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Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Disaster Aid, Education, Human Services, International, International Development, Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness & Relief

Mission: 1. Support the poor and needy in the world thru established missionaries, e.g. Helping rebuild lives in disaster areas like the Philippine typhoon. Help them improve nutrition, sanitation, shelter, medications, etc. 2. Help the poor and needy stand on their feet thru self-sufficiency projects, e.g. Animal raising like pigs, goats, etc. Income producing such as sewing, carpentry, agriculture, etc. 3. Provide educational support to rise above poverty. 4. 100% of donations used for the poor. No salaries taken. Administration and operational expenses shouldered.

Results: In 29 years, in several countries in Asia, South America, Africa, India, we have provided EDUCATION to thousands of seminarians and secular students who are now ordained priests serving the Church in various capacities and secular students who have graduated in their chosen careers, now have jobs that supports their families, and able to help siblings go to school and some were blessed to be able to go abroad. Hundreds of villages, communities, parishes, families and individuals are able to rise above poverty, now living a decent, better lives because of the self-sufficiency projects we provided to them, raising pigs, goats, buffaloes, lambs, cows, sheep, chickens, sewing machines, agricultural - electrical - carpentry tools, etc. Water tanks and land for agriculture helps the coffee plantation that supports the orphans. The Water Mineral Sheds provided the people with clean water. Water pumps provided water for drinking as well as for irrigation. Chapels, churches, grottos built provided house of worship for the people who otherwise have no place to worship. Toilet facilities provided to schools, parishes and families for sanitation and healthy living. Medical and emergency assistance provided to those victims of disasters such as floods, typhoons, earthquakes. School supplies, basic necessities such as nonperishable food, soaps, toothbrushes, etc. have been provided to hundreds of families. Rice Subsidy provided to hundreds of families. Prison Ministry to hundred of prisons, jails and rehabilitation centers. Help to orphanages and homes for the aged were also provided. Medical equipments, chairs, cabinets, medicines, provided to medical dispensaries in rural areas. Many other assistance provided as well, too numerous to mention here. At the present, in the aftermath of typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in the Philippines, we are assisting hundreds of families with food, water and basic necessities. We are also helping rebuild the houses, convents and schools that had been destroyed.

Target demographics: the poorest of the poor rise above poverty, have better housing, better education, better health and be able to stand on their own and support their own families

Programs: education to both religious and secular students, self-sufficiency projects such as rearing of animals like pigs, goats, rams, sheep, buffaloes, cows, chickens. etc. Transportation projects such as tricycle vans, motorcycles and boats. Self-sufficiency projects such as sewing machines, agricultural tools, knitting machines, carpentry tools. We provide them with housing, medical needs, sanitation by providing them with toilets, emergency funds, beds and bed sheets, tables and chairs, medical equipments to Medical Dispensaries, land and water tanks for irrigation for coffee plantations to support orphans, etc. We help built and/or repair houses, chapels, churches, water mineral sheds. We provide water by providing water pumps and water tanks. We have provided a generator that provided electricity for the whole village. We have sent packages containing basic necessities such as clothing, non-perishable food, soaps, toothpaste,etc, and many more projects too numerous to mention them all.

Community Stories

5 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters



Rating: 5

I've received excellent reports on your current PHILIPPINE RELIEF
effort. Hats off to your long-established missionaries there who
are able to securely receive and distribute efficiently 100 % of the
donations you receive for this cause.

I appreciate the fact that your MISSIONARY ALLIANCE has been
helping those in need for over 28 years. The hundreds of comments
on your organization's effectiveness averaging 4.94 STARS out of
5.00 is commendable .

I am sending additional checks to you from three donors who want
to help the needy in The Philippines. Each appreciates that your
organization takes no salary and you cover all administration costs
so their donations go undiluted for exactly the purpose they have

I note that Mary Queen of All Nations was one of the most reviewed
non-profits by www.greatnonprofits.org this month. You were highly
recognized in categories such as International, Human Services,
Education and Religion, and even topped those 4 categories in New
Jersey as most rated.

Prospective donors for Philippine Typhoon Relief would be well
served if your charity shows up in the Disaster Relief category or at
least the opening pages of this excellent www.greatnonprofits.org
website which is featuring Philippine relief options.

Congrats to your organization and the visionaries of Great Non-Profits
to enable donors to match up with charities to make our world a
better place in creating Win-Wins.

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Rating: 5

An impressive charity reaching out to dozens of countries and serving
thousands of people. Almost $ 800,000 in donations, all going to
the very poor.

Founder Merla practices what all of us strive for: Help thy neighbor
as you would like to be treated.

Missionaries from around the world outline their needs, and Mary
Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance helps whenever they can.

The missionaries report their results back to The Alliance Board &
The Board exercises due diligence that all donations are well spent.

Difficult to believe that such a perfect organization exists. The
founder's christian beliefs are evident in each act of charity.

Have seen many non profits in action, but can not think of any that
recycle 100% of their incoming donations to the intended purpose
of helping the impoverished become more self sufficient and have hope.



Rating: 5

I've known Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance for many years and all the good charitable work that they do all over the world.
This non-profit organization is to be praised for helping so many poor people in so many countries, l 49 so far

I cannot imagine any other worthwhile organization to donate to that does so much to bring dignity
and self-sufficiency to the very poor in so many countries.
Sincerely ,

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Rating: 5

I have been associated with Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance for 15 years and I constantly marvel at all that is accomplished to help the very poor people in so many countries, especially throughout the Third World. And the amazing thing is that this is done with very little funds.

The organization was founded 28 years ago by a woman who had cerebral palsy since birth. She wanted to join a convent and do missionary work for the very poor. Several times, ,her applications to join an order of nuns were refused. so she started her own missionary work and dedicated her life to this task.

