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Causes: Human Services

Mission: LostNMissing, Inc. is a state and federally recognized 501c(3) Non-Profit charitable organization to assist law enforcement and the families of missing. We strive to help prevent loved ones from going missing and to bring awareness of those who are, by providing support to families while educating others. We work with various law enforcement agencies across the country, on behalf of families of missing, and help to bring awareness via community workshops, media, internet and social networking for missing loved ones.  We never charge a fee for our services.

Results: Helped over 895 families since 2009.

Target demographics: Missing Children, teens, adults and Silver Alerts for elderly missing and those with cognitive disabilities.

Direct beneficiaries per year: 331 cases of missing loved ones in which 87 were resolved.

Geographic areas served: United States

Programs: www.dontleavefriends.com 2013-2015 Campaign for college students on awareness and the importance to always have a buddy system, especially if frequenting an establishment that serves alcohol or in any after school group settings.

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1 Ed__41

Client Served

Rating: 5

From the first time Our family contacted Cynthia from lostnmissing she has been a great comfort to our family, no matter what time of day she was always there for us. Our search for our son came to a tragic end and I don't know how we could have held up if not for the help of lostnmissing.They made missing person flyers and helped our family get billboards(at no cost to our family)thru out the Boston area. Lostnmissing did not stop when Dennis was found they have continued to be a source of strength to our family thru these very difficult days.Our family do not have enough words to express how much we have been comforted and helped by Cynthia and all the staff at lostnmissing.With our thanksEd bushard

2 Kare6k

Board Member

Rating: 5

Edited my June 7 post on June 20 to include:

The point in my writing this, is to point out that the negative "reviews" that have been written about LostNMissing were NOT about LostNMissing at all, but instead were just criticisms and condemnations of people who they have a basic disagreement of opinion with.
May it be noted that their assessment of the views and opinions held by Cynthia & I are absolutely incorrect.

The official work of LostNMissing in the Jennifer Ramsaran case ceased upon the discovery of her body. As it was at that point that she was no longer a lost or missing person. Anything done from that point on under the official heading of LNM was done ONLY as a courtesy (such as continuing to help maintain the Jennifer L.Ramsaran - Missing Person page (turned Jennifer Ramsaran Memorial), until someone else could be found to take it over; sharing of banners; making a memorial video). Once the lost or missing person's portion of any case is solved, we no longer have any official role in the case. That does not mean that we disappear, as unofficially we continue to be a friend to all, and a support system for many of our former clients.
Jennifer went missing on 12/11/12.
We were not brought onto the case until 1/22/13.... 42 days AFTER Jennifer went missing.
Jennifer's body was found on 2/26/13 meaning that LostNMissing in an official capacity was only involved in this missing persons case for a total 35 days.
Almost immediately upon our arrival onto the case we were met with rejection, resistance and an unwillingness to accept our help, advice and recommendations.
In those five short weeks, we began an internet campaign to bring awareness to Jennifer's missing persons status making and posted banners with Jennifer's picture, her missing status, and contact information daily on various social media sites. We requested several times to meet with Jennifer's natural family. These requests were made to enable us to be able to personally invite them to the "Shining Hope" event, and to get information, pictures and input for the flyers that we eventually had to have printed using only the information and pictures we had gathered from LE, her husband & children and a handful of friends because our requests to meet with her family were rejected. Cynthia did receive a phone call from Jennifer's father and did have a conversation with him that was to be followed up with a call from his wife. When that didn't happen Cynthia attempted to contact her through private message via facebook which eventually was responded to and about 5 or 6 messages were exchanged (the next day someone from the JFJR page classified Cynthia's attempt to contact Jennifer's mother as "harassment of Jennifer's mother"... it was NOT). Cynthia established continued contact with law enforcement and was in regular contact with Jennifer's husband (who after all was the individual who contacted us and requested our assistance with the case) and several of Jennifer's friends. She secured the use of a billboard and offered to help either the ADM of the JFJR page or Jennifer's family establish an accountable means for accepting donations for another billboard, as well as for other expenses related to that making of the public aware of Jennifer's missing persons case and encouraging information related to that case to be shared with law enforcement, etc. She took over control of a Facebook page that had already been established (sometime in the 6 weeks prior to our involvement) and assigned LNM volunteers to administrate over it (during this time we were also helping to maintain approx. 2 dozen other facebook pages for other clients). After making the arrangements for a public event Cynthia traveled to Jennifer's hometown at her own personal expense (approx a 4.5 hr drive one way) and on 2/16/13 held a public "Shining Hope" event in order to heighten community and media awareness to the missing person case. Cynthia herself walked areas of the community and distributed and hung flyers, again to promote awareness. Cynthia drove to the areas where Jennifer's cell phone and van had been found and collected data and took video and pictures. She spent time with Jennifer's children. And may it again be noted that this was all done within the 5 short weeks that LNM was involved in the case. And it was all done under already difficult conditions made even more difficult due to the involvement of a few self-appointed, obstinate, headstrong, but otherwise believed well intentioned people who felt that they could do our job better than we could even though they very obviously didn't understand what our job was.
There was so much misunderstanding and confusion going on that at one point even Jennifer's family became so confused over which group held which position that they publicly ridiculed the wrong group for planning to have a public search [against the advice of law enforcement] and having put out a public request for members of the public who owned 4-wheelers to bring them to help with the search. However it was NOT LostNMissing who was planning those unapproved searches, as in honoring the request of law enforcement to not hold any public searches LostNMissing made it known that we were opposed to any public searches that were not conducted by professional search & rescue teams (SARs). We, however, did encourage searches by professional SARs (a view that was held in common with her family). Yet somehow LNM got blamed for (paraphrasing) 'turning the whole [search] ordeal into a circus.'
May it also be noted that during LostNMissing's 5 week involvement with the Jennifer Ramsaran missing person's case Cynthia had several other missing person's cases that she was working on; she was also holding down a full time job that requires her to travel; and in addition to having a marriage and household to maintain, she had a child in his senior yr in highschool and also has a special needs adult child whom she has guardianship over; and a blind brother who lives in Ohio and since her own mother's passing this past Nov. has taken on the responsibility of trying to assist (long distance) with his special needs; in the middle of all of this her community was hit with a blizzard for two days; and like every other human being she has to eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom...in simple words it would have been virtually impossible for her to have the time to "harass" anyone.

