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Greenhill Humane Society

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals

Mission: Greenhill Humane Society, SPCA will provide safe shelter for animals in transition, serve as advocates for animals and their people, work to end animal overpopulation and educate the public about compassion and responsibility towards all animals.

Results: From June 09 - July 10, Greenhill Humane Society achieved an 86.3% save rate for cats and an even higher rate for dogs, at 99.6%.  Greenhill found homes for 746 dogs and 956 cats during this same period.  In addition to receiving animals from individuals, Greenhill receives animals from other shelters in their Interagency Transfer Program giving them a second chance at finding a loving home when time and resources have run out at their shelter. Spay/Neuter Services - During the year ended June 30, 2010, Greenhill performed 3,402 surgeries in their regular clinic and 586 surgeries through the trap-neuter-release program. Volunteer & Foster Programs - Greenhill Humane Society has approximately 225 active volunteers and 100 active foster families.  Volunteers and foster families help in the daily care, training, socializing, and rehabilitation of animals brought to the shelter.  The volunteer and foster program works with schools, community service programs, and the general public to help promote humane education through hands-on animal welfare experience.

Target demographics: We shelter homeless companion animals and work to prevent homeless pet over-population through free and low-cost targeted spay/neuter.

Direct beneficiaries per year: Nearly 2,000 animals per year.

Geographic areas served: Oregon

Programs: Sheltering and adoptions - during the year ended june 30, 2015, greenhill humane society spca, operated two animal shelters in eugene, oregon and cared for 3,010 animals in its sheltering, return to owner, adoption and transfer program. During the year ended june 30, 2015, the organization cared for 1,362 cats, 1,560 dogs and 88 other animals. The organization continues to maintain one of the highest live release rates in the country. The organization saved 97% of the dogs that came to the shelters, 88% of the cats, and 92% of the other animals. Overall, the organization's live release rate for the year ended june 30, 2015 is 92%. Continued - see schedule o continued from statement of program services accomplishments the organization runs the second chance program which receives animals from other shelters and animal welfare agencies in oregon and california, giving them a second chance at finding a loving home when the time and resources have run out at their shelter. During the year ended june 30, 2015, 377 animals were cared for through this program. Greenhill humane society, spca has approximately 348 active volunteers and 110 active foster families per month. During the year ended june 30, 2015, approximately 1,100 volunteers contributed 38,377 hours. Volunteers and foster families help in the daily care, training, socializing and rehabilitation of animals brought to the shelter. The volunteer and foster program works with schools, community service programs and the general public to help promote humane education through hands-on animal welfare experience.

spay/neuter services - the organization provides spay/neuter services, a medical clinic, behavior training, and a trap/neuter/return program. All of the animals at the organization are provided with medical care and an environment that includes behavior training and exercise programs. During the year ended june 30, 2015, the organization performed 2,350 spay/neuter surgeries and 395 other essential surgeries in their medical clinic. Trap/neuter/return program (tnr) provides free spay/neuter surgeries for free-roaming cats within lane county. During the year ended june 30, 2015, the organization performed 961 free spay/neuter surgeries through this program.

humane education and community outreach - educating the community and promoting the animals and programs of greenhill humane society, spca is crucial to helping achieve the vision of finding loving homes for all animals. The organization reaches out to schools and other groups to educate about the importance of responsible pet ownership and the humane treatment of animals. The organization participates in off-site adoption and awareness events, and photos and descriptions of animals available for adoption are available on the organization's website and major on-line "petworking" sites. The organization's website receives an average of 1,455 visits per day. In the year ended june 30, 2015, the organization's outreach and education program reached 13,600 children and adults.

Community Stories

5 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


Client Served

Rating: 5

I went to adopt a dog for my family. Everyone I met was very friendly and helpful. They exceeded my expectations.

1 matilda

Client Served

Rating: 1

I went to Greenhill before I knew about local rescues, in the hopes that I would find a dog. I went to the shelter and found a young male what looked like Rottie-mix - he had that classic, big blockhead although he was mostly black. I thought he was beautiful. I took him to one of the yards to see how he was outside of his pen and we spent a long time together. I was interested in knowing more about his personality than what I could gather from just watching him run around so went to ask a staff person about him. She said they knew very little about him, that he'd come from a town about 50 miles away, and that he was not a Rottie-mix but rather a pitbull. I asked how he was with cats and other dogs and she told me they had no idea. The woman's attitude was rather negative; she seemed unhappy at having to talk to me. I became irritated because I felt that if she'd really wanted to help him be adopted, she'd be less negative and do more to answer my questions.
I voiced my displeasure at the goings-on on my way out and someone must have called somebody because I was intercepted by a woman who called herself a Supervisor. She offered to "cat-test" the dog in her office with a stuffed animal. I didn't think that made any sense at all so thanked her but left.
I took to Craigslist to vent, funnily enough, in the PETS section later that day and to my surprise, the dog's former owner contacted me. She knew his name - it was an odd name - and told me his history, including that he was half Rottweiler (she'd met his parents). She told me he'd run away too many times for them to want to keep him any longer. She told me he'd never seen a cat he hadn't chased. When I told her how he'd been billed at Greenhill, she was unhappy. I encouraged her to contact them to give them this history; she said she already had when she had surrendered him.
I contacted Greenhill's Director to lodge my complaint later that week and he emailed me back and wanted to know everything. He also told me that he would love it if I could become involved with them in improving the shelter. I said I'd be delighted. I never heard from him again.

Review from Guidestar

Previous Stories

Client Served

Rating: 1

I tried to adopt a dog from Greenhill and met w/ terrible customer service and an overall negative reaction to any of my questions about the dog. I was dismissed and disregarded. Upon leaving the premises, I registered my disapproval with how I was treated and suddenly a supervisor arrived and tried to placate me. My concerns were on several levels - they knew next to nothing about the dog and did not offer to cat-test him (the supervisor eventually did after my complaint,) and were generally rude and unhelpful. I asked questions about the dog's intake paperwork and was essentially dismissed with a "We don't know anything." They had the dog down as a pitbull mix but he looked more Rottie; I mentioned this and once again was dismissed. That's when I left. I posted my concerns on Craiglist and, funnily enough, the former owner of the dog contacted me through that forum. She told me she'd surrendered him to Greenhill because she didn't have a fenced yard & he kept getting out, and confirmed that he was no more a Pitbull mix than a poodle. She expressed both concern & frustration when I told her what his intake papers said and remarked that she knew both his mother & father and had told Greenhill staff what his genetic make-up was. She expressed concern that he had been labeled a pitbull mix, as they can be harder to adopt out. I ended up emailing the new (at the time) director, Cary, who expressed concern and apologized for the staff's behavior, and asked me if I'd like to become involved with helping Greenhill evolve. I said I would; he was going to contact me later on once he'd been in the position for a while. I never heard from him again. This wasn't the first negative experience I had w/ Greenhill, but it was my last - I have never been back.

2 Lori94

Client Served

Rating: 1

I tried to get help for a stray cat that was harassing my cat and the only help the could off was ask me if the cat ate any of my cats food. I said yes it came into my house & hurt my cat & ate her food. They said well it's your problem now. I was appalled & asked what I can do. They told me I have to keep it or I need to find a home for it. Really?! They where no help at all. I felt brushed off. I did find a home but it took awhile. My cat was traumatized & afraid to go anywhere in our home.

Review from Guidestar


Client Served

Rating: 5

I just adopted a dog from Greenhill. It was a great experience, thank you! The staff spent a lot of time with me and answered all of my questions. It seemed like the dogs were all very well taken care of, and the staff knew all about each one.