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Causes: Education, Human Services

Mission: Our vision is a culture in which human life is valued, families flourish, and religious liberty thrives.

Programs: Public policy --"a popular government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy. . . A people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives. " -- james madison, chief architect of the u. S constitution and u. S. Presidentoverview: when frc was established over 30 years ago, there were woefully few voices advocating for the primacy of the family at the national level. Liberal policy makers, activist judges, and much of the media and academia considered traditional moral values nothing more than the vestiges of a bygone era. In 1983, family research council was established in the heart of washington, d. C. With the mission to educate americans about the central role the family plays in the nation's well-being. Frc would serve as a strong rejoinder to those working to undermine the family and the judeo-christian values upon which our nation was founded and would demonstrate the veracity and efficacy of those values in contemporary society. Although frc has worked successfully to temper the previous policy of unrestricted access to abortion on demand, the tragedy of abortion-on-demand is with us. Liberal policy makers and judicial activists continue to assail the institution of marriage, and liberal special interest groups outnumber and outspend frc. With the expansion of same-sex "marriage" as well as obamacare becoming law, there has been a reduction of americans' religious freedom and conscience rights. Frc has become a leader in exposing this severe problem, and we will continue to do everything we can to defend americans' fundamental religious freedom. With faith that right makes might, as abraham lincoln once said, frc continues to advance a pro-faith, pro-family, and pro-freedom agenda with great effect. Frc's policy analysts develop research papers, legal briefs, and regular email publications on a wide variety of family issues. These include booklets, the bi-weekly social conservative review, opinion editorials, pamphlets, issue brief papers, lecture summaries, from the podium papers, and issue analysis papers. Some of the publications that we produced in 2014 include: "a clear and present danger: the threat to religious liberty in the military" (a list of events that reveal the threat to religious liberty in america's armed forces); "hostility to religion: the growing threat to religious liberty in the united states (documented accounts of hostility toward faith); several resources on common core including our brochure, "is common core good for america's students? "; lt. General jerry boykin's book, never surrender; "abortion funding and obamacare"; "christian faith and marijuana use"; "what science reveals about fetal pain," "population, abortion and food"; "sexual risk avoidance education"; "pornography and its consequences"; and "marriage, polygamy, and religious liberty. "frc's center for life and bioethics released three inspiring patient testimonial videos as part of our adult stem cells saved my life educational campaign, garnering over 1 million views. Check out stemcellresearchfacts. Org. A poll commissioned by frc and american values found that amongst republicans and republican-leaning independents, 82% believe marriage "should be defined only as a union between one man and one woman. "the supreme court's may ruling in town of greece v. Galloway was a pivotal victory for the free expression of faith in public places. Frc submitted an amicus brief on behalf of 49 members of congress and shaped the debate through a strong media presence. Frc's policy experts filed 7 amicus briefs this year. One of those supported the religious freedom of hobby lobby owners, the green family, and conestoga woods' hahn family, in their supreme court cases opposing u. S. Department of health and human services (hhs) secretary kathleen sebelius. The cases involved the hhs mandate that requires businesses run by religious owners to pay for abortion-causing drugs, sterilizations and contraception for their employees, regardless of the owners' religious beliefs. Thankfully, in june the u. S. Supreme court upheld religious liberty and protected the conscience rights of family businesses who object to being forced to pay for the coverage of sterilizations, contraception and drugs that have the potential to destroy an unborn child. Five of the other amicus briefs were submitted to appellate level courts arguing that the u. S. Constitution does not require any state to offer same-sex "marriage" or to recognize such unions from other jurisdictions. Frc led the way in sparking a national debate regarding the overall threat of common core standards and more specifically, the federal government's funding of it. The coordinated efforts of our departments led to thought-provoking policy papers and op-eds, a dynamic panel discussion featuring national experts, a family policy lecture, and multiple media appearances. These efforts have generated much public interest and established frc as a growing expert in the field of education. Frc's restore military religious freedom coalition brings together a broad base of expertise and resources. Our policy experts produced an influential report, "a clear and present danger: the threat to religious liberty in the military," and scores of op-eds. Our seasoned military experts, including marine veteran tony perkins and lt. Gen. (ret. ) jerry boykin, have urged military officials to address the threat through personal meetings and phone calls, letters and media interviews. Frc's efforts are paying off. Public awareness of this issue has exploded. Protecting military religious freedom has become a serious topic in hearings, briefings and legislative efforts on capitol hill. The pentagon and military leaders are falling back in line with first amendment rights, but we must and will remain on alert. And thankfully, our brave men and women in uniform have been empowered to take a stand for their rights and report abuses to their freedoms. Frc is one of the leading organizations employing many of the most influential marriage experts to defend the god-ordained institution of marriage. Senior fellow for policy studies, peter sprigg, made numerous tv appearances and authored a large number of compelling issue briefs and op-eds. Frc is a leading member in coalitions dealing with the common core public school curricula, pornography and homosexuality. Frc's marriage and religion research institute (marri) produces pioneering social science research that demonstrates the importance of traditional marriage and intact families for a strong society. The mapping america project makes this case in compelling fashion using federal surveys and providing detailed reports for policy makers, pastors and concerned citizens. Marri publishes the index of family belonging and rejection and various studies and policy papers such as "family intactness: influence on major state social policy outcomes, "marriage & labor slump," and the "effects of divorce. " marri was nominated to the bradley foundation impact fund, an elite group of programs for conservative donors to support. Frc's policy experts are frequently invited to provide a pro-life, pro-faith perspective in the media. They have also testified before legislative committees at the state and federal level, held meetings at the vatican, participated in the world congress of families, and represented frc around the world.