[Please note: any mention of Jennifer's family in the above was only done for the specific purpose of explaining the course of events that took place and was NOT meant in anyway to be a criticism of anything they did or did not do. We offer them our full and complete sympathy and blame only confusion, frustration and grief for any misunderstandings between them and our organization]

As for the so called "review" offered up against us as private citizens....While I recognize that this is NOT the place to discuss these basic differences of opinion, I will use this space only to clarify...

1) If all it took to deem a person guilty was an arrest, we would have no need for a judicial system. Rejecting the lynch mob mentality that doesn't afford the accused a fair and impartial trial does NOT equate to "questioning the integrity of the police investigation." At this point it doesn't even equate to questioning the integrity of the evidence collected during that investigation because NONE of that evidence has been shared with the public. Withholding judgment UNTIL the accused is afforded a fair and impartial trail where the integrity of the evidence can be questioned and challenged, is how justice is served. LostNMissing supports justice.
2) LostNMissing is an organization that provides assistance to the families of the lost and missing. It is NOT an organization that determines the guilt or innocence of anyone, as that is what we have a judicial system for.
3) Not wanting or intending to be insensitive or disrespectful of the family, I can only respond by saying that if the family did not want "drama" they should have not used themselves, or allowed anyone else, to use the Justice for Jennifer Ramsaran PUBLIC facebook page as a forum to post lies, and libel against anyone. As in partaking in and allowing for it they were acknowledging the existence of the built in reasonable expectation for rebuttal, refutation or expostulation.
4) For the record, unlike Cynthia, Karen Krepps' (though not expressed until now) gut instinct has always leaned more toward Ganish Ramsaran's guilt, but just exactly like Cynthia, Karen Krepps is withholding and reserving judgment until AFTER the accused had been afforded a fair and impartial trial and the integrity of the evidence has been questioned and challenged.
5) I would suggest that the people writing these falsified reviews (that truly have nothing at all to do with the organization LostNMissing and instead are just criticisms and condemnations of private citizens that just happen to work for the organization) get on with their life and realize the rights of others to own view points and opinions that differ from that of their own.

Karen Krepps

Response to Lindsay14:
1. LE followed and applied established commonly accepted protocols that are followed in investigating most all missing persons cases. LE asked the usual, and necessary questions that are asked in most all missing persons cases.
Apparently "some" members of Jennifer's family were offended by both the type of questions and the answers that were given by certain "other" members of Jennifer's family. The questions were asked, and answers/statements were given and on record.
ALL of this took place several weeks before LostNMissing had anything whatsoever to do with the case!

Enter LostNMissing...1/22/13
Ms Caron "alluded" to nothing, nor did she "disparage the victims character." She very simply shared with the public the on the record answers/statements that were given to LE in those initial interviews (and later shared with Ms Caron) in regard to any noticeable/notable differences or changes in their missing loved ones disposition, personal life, character, mood, dress, habits, sleep, personal appearance, day to day activities, likes, dislikes, etc.,
That "some" family members were/are offended by that is both unintended and unfortunate, but sometimes unavoidable.

We are realistic and do know that 85% of our missing persons when located are found deceased, however, we always are of hope that if it is YOUR loved one that goes missing that they will be among the 15% that are found alive. We hoped and prayed that Jennifer would be one of the 15% so we maintained a focus on ANY scenario that presented this as a possibility. No possible scenario that was presented as an example was presented for ANY other purpose other than to maintain hope that she would be one of the 15%.
Therefore yes, we were hoping that she was despondent, or depressed, had become involved in something/anything that caused her to feel that she had to walk away from everything for a while, or whatever other scenario that presented an option for the BEST possible outcome...a found alive Jennifer.

Even if they did have some private, instinctual, or personal reason to have doubt ...given the only alternative to finding an alive Jennifer was finding a deceased Jennifer, we did not and do not understand why your family didn't opt to cling to the hope.

As for our organization in every case unless or until hard evidence is discovered by LE that would suggest that foul play was involved we will continue to encourage a family to maintain hope... as we know that 15% of our cases have resulted in positive outcomes. So therefore it is those cases that we turn to and present as examples of why every family should maintain hope.
I repeat: That we presented those examples as possibilities is in NO way whatsoever intended to disparage the character of anyone, but is ONLY intended to provide the family with reason to hope.

We are extremely sorry if your family did not understand our purpose in presenting examples of positive outcomes of other missing persons cases, but we hope that this helps you understand it.

