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Hope Haven Children's Clinic and Family Center

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Causes: Community Mental Health Centers, Education, Educational Services, Mental Health

Mission: Hope Haven’s multi-disciplinary team provides excellence in educational, psychological and related therapeutic services for children, families and young adults with special needs.

Geographic areas served: Northeast Florida

Programs: Counseling psychology: hope haven offers professional counseling services for the familys individual needs. Counseling is offered for children, adolescents and families with a wide range of services including parent-child interaction therapy, individual or family therapy, anger management groups and specialized training for parents of children with special needs. The clinic assesses anxiety and depression in children and adolescents, and offers treatment. Continued - counseling psychology - continued: individual counseling: individual counseling is available in the areas of behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, disability challenges, and child/adolescent counseling. Family counseling: family counseling services include child management, adjustment to divorce, blended families and step-family issues, problem solving at home and school, and individual adult/parent therapy. Group counseling: counseling groups are available in the following areas: parenting, social skills, anger management, and grief. Anxiety disorders clinic: anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental health problem in children and adolescents today. Anxiety disorders interfere with a childs personal well-being and development. Such disorders cause children to have problems making and keeping friends, reaching academic potential, participating in family activities, achieving a general sense of happiness and developing a positive self-image. Anxious children are more likely to become anxious adults.

tutoring: hope haven provides group and individual tutoring, computer-based tutoring and special reading programs. Hope haven works to coordinate tutor lessons with classroom activities for maximum benefit. Traditional tutoring programs tutoring at hope haven. Hope haven offers hourly, individual tutoring using students school texts and materials, tutor-selected supplemental materials, and educational computer programs. Experienced tutors are continued - tutoring - continued: available for students of all ages, from preschoolers needing readiness skills to high-school students needing help in specific subject areas. Tutoring services are available at hope haven on mondays through thursdays from 8 a. M. To 8 p. M. And on fridays and saturdays from 8 a. M. To 1 p. M. Specialized reading programs. Hope haven offers specialized reading programs to address very specific needs of students. The hourly requirements vary according to the learning program used and the needs of the child. Tutors are also available to coordinate with other hope haven staff to incorporate assistive technology when needed. Tutoring, other locations. Hope haven tutors are available at many private and public schools in the greater jacksonville area. School-site tutoring is a convenient option for parents and students that also allows for frequent tutor-teacher communication. Hours vary by location. Technology tutoring programs computer tutoring. Computer-assisted tutoring is motivating for even the most reluctant learner. It is an inexpensive option for students who do not need more intensive private tutoring to build reading, writing or math skills. Computer tutoring is especially effective for remediation, practice and enrichment of all basic academic skills. Hope haven tutors work with four students per hour on individualized computer-assisted lessons, using recent test scores, report cards, and other school information to accurately plan each lesson. Two hours per week are recommended, and convenient after school hours (4 p. M. To 8 p. M. , mondays through thursdays) are available. Special needs tutoring. Children with physical/developmental disabilities have far greater opportunities to learn, work, play and live independently, thanks to the many different assistive devices made available by advances in computer technology. Hope havens lucy gooding center for assistive technology now offers computer-assisted tutoring and communication instruction, using computer adaptations, assistive devices and software programs appropriate to individual needs. Hours and fees vary.

assistive technology: assistive technology can unleash the potential of children and adults with disabilities. Devices such as switch-operated toys, communication tools and voice-activated computers give motion to those who cannot move and voices to those who cannot speak, enabling more independent living skill development for satisfying lives and careers. Hope havens lucy gooding center for learning provides evaluations, training, tutoring, workshops, and community support. Continued - assistive technology - continued: florida alliance for assistive services and technology (faast) the faast northeast regional demonstration center is located at hope haven. The mission of faast is to enhance the quality of life for floridians with disabilities, regardless of age, by promoting the awareness of, access to, and advocacy for assistive technology. Housed at hope haven, faast provides the following services: assistive technology information and referral. The northeast regional demonstration center provides information and referrals concerning assistive technology devices, funding sources and dealers. Adaptive equipment lending library. The center maintains an inventory of assistive technology devices that may be borrowed for up to 30 days. Adapted toy lending library. The center maintains an inventory of adapted toys that may be borrowed for up to 30 days. Demonstrations, tours and presentations. Faast provides both formal and informal demonstrations, tours and presentations to organizations on a variety of topics related to assistive technology. Assistive technology evaluations and training. This service helps individuals and businesses identify types of assistive technology that will assist individuals in living and working more independently. Training on how to use a device or assistive software is also available.

other programs: educational services: hope havens educational services are designed to enhance a childs learning by pinpointing specific strengths and weaknesses. Individually administered tests are used to measure intelligence and academic achievement. The results can be used to diagnose learning disabilities, recommend remedial programs, assess school-related behavior problems and identify strategies that can best meet each childs learning needs. Special academic supports: hope haven offers a range of academic support programs, including after-school programs that provide enrichment activities and summer camps designed to help students with special needs maintain learning progress and prepare for the next academic year. Occupational therapy: occupational therapy addresses skills for the job of living. For a child, these may include play skills, self-care skills and school readiness skills. Physical therapy: physical therapy addresses the posture, movement and mobility of children with neurological impairments, congenital syndromes or other impairments that result in gross motor developmental delays. Speech and language: a childs speech and language skills are critical for both communication and academic success. Early speech and language problems, left undetected, may result in reading difficulties and academic delays. Applied behavior analysis: to address problem behavior, hope haven uses functional assessment, a research-based set of strategies designed to determine why a child is engaging in a problem behavior. Consultation involves detailed analysis of the situation, definition of the desired change, and application of well-researched techniques and interventions. Behaviors that can be addressed include, but are not limited to, aggression (hitting, kicking, biting), property destruction, pica (eating inedible items), non-compliance and tantrums. Divorce-related services: hope haven provides the required four-hour parent education and family stabilization course (children first in divorce) for the fourth judicial district, which is composed of duval, clay, and nassau counties. Hope haven also offers a 15-hour parent education course (co-parenting beyond divorce) designed especially for high-conflict families that continue to re-litigate after their divorce is final. In addition, hope haven conducts court-ordered custody evaluations to assist the judge in determining the primary residential placement that will be in the childs best interest. Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: adhd is a neurochemical brain disorder that affects behaviors related to attention, activity and impulsivity. Hope haven provides expert evaluation, treatment, therapy, summer camps and tutoring to address the special challenges adhd poses for children, their families and their teachers. Autism: autism is a neurobiological disorder of development that causes differences in the way information is processed. These differences affect the ability to: understand and use language; respond appropriately to the environment; understand and respond to stimuli; relate to people, events and objects; form relationships; and engage in imaginative play. Hope haven provides a comprehensive assessment and a range of therapeutic, educational and behavioral services to meet the needs of child and family. Down syndrome: down syndrome is a congenital disorder caused by chromosomal abnormalities that result in highly variable degrees of learning difficulties and physical development. Hope havens down syndrome center provides evaluations in the areas of medial, speech/communications, gross motor, fine motor, behavioral/social and educational development. It also provides parent and family resources, support services, and prenatal/newborn consultations. Young adults: hope havens adult day training and vocational rehabilitation services help young adults with developmental disabilities transition from school to work. The program helps clients prepare for independent living as well as seeking and retaining a job or volunteer position. Follow-along services for graduates are also provided.

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