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National Council for Research on Women Inc

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Civil Rights, Education, Women, Womens Rights, Womens Studies

Mission: Women's voices are too often excluded from public discourse. Gains for women and girls, made over decades of struggle, are being systematically rolled back. From human and civil rights to economic security, from reproductive rights to equal opportunity, from violence against women to leadership in science, academia, and business, we still have much to do.

Programs: Identity: addressing discrimination based on gender (including intersections with race/ethnicity, class, ability, nationality, age, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, immigration status, etc).

thriving environments: from personal safety (e. G. , sexual assault) to community (e. G. , civic leadership) to global (e. G. , climate change) concerns.

economic well-being: issues of economic justice, work fairness, and business leadership.

Community Story


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

The NCRW.org is an 501(c)3 that really is a JOBS program for the mostly white women who are affiliated &"work" there. Lots of work from home. Just look at the Directors, Trustees, President (current & past), and key employees. And some are missing or mystery employees! According to their 2012 990 SECTION VII A NCRW claims to have 3 people making over $100,000 yet it only lists Linda Basch with a total for of at $228,000. Who are the other two employees making over $100,000? The total compensation is $501,626 so that means that two other mystery employees got $273,626!

NCRW claims to be a national organization yet in 21 states in the USA it has NO membership centers at all. And in 21 states they have only one or two "centers". They used to have a map on their website that clearly shows the reality but recently they removed it. Most of the membership centers are clustered around the east coast (NYC,DC & MASS). It claims to have more than 120 member centers yet there are only 82 listed on their website. It claims to be an advocacy group for women and seeks to improve the lives of women and girls in the USA and around the world by being a clearinghouse for information. No member centers outside the U.S. but they did manage to spend $5,000 on their "international programs". So it is NOT really the national organization as it claims and the majority of the membership centers are just colleges and Universities with women study programs.

If you count compensation to employees, benefits it amounts to nearly $1,000,000 -not bad for just 9 employees! Add pay to consultants at $219,000. Add $103,000 for "Professional Expenses and "Other Expenses" and you almost reach the $1,335,000 Total Revenue. And one wonders what their impact is really besides taking care of the women that work there. No impact according to the statement on guidestar. Based on their 2012 990 they had an "Awards Dinner" and they came out with ZERO income! They had $217,177 Gross income but spent $217,177 on expenses like "Food & Beverages", "Entertainment" and "Other Expenses". Sounds Fishy to me. Lots of award dinners, fundraising, conferences, meetings and reports. Information without action is a waste. Information + Action = CHANGE. And since the early 70's there has been no real gains in the women's rights movement. NCRW.ORG is NOT a 501(c)4 it is a 501(c)3 so it cannot lobby for legal changes. Just look at their 990 2011.

In reality the NCRW mission is obsolete in 2013 since in the U.S.A. All women are NOT equal and women of color are suffering the most and are most under represented. Actually white women with advanced degrees make almost as much as their white male counter parts with the same education and occupy many of the positions in the executive women workforce. Yet the biggest disparity and pain is felt by women of color who are losing ground and not getting hired or advancing in their professions. What is worse 96% of NCRW's money came from public support and much of that is from companies that give to the nonprofit and also have had lawsuits brought against them by women. NCRW says that they collaborate with corporations and they really do. Exactly how much corporations give to NCRW.ORG is not revealed in their 990's. But does that help women?

In 2012 NCRW spent $1,000,000 on their projects and programs which are just forums, meetings conferences and reports which essentially means that leaders "talk amongst themselves"and it provides an opportunity for mostly white women to get together and have a talkfest. Networking is the biggest plus in these gatherings. How they spend the 1 million on these initiatives is not clear from the 2012 990. NCRW does not place their 990's on NCRW.ORG. NO IMPACT except as resume building for volunteers and interns who think it will impact their chances of getting a job.

Corporations give to nonprofits who "advocate for women" so they look good, and get a tax break, hire a woman who is a minority as it's "Head of Diversity" HR department and use her as a figure puppet to deflect any questions regarding the corporation's dedication to hiring a diverse workforce. It is PR at it's worst and NCRW plays along. Does Bloomberg and Goldman Sachs improve their image by giving to NCRW? Do these corporations really hire Black and Hispanic women for executive positions and for equal advancement? Let's face it corporations are not in the business of "hiring women" but are in business to increase share prices, increase market share, make the quarter, and satisfy shareholders return.

Review from Guidestar