Facebook...We did not take over as adm. of the original FB page until 1/22/13, so anything that took place prior to that had nothing to do with us or our policies.

Enter LostNMissing 1/22/13...With Facebook not having in place any way for our adms to verify the relationship, or intent of a person posting on the page, anyone can claim to be anyone they want to claim to being. To avoid altogether from providing ANYONE (family or otherwise) the ability to post messages of negative or ill intent, or in opposition with the intent of the page, our adms are trained to judge only the content of the message (and ignore all else including claimed family relationship...reason being again, that we have no way to verify those claims).
Bottom line is that if ANY message is found to be confrontational and/or not in compliance with the intent of the page, the post is deleted, period!

To be clear, you are wrong to assume that the only msgs that were removed were msgs written by individuals claiming to be members of your family, as without giving out details, I can tell you for an absolute fact that more than one msg was removed that was most definitely NOT written by a member of your family. ALL msgs were met with the same scrutiny no matter their source.

At any given time we monitor 2 - 3 dozen Missing Persons FB pages and the same rules that were applied to Jennifer's page apply to all of the pages we monitor...we do not adjust or personalize the rules for anyone or any case.

Fact is after hearing of her complaint Ms Caron sent Ms Buff a private msg and requested that she call her so that Ms Caron could personally explain our policies, and apologize for any misunderstanding.

Instead of calling her, Ms Buff opted to hop on board this ongoing well orchestrated crusade against Ms Caron and the LNM organization.
Choosing to give her the benefit of the doubt we opted to overlook those initial actions and attributed them to her simply being distraught over her sisters missing status...but that only worked to intensify the crusade [against Ms Caron and the LNM organization] that she had begun to be actively involved in and had in fact begun publicly soliciting for other people to become a part of too.

At that point it was more than simply a matter of boycotting our organization, but had gone far beyond that and had turned personal, malicious, vicious, malevolent, injurious, & libelous against Ms Caron and the LNM organization.

2) When a reporter "reports" they use in context quoted material. Below is a link to the article mentioned. Please take notice in concern of Ms Caron the ONLY quotes he uses are two quotes for a total of six words, first quote: “one-time” and second quote: “It was not an affair.” When reading the article and seeing how he utilized the quotes it is VERY easy to see that both quotes were completely and entirely taken out of the context in which they were spoken and were placed into the context that he wanted to put them in so that they would say what he wanted to portray them as saying.

For example he wrote:

*Caron, responding to questions from The Daily Star, also said Ganesh Ramsaran admitted to police after his wife disappeared that he had a “one-time” sexual encounter with a woman who is a mutual friend of both Ganesh and Jennifer Ramsaran.*

Since he did quote her as saying the two words, why is the rest of the stuff she supposedly said not quoted too???? The answer is that the 2 words were in fact said by her (thus the quotes) but the rest of what he attributed to her is not a factual account of the words she spoke or the context in which they were uttered. He lifted those two words out of their correct context and put quotes around them, then wrote what he wanted to say around those words in an attempt to give his entire article validity by tricking the reader into thinking that ALL of what he attributed to Ms. Caron was said by Ms Caron when in fact it was NOT. Very twisted, very dishonest and absent of any journalistic integrity. http://thedailystar.com/localnews/x1503756987/Report-Blood-found-in-missing-womans-van

Ms Caron has already explained that she was very specific in her response to Mr Mahoney in stating that according to police reports (and also according to what Mr Ramsaran had personally told her) that in concern of the infidelity she was told that "it was not an affair, but instead was a one-time infidelity, that he greatly regretted and his wife had no knowledge of."
When later in the conversation Mr Mahoney brought it up and again referred to it as an "affair" she again said that per her information it was not an affair, but rather a one time infidelity.
Mahoney said: "yes, an affair"
Ms Caron said: "no, a one time infidelity"
Mahoney: "what is the difference between 'affairs' and 'infidelity'"?
Ms. Caron (speaking metaphorically): "Mr. Mahoney, would you say that if a man went away on a business trip and he and a woman had too much to drink and ended up in bed...would you call that an affair?"

Please note: Ms. Caron was NOT even speaking about Mr Ramsaran, but instead only for the purpose of trying to establish the difference between an affair and a one time infidelity she was using a make believe story about some make believe guy who went away on a make believe business trip got make believe drunk, met up with a make believe woman who also got make believe drunk and they ended up in a make believe bed together!
Yet Mr Mahoney claimed in his article that Ms Caron said [in reference to Mr Ramsaran's infidelity] that "the encounter was fueled by alcohol" when she said no such thing!

Again, please re-read the article: http://thedailystar.com/localnews/x1503756987/Report-Blood-found-in-missing-womans-van

3) Ms. Caron personally took time away from her own family, and time away from her work for pay career, to travel to the community (at her own personal financial expense...LNM finances were only used to cover a portion of the cost of the actual event, Ms. Caron out of her own pocket paid for the rest) and held a community event (Shining Hope) in hopes of uniting the community and the family in their common desire to find an alive Jennifer. Sadly it seems that her family's common belief that Jennifer was deceased prevented them from attending this intended to be unifying community event in spite of Ms Caron having reached out to them.

