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National Womens History Museum

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Causes: Arts & Culture, History Museums, Women, Womens Studies

Mission: The National Women's History Museum (NWHM), founded in 1996, is a nonpartisan, nonprofit educational institution dedicated to preserving, interpreting, and celebrating the diverse historic contributions of women, and integrating this rich heritage fully into our nation's history. Until legislation passes in Congress designating a permanent museum in Washington, D.C., the NWHM promotes women's history through its temporary exhibits, special events, Cyber Museum, and online educational materials.

Programs: The nwhm held special events in washington and los angeles to make the public aware of its efforts for a national women's history museum and to raise money for the nwhm programs. These events brought together in excess of 750 individuals and thousands more were made aware of the need for the museum through publicity and social media. Also in partnership with george washington university, nwhm held four forums:-"game changers: american women & sports" - february 2014-"standing up for change: women & the civil rights movement" - march 2014-"new beginnings: immigrant women and the american experience" - october 2014-"breaking in: women & stem, then and now" - november 2014those attending the events were informed about some of the accomplishments of women in history and shared in the recognition of the achievements of several remarkable contemporary american women.

the building site program developed and implemented legislative advocacy in support of the nwhm's legislation (h. R. 863 and s. 398) to create a commission. Legislation passed congress and signed into law that will make recommendations of governance, operations, fundraising, and site location. The commission will be funded with private monies.

the nwhm website (www. Nwhm. Org) is its primary means of disseminating women's history to the general public and it routinely adds educational information gaining more than 3 million hits in 2014. Nwhm launched an online exhibit and other educational resources such as biographies, educational videos on women from history, videos from forum discussions and two on-line exhibits. The public is updated on a regular basis about progress in congress to secure a permanent building site and about upcoming events. A study to enhance the site was done to upgrade the website platform.

other programs included on-line exhibit planning and the quarterly newsletter which brings news of special events to the membership while also informing them of progress towards building a physical structure to house the museum.

Community Stories

5 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


Rating: 5

The National Women's History Museum is a superb resource on information about women known and unknown who have had a major impact on the history of our country. When I was growing up, I had no role models in history or those in contemporary life. If the Museum had existed then, I would have been further inspired and much more prepared in my chosen field of political science. Senator Margaret Chase Smith was the only woman in the Senate at the time and precious few in the Congress.

The National Women's History Museum has opened not only my eyes to the hundreds of thousands of women who have made our Nation great through their contributions, large and small, and their accomplishments in every field of endeavor but also those of girls,boys, tenagers, college students and the general public...women and men alike.

The Museum's educational program with online exhibits, biographies and a whole host of curriculum materials for teachers is making a signficiant difference in the role of women in our country. No longer do young girls have to search for women whose experience inspires them. Its materials are reaching students at every level, including online, in libraries and volunteer organizations.

From all the many charities, I have chosen the National Women's History Museum to support with my hard earned dollars. I only hope that the Museum finds its rightful place on or near the National Mall in Washington, DC. Fifty-one percent of our citizenry deserves to be so honored for their countless contributions thoroughout our Nation's History.
BL Schergens


Rating: 5

I have been involved with this Museum for many years and will continue to help them any way I can to accomplish their goal! Why? Because not only do I believe in their mission...I learn something new fromtheir dedicated staff and visiting their website and especially their blog and Facebook pages almost everyday. It only proves to me that there is so much more women's history to learn and maddens me that I was never taught it along with men's history in school. Worse yet, it is frustrating the media continues to under report women's achievements even in the 21st Century!

Over and over again it proves to me and to others exactly why this Museum is needed. I wish I'd known about many of the women who helped found our nation when I was a child. I wish I'd heard about Sybil Ludington and how she rode longer and further than Paul Revere that famous night to warn of the coming danger. George Washington recognized her heroism but I never learned about her until NWHM shared her story. I grew up believing Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin. And if you ask most men and women, they will tell you the same thing. Imagine my surprise upon learning the missing part of that history all because a woman couldn't hold a patent in those days. We are teaching our children incomplete history!

There are so many amazing women -- so many trailblazers -- who helped America become what it is today. It is a disgrace that for so many years Congress has not granted this Museum the site they have requested -- especially since NWHM has said all along it will pay for it through private funding -- NOT at taxpayer expense!

I listened in on a focus group of teachers and another one with students and over and over again they referred to the lack of women's history in their textbooks and the students were frustrated so little was even taught in their classrooms. The boys on the panels as well said they never realized girls and women had done so much until they visited NWHM's website doing research for a school assignment. One girl even mentioned the only women's history that was taught in her class last year was from an oral book report she gave on Victoria Woodhull.

It is an injustice that we are not teaching and reporting all of America's rich history -- both from the past and today. We have much to be proud of. Thank goodness for NWHM and their recognizing that this void needs to be filled and for fighting this uphill battle to get a Museum in our nation's capital.

One day this Museum will become a reality -- and I look forward to learning all that I didn't know -- that I didn't know!


Rating: 4

You mean there isn't one? The reality is that there is no museum about women in Washington, DC or any other world capitol. I would give the NWHM 5 stars, if it were not for the fact that there is no building on The Mall to tell the many stories of many women who have contributed to our nation's history. Men in Congress have had the power to stop or delay a bill that would create land without government money to build a Museum. Check out the museum's website to see informative summaries of women in history. It is fun to play with and interesting to read. All privately funded and with no taxpayer taxed. I have enjoyed my relationship with this museum so much because of its committed staff and volunteers and watching the growing support for this soon to be national treasure. Everyone will have a lot to learn about the role of women in science, technology, the arts, the military, entrepreneurship. . .



Rating: 1

I have donated to this org for years. In the last 15 years they post the same updates "our bill just passed Congress or the Senate" blah blah blah but nothing happens. Over 40% goes to admin and fundraising. They hired a content person one month ago but they only exist on-line. I'm have to withdrawal my support and others like me who have given for years should do the same or take a closer look.



Rating: 5

After working with hundreds of charities over the last 35 years, this is one that I feel will one day touch and change the lives of millions of children, women and men -- young and old. NWHM works hard to share the missing part of history -- women's history and the countless accomplishments women have made to our great nation. Their website is phenomenal -- and educational institutions around the world are now using information from their various online exhibits in their classrooms -- and they even provide free lesson plans for teachers. I can't wait for this Museum to be built because their vision of sharing women's history is very innovative and interactive. This is one educational organization I hope everyone will support. It is long overdue. I learn someone new every day from just visiting their site! Don't take my word for it -- visit www.nwhm.org yourself and you will see why I financially support this great non-profit!