government affairs--the government affairs (ga) team plays both defense and offense on our issues in a bold and bipartisan manner. We're expanding frc's influence as the leading pro-family voice in washington, d. C. Our experts educate leaders in congress, the administration, governors, state legislators and our grassroots network, utilizing face-to-face meetings, expert testimony, presentations, briefings and email alerts. Ga defends the sanctity of human life and the institution of marriage, upholds religious liberty, opposes judicial activism, presses for tax relief for families, combats pornography in print and on the internet, supports parental choice in education, and speaks for the family throughout the world. In may, frc took up the cause of mariam ibraheem, a christian mother suffering in an over-crowded, disease-ridden prison in sudan with her newborn daughter and toddler son. Mariam was sentenced to 100 lashes and death by hanging for her "deserting islam and committing adultery" by marrying a christian man. Mariam's husband, daniel wani, is a naturalized u. S. Citizen, yet his numerous appeals to the u. S. Embassy for help were met with indifference. Frc quickly helped sound the alarm and was a primary force pushing for action in the media, on capitol hill and in the white house administration. It was a daily battle, and by god's grace, the relentless efforts of frc and our allies turned the tide in mariam's case. In may, frc's ga team launched a white house petition urging the obama administration to act on mariam's behalf. It garnered over 53,000 signatures. We also supported a house resolution calling for mariam's release. In june, tony perkins spoke at the "save mariam" white house rally with sen. Ted cruz (t-texas), rep. Trent franks (r-ariz. ) and other religious liberty allies. State department secretary john kerry finally issued a statement defending mariam. Throughout june, frc featured mariam's persecution daily in our washington update. Tony perkins met with the sudanese ambassador multiple times to plead mariam's cause. On june 23, mariam and her children were freed from prison! Yet, on june 24 they were detained at the airport while trying to flee sudan, for questions related to their travel documents. Frc launched a petition to secretary kerry calling for mariam's protection and safe haven in the u. S. On june 26, sudanese police released mariam and her children into u. S. State department custody. In july, tony worked with members of congress, the sudanese ambassador and sudanese officials throughout the month, pushing for mariam's safe passage to the u. S. We continued to highlight mariam's plight in our washington update and alerts. On july 22, tony testified before a house committee on foreign affairs subcommittee on religious freedom and mariam's case. On july 23, mariam was released and flown to italy with her family to meet the pope. And on july 31, mariam arrived safely in the u. S. At last! On september 27 frc honored mariam with our inaugural cost of discipleship award at the values voter summit gala, held in her honor. And in october, frc launched a fundraising effort to help buy a handicapped-accessible van for mariam's wheelchair-bound husband. In the end, frc was widely credited as being a leading force in winning mariam's freedom. We gathered over 53,000 signatures on our white house petition and nearly 22,000 signatures on our state department petition. Mariam opened her remarks at the values voter summit gala with the words, "god is good. All the time. " we could not agree more, and are honored to have played a role in this victory for religious liberty. But the real credit goes first to the lord.