If there were another reason that prevented Jennifer's family from attending the Shining Hope event it was NEVER shared with us. Had it been, we would have made EVERY effort to accommodate them and diplomatically address their concerns. As while these events have been trivialized and mocked by certain individuals, experience has proven them to be very beneficial to both the emotional well-being of the families of the missing and in gaining community awareness and support. Their purpose is multi-faceted, with the main points being to provide a quiet and comfortable setting where groups of people can meet with the missing person's family and friends, offer them their support, share in their grief, pay honor to their missing loved one(s), raise the communities awareness to the missing person case, and motivate hope. Most definitely we wanted to provide that service to ALL, not just some, of Jennifer's family, most especially her children. Having their maternal grandparents there would have been very meaningful and comforting for them and we would have done everything within our means to make that happen. Yet beyond reaching out, inviting them to attend, and leaving our contact information with them, there was little else that we could do. Sadly, as it was, even that, was by some, considered "harassment."

LNM did not come on board until a full 6 weeks after Jennifer went missing. In the weeks prior to that was when the so called "wars" began. We had no control over and no involvement in that.
Fact is during those early weeks of her disappearance (before LNM had anything whatsoever to do with Jennifer's missing persons case) it was in fact Tracy aka Jillian aka Jack Stevens, aka Jennifer Ann Perry, aka Lauren Sullivan, aka many other aliases who was posting very disparaging things about Jennifer.
She inferred that Jennifer led a "kinky" lifestyle. That Jennifer and her husband had a 'BDSM/kink lifestyle." Suggested that Jennifer may have left her family (aka, 'abandoned') in order to enter "the scene" which she explained is an underground community made up of an entire subculture of people who feel judged if they follow their true identities by leaving what she called "their "vanilla" lifestyles". She even tried to insinuate that Jennifer was mentally unstable by stating that she had read somewhere that Jennifer was taking medication, but gee she couldn't recall if they were psychotropic's or not. And also presented the possibility that Jennifer left willingly and had taken off with someone she met online. In addition while not wanting to be "judge-ey" she expressed criticism of Jennifer's parents and made the claim that it took them 26 days to come home from Arizona after their daughter went missing.
WS Verified Insider - Jennifer Ramsaran Case:
12-26-2012 04:42pm msg #340,12-26-2012, 06:47pm msg #355, 12-27-2012 07:32pm msg #361,
01-02-2013 08:55pm msg # 394, 01-05-2013 05:59pm msg # 427

Ironically it was also this same Tracy (with more than a dozen aliases) who created the second FB page (the one supported by Jennifer's sister & mother) when the original FB page blocked her for posting confrontational, disparaging, inappropriate messages and messages soliciting for volunteer searchers even though it had been explained that LE requested no searches. Seems that somewhere between her original messages on WS and the point that she was blocked on FB she changed her position and decided that Jennifer was murdered and her husband was a murderer. Perhaps without Jennifer's family knowing of her many aliases she began the second FB page and Jennifers family signed on.

Enter LostNMissing 1/22/13
Wanting to protect Jennifer's family from having their vulnerabilities and pain exploited or from being scammed during this stressful and vulnerable time Ms. Caron signed on Tracy's FB Jennifer's page and following her first message posted she was hastefully blocked.
However, because numerous LNM volunteers had also signed on we were aware that within just a few days that the venom was turned on Ms Caron and the LNM organization in full force as several people had begun to post vicious accusatory and libelous comments insinuating that Ms. Caron was "involved" with Mr Ramsaran, was a thieving b!t@h, had harassed Tracy on the WS site (when in fact all she did was make a public response to some of the public messages that Tracy had posted... if Tracy did not want Ms Caron to respond, she was free to put her on her ignore list), implied that Cynthia was some kind of a threat to her and her family and implied this as being her reason for using aliases (in spite of the fact that within their rules it is clearly stated: "Facebook is a community where people use their real identities. We require everyone to provide their real names, so you always know who you're connecting with. This helps keep our community safe."), insinuated that either Jennifer's husband or Cynthia herself was somehow responsible for flyers being take down, accused her of hacking the JFJR site, others accused her of hacking their FB accounts others merely insinuated it, accused her of being involved in murder, accused her of insistently contacting Jennifer's mother and harassing her (there was only ONE, I repeat ONE brief exchange that Cynthia had with her...it consisted of a total of each writing maybe 3 FB private msgs in direct response to each other ), accused her of saying that Jennifer abandoned her family, accused her of demanding that Jennifer's mother admit that Jennifer was mentally unstable, repeatedly named her as being a cyber-bully, of being mentally unstable, some solicited the public to report LNM to the NH Attorney General's Office, some solicited the public to post negative reviews and provided a link to this very non-profit review site, etc.
Heck, Tracy under the JFJR pseudo even put up for 24 hrs a message she wrote for the specific purpose of trashing and posting lies about Cynthia then by using another one of her aliases of Tracy Anne Stearns she responded to her own message to add more bashing...guess she isn't aware of the fact that EVERYTHING that is posted on FB is permalinked to FB for ever and ever?!?!

4) I doubt that you truly feel that Cynthia is deserving of the orchestrated crusade and solicited negative review writing campaign to have her organization destroyed simply because at some point she posted a message that said that your uncle (Jenny’s father) didn’t want her reported missing... and that Ms. Caron omitted saying that this was at 5:30PM. Jen was due home at 5PM and her planned trip was 1-1 ½ hours each way?!?!?
Is it not possible that Ms Caron's omission was completely unintended and therefore not unprofessional at all, and simply a mistake??? Or could it have been a matter of her merely sharing a piece of incomplete information that had been shared with her without her having any knowledge of it being incomplete?? Did you ever think to simply ask her?!?!?!

