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International Fellowship Of Christians & Jews

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Mission: Promote understanding and cooperation between jews and christians and to build broad support for israel and other shared concerns.

Programs: Isaiah 58: provided 349,687 poverty-stricken jews in the former soviet union (fsu) with food, clothing, medicine, and heating fuel; isaiah 58 also funds an extensive network of jewish children's homes in the fsu - providing a safe shelter, education, and security for orphans and children living on the streets. Isaiah 58 also provides emergency relief during times of crisis. In response to the crisis and war in the ukraine, the fellowship provided emergency humanitarian aid will provide medicine, food, supplies for soup kitchens, and security for synagogues and other jewish institutions in the embattled cities of the region. Isaiah 58 includes the following projects and the number of individuals assisted - total 349,687basic needs & security:-basic needs support for needy jews in fsu, 173,062 children & elderly-food aid (food packages, vouchers, hot lunches, food for holidays), 100,025 children & elderly-medical services & medicines, 15,600 children & elderly-food for school pupils, 10,000 children-security for jewish institutions worldwide, 51,000 people

guardians of israel: provided 1,010,825 poor israelis with food, housing, medical care, clothing, heating fuel, and other basic necessities; guardians is a lifeline for needy israelis, funding hundreds of special projects such as children's summer camps, therapy programs for war veterans and terrorism victims. Guardians also provides support to the israel defense forces (idf) and emergency relief during times of crisis. During the war, protective edge, the fellowship acted to meet the needs of israelis in the line of fire. We provided emergency equipment for first responders, installed mobile bomb shelters in under-protected areas, established a hotline for homebound elderly in need, offered free counseling to victims of trauma, and much more. Guardians of israel includes the following projects and the number of individuals assisted - total 1,010,825basic needs & community programs:-clothing for impoverished & orphaned children, 28,100 children-food packages, including holiday meals for the needy, 48,883-vouchers for food, 132,214 people-food for needy children, 810 children-19 soup kitchens (1,948,600 meals/year), 8,730 people-heating aid for the elderly, 24,750 people-fund for emergency basic needs, 69,664 people-backpacks & school supplies for needy students, 22,500 children-support to idf widows & orphans, 6,000 women & children-support to battered women, 180 women & children-support to secondhand furniture center for the needy, 1,680 people-basic needs (food, meals, medicine) for the elderly, 10,688 elderly-renovation of foster homes, dormitories & youth villages, 1,435 children & youth-fund for special community programs for children in foster homes and orphanages, 278 childrenstrengthening programs:-programs for the elderly (day centers & clubs), 14,665 elderly-programs for women (empowering centers, assistance to women without family support), 360 women-programs for children & youth at risk, 12,208 children-academic studies/scholarships for graduates of idf fighting units, 250 recently released needy soldiers-scholarships for students from the druze community, 50 students-community based activities in the south, 400 peoplesecurity-related emergency needs:-soldier's welfare programs (emergency aid, gift cards, food cards, adopt a battalion), 85,217 needy soldiers-support programs for former needy soldiers, 320 people-emergency renovation and equipment for hospitals, 104,950 peopleoperation protective edge 2014:-bomb shelter and mobile shelter construction and installation, 200,000 people-emergency equipment provided, 56,400 people-food cards for needy soldiers, 6,000 soldiers-respite for children and residents of the south, 73,593 children and adults-renovation of soldiers clubs, 67,500 soldiers-basic needs for needy soldiers, 33,000 soldiers

on wings of eagles: provided aliyah (immigration to israel) assistance to 21,437 oppressed and impoverished jews around the world. Wings also provided critical resettlement assistance (food, clothing, housing, job training, and hebrew lessons) to 30,287 jewish immigrants living in israel. In late 2014, to increase the number of olim (immigrants) and enhance the effective integration/ absorption process in israel, the fellowship established its own aliyah and klitah operation. By year-end the first two charter flights had brought 439 immigrants to israel from war-torn ukraine. On wings of eagles includes the following projects and the number of individuals assisted - total 51,724immigration:-aliyah from the former soviet union (fsu), turkey, middle east, and ethiopia, 20,000 people-recovery of jewish identity programs, 1,000 people-fellowship freedom flights from the ukraine, 437 peopleabsorption:-ethiopian community-based programs, 25,587 people-assistance for ethiopian immigrant soldiers, 700 soldiers-basic needs support for fsu immigrants, 4,000 people

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Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

My opinion: This appears to be primarily a money making business masquerading as a charity. Not a good venue for your charitable dollars. I would recommend you find a more reputable place to put your charitable contributions to work.

Review from Guidestar

34 Victoria36

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

If you want to donate to Israel, donate through your local Jewish Federation or Jewish, Friends of the IDF , Magen David Adom, Israel's emergency medical response agency AFMDA .
There are a lot of legitimate organizations for donating to Israel.
Thank you for supporting Israel in this difficult time.

37 CarlosG

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 3

I can not understand the rancor of some reviewers on this topic. First about the salary. People have complained that he makes $370 thousand, $400 thousand, and more than $470 thousand dollars. Did they expect him to socialize with moneyed individuals in a wrinkled suit and cap in hand? Traditionally those who donate large amounts to charity are not impressed by a homeless individual knocking on their door. In actuality I believe that he makes close to $500,000. That is a non-issue. To put it in perspective, for every $50.00 you would donate, 22 cents goes into the rabbi's pocket. When I donate to food shelves, or clothing centers for the homeless locally, it would not bother me that the administrator makes a buck every time I donate $250.

As to personal attacks...one commenter mentioned that the rabbi had been condemned by the Orthodox. To that I would have to ask which Orthodox? The only criticism of which I am aware coming from Orthodox organizations is a claim that defines Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein as a closet Christian. His organization has been a viable charity in Israel for thirty years, though the name International Fellowship of Christians and Jews wasn't used until 1991.

The more damaging assessment comes in the realm of the amount of money necessary to raise a dollar. The actual fundraising expenses reported to the IRS are in the nature of 39%. Thus it takes 39 cents to raise a dollar of which 53 cents goes to the designated charity, which leaves 8 cents for administrative expenses. If I was a retailer, I would consider that a great return on my investment. How do I determine this for a charity? To begin with, the worst charities only spend between 2.5% to 10% on the actual subject of the donation. The rest goes to...well you know. The best spend anywhere from 75% to 90% on the subject of donation. Most fall in between those ranges. The BBB standards of 65% when dividing program expenses by total expenses gets a minus mark for IFCJ which is only 54%. On the other hand the American Red Cross which passed the BBB test has been in continues hot water with federal investigators since before Hurricanes Katrina and Rita when they pocketed the money earmarked for those disasters by direct contribution.

The top performing charity merely uses its donations for education and provides no direct aid to the needy. But...the Joshua Fund mentioned in one comment, has an overall rating of 61.xx% while the IFCJ has a 54% rating, not terrible, except the main reason it is that high is with a higher score in financial accountability. Joshua has a profile of $5 million, whereas IFCJ has a $100 million profile. As I've checked around to see where my Israel money is best spent I have not found anything that large appreciably better.

I donate to a number of Israel charities, and this is one of them. Am I satisfied with the amount they spend on fundraising? No. but I will continue to donate until something better that actually feeds the needy, comes along. I will look more into the Joshua Fund, but last year they ran a deficit and that isn't a good sign for longevity.

A final note: if I was donating 10% of my income to this charity alone, then I would look elsewhere. My consideration is also weighed by the fact that many of the top rated org. are umbrella groups I don't know what is done with the money given to their various subsidiaries.