communications--the mission of frc is timeless, but the way in which we communicate that mission must be constantly adapted to incorporate new technologies and reach new audiences. The communications department is responsible for the public image of frc; they interact on a daily basis with the press corps and ensure that frc's positions are clearly communicated and accurately represented. Despite attacks and outrageous labels from the left to silence our voice, frc continues to grow in influence and expand our visibility promoting the pro-family agenda to opinion leaders and the public through effective media strategies. One of frc's major media accomplishments in 2014 was exposing the religious liberty threat to hobby lobby's owners, the green family, and conestoga woods' hahn family. Conservatives in congress defending the green and hahn families relied on frc's communications expertise and media credibility to help navigate their public relations crisis. Working with our allies, frc successfully shaped the media narrative surrounding the hobby lobby case. Our message testing helped members of congress and other conservative groups formulate their press releases and statements. Frc's experts made a big splash in the media following the ruling: cathy ruse, frc's senior fellow for legal studies, spoke at a news conference outside the supreme court immediately after the court's decision. Her remarks were broadcast live by fox news, c-span and msnbc. Fox's "america's newsroom" invited cathy to discuss the ruling in depth. She also wrote a number one op-ed on the daily caller site and wrote an "opposing view" op-ed for usa today. Travis weber, director of frc's center for religious liberty, was invited to respond to the ruling on the esteemed scotus blog and published an insightful article on thefederalist. Com. Ken blackwell, frc's senior fellow for family empowerment, was interviewed by msnbc on the ruling. Multiple members of congress used frc's messaging in their press releases and speeches defending the green and hahn families' supreme court success. Along with our many allies, frc worked tirelessly for this victory, and we thank god for granting us success. In 2014, the frc communications team tracked nearly 15,000 media mentions of frc and our affiliates; frc staff made nearly 90 live tv and cable network appearances, plus 557,010 online video views; had over 300 radio hits on prominent stations across america; placed 234 op-eds in publications nationwide; and hosted over 400 members of the media covering the values voter summit. Frc's "washington watch with tony perkins," a daily one-hour radio program, reached 620 stations nationwide. The show allows us to cut through the media's filter and speak directly to concerned americans about how a biblical worldview shapes public policy. Tony has hosted dozens of members of congress as well as prominent conservative leaders, authors, and pastors, including rep. Steve scalise (r-la), governor bobby jindal (r-la), rep. Jim jordan (r-oh), reporter sharyl attiksson, rnc chairman reince priebus, jason and david benham, and mark levin. There were two values voter summits in fiscal year 2014. At the 2013 vvs, over 170 media members attended the event, including every major news outlet in the nation. It earned over 500 major tv mentions (up 130% from 2009) and over 70,000 mentions on social media (up 53% from 2012). Vvs was one of the leading topics in the nation on twitter. At the 2014 vvs, over 2,100 people attended and over 22,000 people tuned in online. It received over 71,000 mentions on social media. Its hashtag trended on twitter during the event. Vvs featured a dynamic line up of over 90 speakers and attracted over 400 reporters. Speakers included sen. Ted cruz (r-texas), gov. Mike huckabee, gov. Bobby jindal, sen. Rand paul (r-ky. ), and gov. Sarah palin, among others. The increasing prominence of the values voter summit affords frc a tremendous platform for educating americans about the values that have made our nation great for over 230 years. We continue to effectively reach, equip and engage the public via social media. We have seen an exciting increase over recent months with our social media campaign growing a network of well over 135,000 facebook friends for frc and 29,000 twitter followers. We are voicing truth and eternal values into the marketplace of ideas.

other programs: with vigorous representation before congress, the executive branch, and, when appropriate, the federal judiciary, frc pursues an active program of public education and awareness. In tangible ways, we are arming policy makers and the american citizenry with the power which knowledge gives. Frc holds numerous lectures and hosts conferences, garnering media attention from around the world. These events are subsequently edited and made available to our constituents on our website. Frc's church ministries team equips and mobilizes over 55,000 pastors, plus their millions of congregants; over 4,500 church-based culture impact teams, and over 56,000 prayer partners. In 2014, we expanded our "p3" pastors group to over 7,300. Each of these pastors commits to pray for the nation, preach christian citizenship messages, and partner with at least three other pastors. In may, frc hosted our 11th annual national "watchmen on the wall" conference in washington, d. C. Nearly 700 attendees from 41 states, puerto rico and nigeria gathered in washington, d. C. Where frc equipped and encouraged them to boldly stand for truth and morality in their churches. We had an inaugural national hispanic pastors briefing this year in phoenix, az which attracted over 150 attendees from a number of states. We translated the event and key resources into spanish, and 66 pastors joined our watchmen pastors network. Frc organized and led its 5th annual national call2fall on june 30, leading an estimated over 1. 74 million christians in prayer for our nation's spiritual revival and healing, based on god's call to repentance in 2 chronicles 7:14. Prayer and repentance on behalf of our nation remains a vital part of frc's mission. Over the last 30 years, many pro-family organizations have come and gone, but the challenges and pressures facing christians and other people of good will in the public square have remained great. With the faithful prayers and support of families dedicated to our mission, frc has weathered the storms of hostile administrations, softening economies, and unrelenting opposition from special interest groups. Far from maintaining a defensive position, frc has won numerous policy victories: the increase of the per-child tax credit, passage of the defense of marriage act, creation of health savings accounts, welfare reform, increased abstinence education funding, the passage of the partial birth abortion ban act, and the confirmation of judicial conservatives to the supreme court (to name a few). With a bold vision for growing the influence of family research council, we move ahead with great anticipation. Trusting in the providence of almighty god to guide and establish the work of our hands, frc exists to advance faith family and freedom in public policy and public opinion. May we be found ever faithful to our task.

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The efforts of FRC to uphold the values that made the United States the greatest nation of all time is appreciated. As the family has degenerated, so has our society. Strong families make strong communities and countries. I understand that their voice offends some as they fulfill their purpose but I am glad they are not deterred in their mission!

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This is a hate group and shouldn't call itself a Christian organization given that Jesus' mandate was to love and serve the oppressed. This group uses funds to lobby our government representatives which is far from Christ's commandments to Love God (submiting to his authority) and Love our neighbor as ourselves. Sadly, these Pharisees only promote archaic Old Testament thoughts. Pridefully, they cannot see the love and commitment of LGBT unions. I will pray for them, that Jesus Christ can warm their hearts and enable their minds to rationally consider that these "rules" to which they ascribe are false in the same way that eating shellfish, working on the Sabbath, and similar Leviticus admonishons are false.

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