Nevertheless, need I point out the blatant hypocrisy in attacking and participating in this solicited orchestrated crusade of negative review writing and filing of complaints with the NH AG against Ms Caron and LNM on the claimed basis that she displayed "unprofessionalism", while at the very same time showing nothing but continued respect for "Tracy" aka Jillian, aka etc and so on...who, like Ms Caron was a verified insider on the WS board, and who began the other FB page now known as "Justice for Jennifer Ramsaran" (therefore was expected to display "professionalism")...and who on 01-05-2013 said: "As an aside, and I don't meant to sound all judge-ey, but why if your child is missing, would you wait so long (26 days) to come? There could be a myriad of reasons: job issues, perhaps there are financial issues that make the trip cost prohibitive, perhaps it's believed she left willingly, but still...."

Now to address Stephanie's concerns:
Stephanie said: "Numerous family members have informed me that they feel harassed, specifically by Cynthia. They feel that she was argumentative with and even aggressive toward them. I was also the family member informed by an employee of the newspaper in question that Cynthia did in fact reveal the information, and then tell the reporter, "By the way, that's off the record." "

A public claim of harassment made against someone is a VERY serious matter that could work to not only destroy a totally innocent persons reputation, but can also have a very negative impact on the lives of everyone that surrounds that person. Such a claim therefore must be substantiated with factual, verifiable proof, not rumor, gossip, innuendo or simply a belief in the claims of ones family.
While it may very well be true that some of your family did "feel" harassed... IF they weren't factually being harassed those feelings are NOT valid.
Correcting the record or correcting a printed falsehood on a public forum or social network is NOT harassment even if the person or persons posting the inaccuracies or falsehoods repeatedly ask not to be corrected.
Posting "A" message in response to a message that has been placed on a board in public forum or on social network page is NOT harassment.
Sending someone "A" private message via a social network, and responding to their responses is NOT harassment.
Accepting "A" phone call from someone and asking that they have their wife call them so that they can explain the organizations services, is NOT harassment
Fact is there has not been one single ounce of evidence presented by any of the negative review writers (or anyone else any place) that would support a claim of harassment or bullying done at the hand of Cynthia or LNM, because neither Cynthia or LNM has EVER harassed or bullied anyone.
That you included the following in your "review" reveals to me the real root cause of the issues that you and your family have with Cynthia and LNM....quoting you: "My biggest complaint is that Cynthia took into account the word of only one member of this very large family, and took those words at gospel truth. All the family is asking for is some open-mindedness and a willingness to consider that the real truth may be something other than what she is hearing."

As in those two sentences you have stated that it wasn't that Cynthia or LNM did anything wrong, it was that she/they DID in fact maintain their professionalism by keeping their focus directed on the hope that Jennifer would be found alive at a time when your family's focus was apparently only on the alternative (finding a body, and not an alive Jennifer).

Perhaps your family found it antagonistic that we would be willing to work directly with the person that you and your family had decided was responsible for Jennifer's death (please note that this was decided by your family several weeks before LNMs involvement in the case)??? And perhaps what antagonized your family most was that for reasons they apparently did not understand Cynthia did in fact publicly express a belief (in regard to Jennifer's husband) that opposed your families own belief???

But for the children's sake, for your family's sake, and most especially for Jennifer's sake we hoped first that she would be found alive, and when she wasn't we prayed that her murderer would be found to be a complete stranger.

We could never have maintained a focus on finding an alive Jennifer had we capitulated to your family's apparent desire for us to view her husband as a murderer. Can you not see how the two positions directly conflict with one another...how could we keep her children, her family or the public hopeful that she would be found alive if we had already decided that he was her murderer????

And what if your family was wrong? What if she had been found alive? How professional would it have been for us to capitulate to your family's desire for us to treat her husband as a murderer and had we willingly hopped on that 'let's judge, try, and convict him through social network media bandwagon' only to have her found alive? Even after she was found deceased it would have still been extremely unethical for us to jump upon that bandwagon. As what if the autopsy report combined with LEs investigation had cleared him completely of any and all wrong doing or had netted them an arrest, confession and conviction of someone else? What would be said of our "professionalism" then??

That is not to say that we did not recognize that it was possible that Remy could be found responsible for her death, but we also recognized that it was possible that someone else connected or unconnected to her life could be found responsible for her death. As I said we had no pre-existing bias and had been provided no greater reason to suspect him for her murder than we were given to suspect anyone else of being responsible for her murder.

If there were reasons of substance for why your family so strongly believed that Jennifer had been murdered and that Remy was responsible, those reasons were NEVER shared with us by anyone from your family. As everyone in your family rejected our involvement from the moment we became involved which was a full 6 weeks after Jennifer went missing. Fact is we reached out and provided contact information to members of your family and requested to speak and meet with them and (outside of the very brief exchange between Cynthia & Jennifers mom) the ONLY person who responded to that request was Jennifer's father and that phone conversation had to be cut short because he called while Cynthia was driving to an appointment that could not be broken.

Please, please, please understand that none of what I am saying is being said with the intent of disparaging anyone, but instead ONLY for the specific purpose of clearing up the record by trying to get you to see things from another vantage point.

