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Goodwill Industries Of Eastern North Carolina Inc

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Causes: Adult Education, Education, Employment, Goodwill Industries, Job Training

Mission: Goodwill Industries of Eastern North Carolina provides employment focused on the value of every human being. Work enables people to realize their unique human dignity either directly or indirectly by providing the opportunity to perform the essential functions of a job, with or without reasonable accommodation, in a safe environment and earning a living wage. Goodwill is committed to a process of discovery that will lead to success through change for the company, its employees, and persons it serves. Goodwill views risk as an absolute essential in the process of realizing one's full potential as a person or company. Goodwill is committed to the use of its resources in a manner reflecting an awareness of its accountability for responsible programming that enhances the lives of people by applying the best of the business and program delivery world without regard to profit or nonprofit status. Profit generated through the application of sound business practices to its programming functions supports current programs, underwrites expansion, and enables program innovation.

Community Stories

5 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

General Member of the Public

Rating: 3

I frequent the Goldsboro Goodwill Store every week and purchase a lot of items as I even purchase and donate to needy individuals, especially in household items and clothing. First of all, there are NO shopping "CARTS" , only hand plastic baskets. When you pick up a large items, such as a picture, large arrangement of flowers, or large glass item, you have no cart to put the item in. I tried to put the picture behind the cash register area to hold until I could check out as I always shop for many items, and was told by the clerk I could not leave the picture in that area. These are at the front of the store and so where are you to put this picture while continuing to shop? I'm sure the clerks are doing their job, however the owners/Manager should be more accommodating in situations like this. I have been told I would have to pay for the large item, take it out of the store and come back in to continue to shop, thus having to write two checks. It would be to your best interest if you would have at least a dozen of carts available for shoppers. Also, your employees could exemplify a nicer attitude toward ccomodating customers when they have items too large for the hand basket which is also heavy when loaded with what you can get in it. It is awfully hard to carry items I your hands and try to continue to shop. This is a busy store on many occasions. Also, the pricing of many items is too high. I have observed a heavily used plastic bowl priced at $1.99 that you can purchase at the local Dollar Store/and/or WalMart for only 75 cents and it is brand new. Just last evening there were 5 rolls of wall paper that had the original store price as $1.00 and you have it marked $1.99. Naturally there are too many items to mention, I'm just trying to get the point across that many items are over priced. At one time the furniture at the Goldsboro Store was in POOR condition, actually was not fit to be on display. It stayed on display for 2-3 months, finally got missing. I am a big shopper whereas there are those who drop in for small items and don't need a cart. PLEASE take this complaint into consideration. 1) Needs Carts 2) Employees attitudes need adjusting and be more accomodating 3) Prices need to be more in line (You don't mark all figurines at the same price............ like $2.99 for one in excellent condition and the others might be of a different matter (cheaper materials) and be worth much less. Don't mark them all the same just because these are all figurines.

You will move more merchandise if you would provide shopping carts and be more customer friendly in helping with large/heavy items. Also, signs should be posted for parents to manage their children and "No running and Screaming" or a nicer word ( "No Loud Noise").

I am expressing my observation and suggestions to help this Store and the Customers. You will see an increase of Sales and you can move out more merchandise . Please note that I did not rate your store very low, however improvements are necessary. And until you provide shopping carts, customers should be able to leave large items at/near the check out so they can continue to shop for additional items. Going into your Store is to Shop, not be told you can't leave a large (16 x 20) picture in the "clear" area behind the cash register.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

Having moved recently to the area and being an avid thrift-store-shopper, I am very disappointed to find that the Goodwill stores in and east of the Durham-Raleigh area do not have access to public restrooms for their customers. It seems that a business of that size should be required or would at the least be willing to allow restroom facilities. I also notice many of their stores do not even have shopping carts ! Those hand-held plastic baskets are bulky and do not allow for comfortable shopping, besides, if they had restrooms and carts available it just might increase their sales ! Show some consideration to your customers, Goodwill! They are the ones keeping your stores open ! And, I might add some of the employees could show some friendliness to the customers as well.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

They treat employees like children. They give the impression to the public that they hire people who could not get a job else where or who have disabilities or criminal records, but this is not true. Most employees have had long careers in retail or other normal jobs. But the culture of corporate is fire fast with just a phone call. One store has had 10 people fired or quit in the last 10 months and that's just one store so I can imagine it is like that in all the stores. The pay is great for retail in the area, so any smart person should know that when the pay and benefits are good but you still have high turnover then there is a major problem in the company. You are devalued and treating like a child, they will take your vacation days if there is bad winter weather and you can't come in and you have to use vacation days for doctors appointment. You cannot request for that to be your day off for that reason. So basically the culture is one of fear of always losing your job when you walk in every morning even when you are doing nothing wrong. And they will not tell you why they are firing you and will only fire you over the phone like cowards. They do help some in the community but I can see how much more they could do. My advice to Goodwill... Charity starts at home.... Treat your employees with more respect and involve them more with the company and its mission, if they have job satisfaction that will strive to make the company better! Have each store donate directly to a cause in the town it is located in, like sponsor a family for Christmas or donate unsold shoes and other items to the homeless or veterans. Involve and support your employees they are working hard when they first start out but your culture tears them down and they give up! And when corporate comes into the store please greet each employee and show some respect instead of instilling fear!!!


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

No way I will shop here. They are leading the public into believing they are non-profit, yet their President and VP earn an incredibly large salary. There are other wonderful thrift stores in the Raleigh area that can benefit, shame on Goodwill.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

Shame on Dennis and Linda McLain and on the Board of Directors for paying and accepting such grossly inflated salaries. They are earning easily 4 times more than a reasonable salary for their positions. The public has just learned of this scandal. What are you as the Board going to do about it?