and a pair of shoes can change a child’s outlook on their future. I would encourage anyone who is interested in helping children in Haiti and Sierra Leone to make a generous donation to Operation Help Now and help spread the message of love. I love this organization they will come to your home and pick up schools supplies, old clothes and can foods to deliver to people in need no donation is ever too little.