We wanted nothing more than to find an alive Jennifer, and are heartbroken for your family that our hope did not become a reality.
We wanted very much to work with your family, yet understood ahead of time that the possibility existed that Jennifer's mother's, father's, and sister's pain & feelings of vulnerability would be so intense that the only people they may have wanted to work with was LE. We did not take any offense at that, and were very respectful of those feelings. But it was our hope that they would have welcomed our assistance. We cannot be blamed that they didn't.

Beyond knowing that in most cases like this it is common for the husband to be the first person looked at with suspicion, we don't know how or why this division between Jennifer's family and her husband even existed. As there was no evidence available to us that supported or revealed that this division existed prior to Jennifer's missing. In fact on the face it appeared that the family was very closely knitted as Jennifer and her husband lived next door to her parents and it seemed like they all had a good relationship. Looking over the information we were able to access from all outward appearances Jennifer was living within a safe and stable environment that was filled with family and love. And up to and until her body was found no one from her family ever suggested the opposite existed.

In fact each family member picked up the brush and helped paint a portrait of a very happy, very content, well loved, very stable, very honest, very outgoing, highly thought of, highly respected, very intelligent, very active, very talented (even taught knitting classes), very faithful, very accomplished, very personable, very protective and "Mommy" oriented (and hands on children involved), very devoted, community minded, Girl Scout involved, church involved (even taught Sunday school) one who had strong and bonded relationships with all who loved her and all whom she loved, was hard working, fun, spiritual...in other words EVERYONE in your family has painted a portrait of Jennifer that presented her as being the exact OPPOSITE of a controlled, living in fear, beaten down, weakened, victimized, trapped, or abused type of individual.

The facts are what they are, and the facts are that we had NEVER been given any reason whatsoever for not maintaining the goal of finding an alive Jennifer.
Because LE never attached to the case a suspicion of "foul play", never named anyone as a suspect, have kept tight-lipped throughout the investigation, discouraged any public searches, etc.... they gave us no reason to alter or rethink that goal.
Because all the information available us presented to us a well functioning, close knit family and presented Jennifer as the exact opposite of a controlled, living in fear, beaten down, weakened, victimized, trapped, or abused type of individual, it gave us no reason to alter or rethink that goal.
Because your family refused to work with or even talk with us, they to gave us no reason to alter or rethink that goal.

So we held strong to that goal and remained focused only on finding an alive Jennifer.
Not because we took sides in anything. Not because we refused to be open minded. Not because we refused to consider a negative outcome. Not because we refused to consider the possibility of a guilty Remy or a guilty friend or relative....but instead ONLY because we had been given no reason not to continue to hope that an alive Jennifer would in fact be found.

It has been thrown at us numerous times that we did not know Jennifer. No we didn't... however fact also is that we did not know her family, or her friends, or her husband either and therefore we did not have any pre-existing bias regarding anyone.

And it needs also to be noted that for every person who did know them and had expressed to us a belief that Remy had murdered her, there was another person who knew them who expressed to us a belief that he was a victim himself and had nothing to do with her missing status or what turned out to be her murder. And having what some have called a goofy, a gregarious, a narcissistic personality and an obsession with running and working out makes no one a murderer. Nor does committing adultery make anyone a murderer...if it did considering the current divorce rates and rates of infidelity in this nation, we would have more people in prison than out of prison. Yes, it is morally wrong to commit adultery, but it is not a crime, and it makes no one a murderer, but instead just an adulterer.

It also HAS to be understood that we have had cases where the loved ones left behind are 100% certain that their loved one simply ran away, as they had ran away several times before, only to find out later that they had not ran away, but instead had been murdered. As well, we have had cases where loved ones are 100% certain that their missing loved one met with foul play (because they believe to know for a fact that they would never ever leave them, their children, their ailing mother, handicapped sibling, their successful business, etc.) and are 110% certain that they know who is responsible, only to later find out that their loved one was alive and well the entire time that they were absolutely certain that they would never willingly go missing. You name it we have had it or at least heard about it.
It is not EVER us that is not open minded in regard to the numerous possibilities that exist in missing person cases.
Let's face it, if we hadn't remained open-minded as to ALL of those possibilities in regard to Jennifer's case and instead had closed off our minds to limit our thinking only to Remy murdering her as being the only possibility, no one in your family would have had a problem with us or anything that we were doing.

To conclude; there is absolutely no reason for anyone to harbor so much ill will for Cynthia or LNM. Nothing that Cynthia/LNM did or didn't do had anything at all to do with Jennifer's missing status or death. Cynthia/LNM harassed no one. They disparaged no one. They bullied no one. They did not hamper the investigation in any way (but may in fact have inadvertently aided it). They did not cause your family's pain, they did not exploit it, nor did they do anything to either intentionally or unintentionally intensify or trivialize it.

They DID try to protect your family from having their pain exploited by an unlicensed, unprincipled, self-appointed, rogue who refused to even identify themselves.

They DID fully identify themselves and offered to work with the people running the JFJR site. (side note: since there are at present 1,100+ members of the JFJR site and all except one person has their name identified with each msg they post, don't you think that trying to use the excuse of fear for her safety as an excuse for hiding her identity/utilizing multiple aliases kind of raises eyebrows and falls short as being a rational excuse??)

They DID try to protect your family from having their pain commercialized for profit by un-vetted, unregistered, unknowns who use multiple aliases to skirt around and avoid the legal requirements and accountability involved in taking in donations and holding fundraiser's, etc.

