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Fount of Mercy

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Causes: International, International Development

Mission: There are over 48-million orphans in sub-Saharan Africa. These orphans are left with few options. They are either left in the hands of an extended family member, are taken in by the community, or they are unfortunately abandoned on the streets. Poor nutrition, loss of education, vulnerability to crime, child labor, sexual exploitation, abduction and prostitution are realities too many orphans are facing. Traditionally in Africa, children live with an extended family member when their parents die. It is because of this tradition that Africa has been able to handle the orphan crisis with a modicum of survival. Today as the crisis has become increasing overwhelming, the traditional cultural safety net for orphans has persisted but has been greatly stretched and tried. Where extended family adoption is the best means of care, the new mouths to feed financially burden extended families. The combination of extreme poverty and AIDS has made it nearly impossible for the extended family to care for the increasing number of orphaned children. Grandmothers and widows are caring for six to ten children with limited access to any resources. Without assistance from local grass-root organizations these women and children are destitute. Why We Work With Grass-Root CBOs and NGOs?As Africa?s traditional means of orphan care has suffered, local African communities have responded. Africans who are committed to the care of orphans, have stepped in and organized their communities to respond. Through supplementing care, these indigenous grass-root organizations partner with their communities and these overburdened caregivers to provide free to low cost education, feeding programs, vocational training, access to healthcare and in worse cases foster care or residential care. While these grass-root Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are the lifeline of hope for their communities, they are nevertheless in great need of assistance. In order to meet the full need of their community?s orphan population they need support, encouragement and a helping hand to reach their vision.

Geographic areas served: Uganda

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Community Stories

5 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 4

As the Acting Director of a NGO in Jinja, Uganda I've witnessed Fount Of Mercy's work firsthand and talked to many others organizations who have benefited from their ministries. Myself and many others believe that FOM's work stands out in the field. It's leadership is extremely competent, resourceful and eager to cooperate with other NGO's to help them provide the same excellence of service. They are a model NGO among many in Jinja.

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 4

I am an American woman who has been living and working in Uganda for over three years. I am a teacher by profession and taught in a Ugandan school for three years. At the beginning of 2012, I decided to use my skills and experience as a teacher with Fount of Mercy. I have seen many organizations doing work here in Uganda, but I do not respect all of them. I DO respect the wok Fount of Mercy is doing, because they partner with existing, local groups or institutions-- working WITH (not for) them to help them fulfill their mission. Fount of Mercy is doing excellent work in the Jinja area community to empower women. One major area of Fount of Mercy's work is vocational training. They train women in sewing and tailoring; two Ugandan women teach other women the skill of sewing on the local (non-electric) sewing machines. Since most clothing produced in Uganda is custom made, sewing is a lucrative small business here. Fount of Mercy also provides small business training to women in various communities in the Jinja area. They then support these women as they launch their business together. Of the three groups I know, one has started a village bank. The other two have created a local bakery and a local restaurant in their respective communities. One excellent component of this training is the follow-up support they give these women as they put their learning into practice. This support involves further financial advice, conflict resolution, and encouragement. These women are empowered to earn cash, which enables them to send their children to school and provide for other essentials like soap, lantern fuel, and sugar. I truly admire the work Fount of Mercy is doing. The directors have a humble attitude toward their work, knowing that working in another culture is a constant learning process. I consider myself very fortunate to be a member of the Fount of Mercy team here in Uganda. Fount of Mercy has afforded me the opportunity to train teachers, mostly women, to become more equipped in their profession. In turn, these teachers can positively impact the children of Uganda. Finally, I am grateful for the team at Fount of Mercy, for my co-workers are also my dear friends.

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 4

I am Emolu Francis, a Ugandan by nationality, a Kumam by tribe. I am a teacher by profession and have been teaching in Uganda since 1988, based in Jinja District. I have witnessed the work of Fount of Mercy since 2008 and liked their service to the Ugandan community. This year I have taken the initiative to join and work with the team at Fount of Mercy in the education department.

Fount of Mercy serves women in our local community in several ways. They train women to acquire the skill of sewing, using the local sewing machines. They also support women making local crafts (bead-making and basket weaving). They train women in business skills and support them as they begin a small business in their communities. For example, one local women’s group has started a local bakery in Lwanda, where they make buns, donuts, and other snacks to sell in the local trading centre. In Wairaka, the women’s group created a local restaurant called The Community Kitchen. The Wanyange women’s group is running a village bank. Fount of Mercy also educates young women in reproductive health awareness. Finally, they provide leadership training for women who are leaders of local organizations. In all of these areas, Fount of Mercy strives to empower widows to be able to provide for themselves and their children.

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 4

Am Wamimbi Julius aged 24years, i am working with fount of mercy as their program associate, There is great impact and transformation created in the the different people or groups fount is work with, Personally i my life changed because of the tender love and care i got from the directors of this organisation. I have a bright future working with fount of mercy and i believe that through their great work/programs that are served to the community i will be in position to create more life time change in many people in Uganda and the entire world. I am working as a program associate of this great organisation working with many women's group by equipping and teaching them life time skills in business which will help them meet the daily needs of their families. So far i am working with four women group who have appreciated our services a lot, this has created a big change in their daily living since they have started up small projects individually and as a group to improve on the standards of living. I and fount of mercy as a whole has great joy to see that our work and services are bringing much impact into people's lives. Examples of businesses setup by women include community kitchen, Bread basket project, and a village bank, all businesses are operating well which has brought big smiles on the women's face every day that passes by. Our vision is to equip and teach as many people(women and men) who think that their life is a mess to gain hope and strive for success for their future. Fount is soon starting to work with new women's group to extend the business knowledge to them and help them work together or individually. Fount as an NGO has created several transformations in the live of people in many ways i.e. Educational wise, vocationally wise, helped many leaders to learn the knowledge and skills of running their organisations well, I can't wait to recommend volunteers, donors, well wishers and everyone who has interests of building/creating a big transformation in the lives of African women to come work with us. Thank you so much and i hope my review will help whoever read it understand more of what fount of mercy is doing for the people in Uganda. Wamimbi Julius, Program Associate, Tel: +256-776594949, wamimbi.julius@gmail.com


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

Fount of Mercy is doing some incredible work in the New York City area. They are making great strides in benefitting widows of AIDS in Uganda by teaching them how to sew. Sewing Hope, under Fount of Mercy, creates a beautiful blend that combines the needs of Uganda with the overflow of New York City by throwing a high end fashion show that features garments made with Ugandan fabric. Their events are as chic as any event here in NYC, and it's all for a good cause.