She developed her own constitution and formed board of helpers. The Alliance received episcopal approval and a spiritual director was appointed. They also received tax exempt status from the government and make reports to them every year. Donors are kept abreast of all their donations for tax purposes. Accomplishment reports are done a few times a year. Every penny is recorded and is use in many poor missions throughout 40 countries. The funds are used for small projects, many of them self-sufficiency ones. The organization sometimes gives funds to buy tools so that the people can work with them to help themselves. For example, they buy fishing nets to go fishing,, shovels and rakes to work in the field to produce food for their families. Other times, we give funds for livestock for the people to raise and sell to earn money to help themselves. We also provide funds to buy cows, goats, sheep, chickens and pigs to multiply and sell them and the cows and goats to provide milk for the people. I could go on and on telling of the accomplishments of this Alliance. Our
Lord has certainly blessed us. We know that Our Lord will provide for us to continue despite the small amount of funds that is available to us. But we also know that Jesus has told us that what we do to the least of our brothers, we do unto Him.

If you care to know more about this organization, you can email us at mqanmission@gmail.com to receive our newsletters and our accomplishment reports.

G00 bless, Deacon Roger

. , .



Rating: 5

I am once again writing to positively put my review on the work of MQAN.

This week once again the Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance has come to the aid to help my people to uplift them from the state of desperation. This week the MQAN gave my parishioners 42 of them each a goat to help them to be self-sufficient. This work of MQAN is a recommendable work, because many of my people have now been help to live a human life due to the help from MQAN.

I am highly recommending the work of MQAN. May it have many more funds to help the poor of the word?

LONG LIVE MQAN to help more poor people.

Father Bernard

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Client Served

Rating: 5

Since 2005 Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance has been assisting my people in my parish and me as well. it has already assisted about 425 persons to become self -sufficient. the work done by Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance is highly recommended. many people have been lifted from extreme poverty to a descent human life.

In Rwanda where my parish is we experienced in 1994 genocide and many people lost lives and property. It was in this situation Mary Queen of All Nations Alliance assisted my people at different times. they are six different groups of people that were assisted by Mary Queen of All Nations Alliance.

1. they are 30 widows of genocide that were assisted . they were given 30 pigs and these produced piglets and they were sold , they got money , they could afford health insurance ( Mutuelle de Sante), and get other necessities.

2. the second ones is 46 young girls who had no more opportunity to continue high school. Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance gave them 26 sewing machines. with these machines the girls have become self-employed. Thanks to the charity given by Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance. They can also now earn living.

3. the third is of 196 widowers who were victims of genocide of 1994 in Rwanda. They were given 196 goats. these goats have gone a long way in improving their lives. they got income out of them . their standard of living has greatly improved and now they ow this to Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance.

4. the fourth group that benefited from the Charity given by Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance is 25 orphans of genocide. They were given 25 pigs. these pigs produced and help them to get school materials, clothes , food and health insurance. this was an other help given to the who needed most.

5. the fifth group of 30 catechists. They were also given 30 goats. these goats gone a long way in helping them to earn money to help their families in health insurance and other family necessities. Thanks to Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance.

6. The sixth group is 144 church volunteers . they got also from this charity 144 goats . Given this opportunity they also got out of poverty using their assistance that was given. Thanks to Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance.

7. I also got on many occasions Mass Intentions from this Charity that helped me in pastoral needs . I highly recommend the charitable work of Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance. I say to them continue your highly recommended work among the poor of the world They ow you great thanks. May God Bless you always Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance.

Father KYORIBONA Bernard



Rating: 5

As a member of the Board of Advisos of "Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance", I can attest to the fact that the " Alliance " has greatly contributed to helping the poor and needy young men at the "EspĂ­ritu Santo Seminary" in Bolivia for a period of about twenty years. Furthermore, it has sacrificed to aid the Diocese of Coroico in its various endeavors. The officers of the "Missionary Alliance" have worked very hard and the donors have been heroic at times in making sacrifices in favor of their little brothers and sisters in foreign lands. I am happy to cast my vote, therefore, in acknowledgement and appreciation.

Rev. William Keenan, OFM
Dean, Espiritu Santo Seminary in Bolivia

5 Manuel N.


Rating: 5

I am Manuel M. Navoa, a missionary to the prisons and jails in the Philippines. Since 1988 I am on mission going to all the jails in the Philippines sharing my life story to the prisoners on my life of being saved from the death penalty by eloectric chair for the crime I have not done telling the prisoners nothing is impossible to God, not to loss hope and to give their whole life to God.In my visit to the prisoners, I bring along what they are in great need in their pitiful life in the prison. It was Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary who support me with financial help in order for me to reach the far prisons in the Philippines and buy items through their financial help for what I can buy in the stores to which I can give to the prisoners. The Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance send me boxes from their locations in New Jersey which contains clothes, towels,k medicines, canned goods, hair shampoos, toothbrushes, toothpastes, lotions, bath soaps, and other material things which help alleviate the hardships of the prisoners.Without the help of Mary Queen of All Nations, I cannot moved from one jails to another in paying for the expenses in travelling and also for buying what the prisoners request from me especially I see sick prisoners crying and asking me to buy medicines for their sickness and if only you are with me your eyes will shed tears. I hope that you help Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance so that they can continue to help us missionaries and help all the people who are in great need in which they are reaching all over the world. We should not forget them and if there is Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance, we can see great sufferings from those who have been forgotten and abandoned in our society. I hope they will be able to help many people and through your help they can move and help greatly many more people who are suffering in the world.This is the truth from my hearet that without them I cannot reach many prisoners. May God bless all those who will support and hyelp Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance to reach more suffering people. Manuel Navoa.