They DID recommend that professional SAR's be used.

They DID try to discourage public searches from being done so that any and all possible or probable evidence would be protected from removal or contamination.

They DID try to prevent the whole investigation process from being turned into a three ring circus by overzealous crime solver wannabes (my goodness Tracy was encouraging people to ignore LE's request of no public searches and was even arranging for 4-wheelers etc. to be brought in by anyone who wanted to take part. Thankfully Joann was able to get through to her as Cynthia had tried to no avail).

They DID tell people not to donate through the JFJR site (where there is no accountability at all in place), and told them to instead to donate either directly to the family or through an account set up by the family and offered help in setting up such an account (apparently that didn't sit well with Tracy as she admitted on her latest "review" that this was the reason she blocked Cynthia from the JFJR site...Quoting her: "You were highly vocal about and against people donating to the family via our site. You posted numerous posts telling people NOT to donate to the family via our site. Then, and only then did I block you from that site...." Why should that have even bothered her, let alone caused her to block Cynthia?)

While I can't claim to speak for all, I know I speak for most in saying that your family does have the family of LostNMissing's deepest and most heartfelt sympathy.
While we know for certain that someone is guilty for having murdered Jennifer, and want desperately for justice to be served, we continue to hope and pray that the guilty party is not Remy as we can't imagine a more horrific ending to Jennifer's life than to be murdered by the one person who vowed to both her and God, that for the remainder of their own life, to always love, honor and protect her.

We can also not imagine a more horrific thing for their children to have to bear for the rest of their precious lives than to have to carry with them the burden of the knowledge that their father murdered their mother.

Having said that, while we do not "want" him to be guilty IF in fact he is guilty we also and most definitely hope and pray that he will be made to answer fully, and in the most punishing of ways, for this horrific crime!

While Remy has in fact been charged with this inexcusable and horrific crime, from all outward signs it appears that the case against Remy is built entirely on circumstantial evidence meaning that not even the Sheriff's Dept and investigators, can say without any reasonable doubt that Remy in fact murdered Jennifer. So how can we?? This may or may not change depending upon the evidence collected and presented in a court of law (which despite the claims of the rumor-mills has NOT been released and is only in the hands of the DA and Defense Attorneys). Therefore we must all wait until trial, listen to all evidence and then put it in the hands of a jury to determine if in fact they believe that the evidence (circumstantial or otherwise) is so overwhelming as to support a guilty verdict. As in our system of justice one is not required to prove their innocence, so innocence must be presumed in the absence of having evidence (circumstantial or otherwise) to support a determination of guilt beyond that of a reasonable doubt. Regardless, no matter what one may believe or not believe, whether he is determined by a jury of his piers to be guilty or not guilty, …..no matter the outcome of all of this…..LNM and Cynthia Caron, and her staff, have nothing whatsoever to do with Remy's or anyone else's guilt or innocence.

May God be with your family and comfort them through this very trying time.

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Board Member

Rating: 5

First and foremost I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to all of Jennifer Ramsaran's loved ones, both family & friends. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who knew and love her.

Having read many of the exchanges surrounding this specific case, as well as the "reviews" I believe that the source of the "conflict" is in the failure of some to understand what our organization does and does not do.

My name is Karen Krepps. I am the Treasurer/Board Member Volunteer for the non-profit LostNMissing, Inc.

I would like to bring awareness to the public of a number of concerns I've observed as well as clarifications to those concerns. As the Treasurer who oversees all financial records, and as a B.o.D. of this wonderful and committed organization I can assure you that none, I repeat NONE of the monetary or in-kind donations have ever been used for anything other than to assist the families of missing persons. In addition I can also assure you that Cynthia Caron has each year donated herself more in time and of her own personal income [both she and her husband] than what has been totally donated and received over the five years that LNM has existed as a registered non-profit.

I would also like to reiterate a previous fact that was stated in that from it's inception LostNMissing has had a distinguished and stellar reputation. We are a highly principled, and reputable organization who has worked with on average over 300 families of missing persons each year (approx 1,500 since it's inception with never a previous negative review). Many of those families have in fact consisted of divided families and/or families in conflict and therefore not able to work together and function in unity. In those cases we have many times reached out to and worked jointly with other aid to the missing organizations, as we believe that never should the focus of finding a missing loved one be side tracked by new or pre-existing personal conflicts, family disputes, pre-existing bias, rushes to judgment, oneupmenship or for any other reason.

Our goal and mission is VERY narrow in scope and does NOT include becoming embroiled in family disagreements, disputes, finger pointing, or assigning guilt or innocence. As experience proves out when a loved one becomes missing, ALL families have within them members that experience a myraid of emotions, with some who become extremely distraught, and others who are so desparate for answers that they become frustrated, disheartened, confused, angry, or vulnerable.

We therefore strive to maintain a very strict set of directives ...those directives being, to aid the family in keeping their focus on the hope of finding their missing loved one. We do this by helping them to continue to bring awareness to the public of the missing individual. As well, we support law enforcement and families in all ways possible with media, internet, and public awareness......we leave the "investigative work" to the investigators, the "prosecutors work" to the local DA, and the "perceivers of innocence or guilt" to the Judge & jurors and do NOT encourage vigilantism.

