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Healing Touch Buddies, Inc

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Adult Education, Cancer, Education, Health, Hospices, Human Services

Mission: Healing Touch Buddies provides energy support, care and comfort to those diagnosed with breast cancer.

Results: Founded in 2004, Healing Touch Buddies continues to provide our unique brand of care and comfort when someone asks, "BREAST CANCER. How Do I Get Through This? How do I keep mind, body and spirit together as I meet this challenge? While consulting with their physician regarding a treatment plan, patients link up with Healing Touch Buddies for additional support.

Target demographics: Anyone diagnosed with breast cancer

Direct beneficiaries per year: More than 100 breast cancer patients, area medical centers, nursing programs,hospice programs, women's groups, nursing homes

Geographic areas served: Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties in Florida

Programs: Energy therapy in one-on-one supportive relationships with individuals diagnosed with breast cancer through our network of specially-trained energy therapy providers. Provide education for health-care providers and caregivers, with focus on mirroring practice of healthy boundaries, self-care, care and compassion to clients and patients. Provide workshops supporting our volunteer "Buddies" and the general public on Bereavement and Loss. Share educational, inspirational and uplifting information through high quality, thoughtful daily posts to our face book page.

Community Stories

6 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

Client Served

Rating: 5

I was diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer in February of 2009. It was stage III b and that was after being x-rayed, examined, and biopsied and told I had no cancer. I was in shock. I was overwhelmed, afraid, angry, and feared that I would not be around to take care of our beloved 3 grandkids with my husband Ralph. I wanted to scream, cry, punch something, and run away. But I couldn't. I had to stay and fight. The fight lasted more than a year and ended in March of 2010. First I had strong chemotherapy to shrink the cancer so I could get clear margins with a mastectomy. I then had a double mastectomy with many cancerous nodes removed. I had 35 days of radiation to my chest wall and under my arm....this was a second radiation. Finally I chose to do 16 more weeks of another aggressive chemotherapy.

A few weeks after my diagnosis I met Betty Ann Baker from Healing Touch Buddies. I went to her office and entered a world of caring, serenity, safety, and healing. I would come to Betty Ann anxious and often in tears with my heart racing, engulfed in fear. I would lie fully clothed on a massage table and close my eyes. The room was dimly lit with soothing music playing and a hint of lavender in the air. For about an hour Betty Ann healed my body and soul with the trained touch of her hands. I would leave the session almost in a trance. I was relaxed, calm, and ready to face my fight.

I could call or email Betty Ann anytime and she would listen to me, reflect my feelings and fears in a way that gave me self understanding, and quickly schedule a healing touch session for me. When I was too weak and fatigued from the chemo to come to her office she came to my house. Betty Ann worked with my surgeon and gave me a book about preparing for surgery before my double mastectomy. Everyone in the operating room voice positive affirmations during my surgery. On the morning of the surgery, Betty Ann was there at about 6 AM and stayed with me, doing healing touch, until I went into surgery. She was there when I came out of surgery too.

Betty Ann loaned me meditation tapes which I continue to use almost daily. She was a constant in my life in a time of disconnect and the unknown. Betty Ann cared for my body, spirit, and mind. She connected with me heart to heart....spirit to spirit. Betty Ann will always be my "friend." Surviving breast cancer is work, as I have discovered. I am sure that I will be calling Betty Ann again to help complete the healing of my body and spirit. What Betty Ann gives is from her heart....it is an act of unconditional love and caring.

Sue Drinkwater


Client Served

Rating: 5

A one-of-a-kind and exceptional healing benefits for cancer patients. It has become readily accepted today how acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and prayer are all incredibly positive practices for healing both physically, emotionally, and spirituality. Healing Touch Buddies brings to the patient a combination of the essence of all these practices and takes it to a higher level of energy work. Scientist are learning more and more about energy and healing. Dr. Larry Dosey,M.D., and Internist, wrote a book 15 years ago on "The Healing Power of Words." Only one of many books on the subject. Scientist, physicians, and alternative health/healing specialist are learning and teaching how (what is being called...) energy work assist in the healing process for a patient. It exceeds the realm of allopathic or traditional western medicine. I used to be a big skeptic of such practices until I was asked to be the development director of a new start-up non profit organization specializing in alternative medicine and wellness resort. My research revealed that there are a lot of nut cases out there, but that much of the movement in America, or at least new to us, treatments have been around in the world for centuries, practiced and successful in healing. I encourage people to remain a skeptic and to do their own research, don't take just any persons opinion about anything. In my search to learn and understand, I have found many "unusual practices" to be very objectionable. However, as a spiritual person, I have learned to believe in the "power of prayer." I can't explain to you how it works, but I know for a fact that it does. Healing Touch Buddies, through the skilled and soulful hands of Betty Ann Baker (Juno Beach, Florida), has touched my life and assisted in the healing and recovery of a rare and extensive breast cancer of which I was never supposed to have lived. I was diagnosed terminal with less than a year to live, that was almost 8 years ago. I have the greatest oncologist in the world and I have been examined by several specialist, none can believe that I am alive, and not only alive but doing exceptionally well. To look at me you'd never think that I was even sick. What I want to suggest to any one reading this is I am no longer a skeptic, but I have learned that sickness and healing can be illusive and confusing. But sometimes our approach to healing can be just plain common sense. It is all the things we've been taught all along, eat good food, drink water, get rest, have fun and probably most importantly... "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience." This is something I learned in training to be a Hospice volunteer. I don't know the origin of the quote but it changed my thinking about life, suffering, death and healing. It is my opinion that "Healing Touch Buddies" practices the highest for of healing available to us at this time. I pray God blesses this every individual in this incredible organization.

3 SoFlaDesigner

Client Served

Rating: 5

I was fortunate to be a Buddy who received the gift of Healing Touch as I healed breast cancer. I could feel results from the mix of energy shifts augmented by the use of essential oils during my treatments. It was awesome as I learned to confront emotional issues that were likely to have led me to the stress that my doctor confirmed as the basis for my diagnosis (no family history). I highly recommend this 1 year complimentary program offered by the volunteer healers of the Healing Touch Buddies program.


Client Served

Rating: 5

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last October. It has been the scariest most stressfull thing I have ever had to do and I could not have made it this far without my buddy! Every time she gives me a Healing Touch Treatment I come out feeling sooo good! It's really a wonderful thing, I feel so blessed, and thankful for all that she has done to help me.


Client Served

Rating: 4

First as a provider of healing touch and now as a client as I journey through my breast cancer experience I can tell you this organization provides invaluable support for anyone going through this journey. The dark moments are truly lightened by this network of loving Lightworkers.

5 Joan Grazio

Client Served

Rating: 5

As a widow with family a thousand miles away, I thought I would have to face my cancer totally alone. My doctor suggested that I call Healing Touch Buddies. They were there for me all the way from pre surgery and for an entire year after surgery. My practitioner/buddy was also my angel.

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Healing Touch Buddies for Women with Breast Cancer 07/12/2009

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