While we have great respect for their work, we are NOT a crime solver/crime stopping/justice seeking organization. Fact is much of our clientele involve families of missing individuals who have gone missing by their own accord or volition (people with deminished mental capacities, people suffering from depression, people wishing to escape a troubled relationship, people wishing to avoid debt that they cannot pay, underage children wishing to take a shortcut to independence, underage children wishing to live with their non-custodial parent, people who choose to hide themselves from certain family members, people who have joined cults, people who have become involved in extra-marital affairs, etc, and so on...the list is massive...no two cases are perfectly alike, and many involve NO crime whatsoever). Our organization is in place to serve one primary purpose...that is to aid the families of missing people with maintaining hope in finding their missing loved one. We very simply and very clearly work with local law enforcement to try to guide families as to what needs done to help locate their missing family member. For missing adults, this includes media, marketing, designing missing posters and banners, and assisting the family with needed events as well as contracting for search and rescue, "IF" and only "IF" that is advised or requested by their local police agency.

In addition, when and "IF" law enforcement notifies us that a probable crime is involved with a loved ones disappearance, then and only then will we assist the family in them being able to connect to one of the highly reputable, well vetted professionally operated victims advocate and/or crime solving support organizations that are in existance in their local area. Until then we ONLY provide them with the limited in scope, neutral, non-judgmental services that our orgaization is set up to provide. As again, our goal is ONLY to assist the family in maintaining hope and finding their missing loved one.

We are always available to the family and work with professionalism and compassion. We are here to offer our services and support to ANY and all who request it.

It is very understandable that emotions run high while a loved one is missing, and that the devistation over having that loved ones body found deceased can be overwhelming and can cause family members to lash out and react in ways not in line with their normal character. Grief has a way of clouding our thought.

It is NOT understandable [nor is it legal] however, for anyone to act with a conscience intent to demean, disparage, defame, slander or libel against an organization or individual, for any reason let alone simply because that organization or individual does not provide the services that are desired nor is teh organization tolerant of any attempts by others to push them to go outside of the scope of the services that they offer.

To be clear:

1) we do not have, nor have we ever had a private investigator working for us

2) we do not/did not cyber-bully anyone...nor do we have the desire, the know how or ability to "hack" anything....in addition we have no influence or control over what Facebook does or does not do

3) we set up a page on a social network website (Facebook) for the very specific purpose of providing a forum for people to offer support and prayer for the family of the individual missing...anything that was posted by ANYONE that did not meet this purpose was deleted for the 2 very specific purposes of a) keeping hope alive by keeping the focus ONLY on finding the missing person b) protecting the family from unwanted postings/comments (prohibiting any unnecessary and unwanted drama that serves no one any good purpose)...asking that maturity and respect be shown and removing from public view messages that do not adhere to the stated purpose of the site is NOT to display malice or cruelty toward anyone

4) at no time have we ever "leaked" anything...before sharing any information we make every attempt to verify it... if it is unable to be verified but is believed that it could be helpful in locating the individual we make certain to note that it has not been verified

5) we understand that many areas of a loved ones life are "sensitive" areas and we strive to be as respectful as possible of that...however, often times the ability to locate a missing person relies heavily upon the family looking at every possible scenario of why their loved one may be missing...that we provide a list of possible scenarios for the family & friends to consider is NOT an attempt to degrade or malign the reputation of the missing individual or of any of their family members

6) trying to help family and friends keep the focus on hope and finding the missing individual requires us to walk a very thin line between encouraging family and friends to share sometimes sensitive information that may aid in their finding while at the same time also encouraging them to steer clear of and resist any finger pointing, rushes to judgment, assigning of guilt or innocence, etc.

7) that we keep records of all of our correspondences...is NOT to be interpretted as we "record" our conversations

8) we do not "defend" the individuals who request our services, we instead provide them to the best of our ability the services that our organization is set up to provide....neither do we attempt to establish anyone's guilt or innocence...as noted prior, many of our cases have no involvement with a crime being committed whatsoever.

I truly hope this helps to clarify what our organization does and also helps to clear up the apparent misconceptions of the services we offer.

As for the character of Cynthia Caron, I have known Cynthia for 36 yrs, and I have not only trusted her with my life, but also with the lives of my children and would most definitely trust her with the lives of my grandchildren. She is one of the most giving, committed, passionate, compassionate, and selfless individuals around. She is the mother of three children...her middle child, now a special needs young adult (of which Cynthia has legal guardianship) has provided her with a strong background in advocating for and helping those who cannot help themselves in many ways over the years from the Epilepsy Foundation to Parents of Children with OCD to the Autism Society and the Alzheimer's Association (not to mention the fact that throughout her childhood and early adulthood...until he could learn enough to establish an independent life himself... she served as being the eyes for her brother who was born blind and is only 11 months older than she. They have an extremely close bond, still today.) She has and maintains a superior and highly respected reputation, as does her organization. All who personally know her are in awe of her devoted commitment to aiding the families of the missing. She has a heart of gold, and is truly one of the best "good people" that I have been blessed to know in my life. Neither does she, nor her organization deserve the negative, demeaning, defamatory, and libelous comments and reviews that have been made about both. Anything that was "eyebrow raising" or maliciously done against Jennifer was NOT done by Cynthia or this organization.
Again I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to all of Jennifer Ramsaran's loved ones...from the bottom of my heart I pray that you will be provided the strength to overcome your heartache and grief and I hope and pray that you will with little delay and absolute clarity get the answers needed in concern of her missing and her death...may she rest in peace.

Karen Krepps
B.o.D. LostNMissing, Inc