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Edpowerment Inc

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: International, International Relief

Mission: Recognizing that governments and communities often cannot or fail to provide the poorest of families with educational opportunities, EdPowerment seeks to fill this gap. Through personal involvement, local and global networking, and collaboration with other organizations, we seek to open educational channels for otherwise forgotten young people. Working closely with school administrators, community organizers and leaders of NGOs with common goals, EdPowerment provides: -a variety of programs from classroom learning to private school sponsorships. -long-term, comprehensive support required in order for each student to turn his or her education into an income-producing job or career. -educational outreach programs to support young people struggling with disabilities or needing remedial help. -support for students’ families in cases of extraordinary need.

Results: Currently we have 30 students in our Long Term Sponsorship Program. 4 of which are in University programs, 6 which just graduated from secondary school, and the rest in other secondary school levels. We have 60 students at Kilimahewa Education Center receiving education from 4 Tanzanian professional educators and eating a nutritious meal each day as well as participating in enrichment activities. We have built a well at the Kilimahewa Education Center that provides water to the school and the surrounding community. We have hosted 4 educational workshops on Autism that served over 415 people and have built a network for families to go to for help. We have built a playground for the Gabriella Children's Rehabilitation Center and brought in professionals in the field of Autism to educate center staff on best practices. We have built a preschool classroom, teachers quarters, and new kitchen at a local primary school to ensure that children can eat lunch and preschoolers can come to school for much needed early childhood interventions.

Target demographics: EdPowerment Inc. is an umbrella organization for several initiatives, all of which address the educational need of impoverished and educationally disadvantaged populations - who have little to no access to government or other support programs.

Direct beneficiaries per year: The children and community members of the Samburai Ward located in the Kilimanjaro Region of Northern Tanzania. -The families, children, teachers, caregivers and government leaders of Tanzania that are impacted by intellectual disabilities that attend our conferences and spread their knowledge to their villages.

Geographic areas served: Currently we target the Samburai Ward located in the Kilimanjaro Region of Northern Tanzania.

Programs: EdPowerment Inc. is an umbrella organization for several initiatives, all of which address the educational need of impoverished and educationally disadvantaged populations - who have little to no access to government or other support programs. Our main programs are: Our LongTerm School Sponsorship program "sponsors" young people who otherwise would not be able to pursue formal education. For each individual that we support, we provide all school tuition, fees and other necessities for as long as he or she is able to progress in his or her course of studies. We thereby allow capable and determined young people to pursue the highest educational degrees possible for their career goals. In this way, today's disenfranchised youth will become tomorrow's community leaders. We support and fund the Kilimahewa Women and Children’s Centre for Education which began as a community-based organization in Moshi, Tanzania, founded on September 28, 2006 by local citizens who made it their mission to help underprivileged students in the area. As of the 2011 school year, about 60 students, mostly ranging in age from 14 to 18 attend the school. These children are struggling to access a secondary education because of a variety of economic and social factors. At Kilimahewa they continue to learn and can potentially access post-secondary education through a qualifying test system. Our third program Autism Connects Tanzania (ACT)’s educates Tanzanian families, organizations, and schools about intellectual disabilities, create a national network to better serve this special population and works to protect children with intellectual disabilities from harm.

Community Stories

2 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


Client Served

Rating: 5

Edpowerment is the only nonprofit organization in Tanzania which recognize that ‘’Children are the buds that must be merged to bloom in full, when these buds the future hopefully of our generation open up fully to display their grandeur and distribute their fragrance all around society is complete’’.
To prove this Edpowerment is financing Kilimahewa Women and Children Education Centre (KIWOCE) for each and everything for instance in buying books, paying salaries to teachers and other workers, paying for breakfast and lunch for teachers and students. Children enrolled at KIWOCE are those who left to grow without any assistance whatsoever as many wild flowers and plants grow in the woods even through the weeds. Apart from supporting students at Kilimahewa, Edpowerment is also providing long term sponsorship to students at various educational levels from secondary education to university education.
Students sponsored by Edpowerment are those who have been exposed to the hazards and hardship of this world for the long period of time. Many of them are orphans others have a single parent and few of them have parents but they are coming from vulnerable environment. Edpowerment commit itself in paying school fees and other facilities like books, pocket money and clothes, in short Edpowerment provide whatever they need for their academic excellence.
Edpowerment believes that the outcome of growth without care it is terrible. Furthermore Edpowerment realized that dejected and deprived children would develop in them a universal antagonism against settled system of the world and would seek to demolish every good order to be substituted by vile action which could be reflection of their distorted thoughts. To make sure this is not happening Edpowerment commits itself to provide all facilities and opportunities to the children. For instance in this year on June Edpowerment arranged annual event of students union from USA, Sponsored students and Kilimahewa students on a single platform where by all students spoke out their troubles and tribulation, their target and achievements, their ambitions and aspirations.
Furthermore Edpowerment introduce extracurricular activities at Kilimahewa in order to make sure the students are learning by practicing. The activities introduced by Edpowerment are poultry project and horticulture which are integral part of our life.
Moreover Edpowerment believes that teachers are important members of our community since they are builders of our society as well as our civilization. To prove this Edpowerment is providing seminars to teachers from various schools in Arusha and Kilimanjaro. For instance in this year on July Edpowerment arranged a seminar for teachers on how they can manage their class for effective involvement of the students, to love their students and be committed in teaching in order to produce active learners. Edpowerment made teachers to believe that there is no good student or bad student but just ‘’students’’ who of course have different limitation of intelligence, their capacity of taking in and reproduce that is all.
Moreover the community around Kilimahewa is enjoying the coming of Edpowerment. Before the coming of Edpowerment people used to travel long distance in search of water because water sources were found very far from the village. Edpowerment solved the problem of water shortage to the villagers by tapping underground water which is clean and safe for human consumption. Currently the water from the well is used by the community for domestic purpose and in irrigation, furthermore people get enough time to engage themselves in other economic activities and their children are now having enough time for studying.
Edpowerment is also financing Autism Connects Tanzania. Autism Connects Tanzania is a programme of Edpowerment which aims in providing education to the society about autism and other body disabilities like blindness, deafness and dumbness. In Tanzania many people lack education about various body disabilities and their causes. In most society body disabilities are taken as a curse and most of them believe that women are the one to blame when a child is born with any disabilities because women are the one who carry the babies in their womb.
Edpowerment is focusing to change the attitude of many people by providing seminars and workshop about various body disabilities and their causes. Furthermore Edpowerment supports Gabriella Centre which is responsible in taking care and providing basic training to the children with autism.


Client Served

Rating: 5

Miss Rebecca Kamoga...
I have been working with Edpowerment through one of its centers which is Kilimahewa education center since Aug, 2010.
Iam working at this center as a teacher and i can tell that Edpowerment is a very important organisation since it encourages development and give many chances and altenatives on how African communities can manage to live a successfull life.
the Edpowerment staff are working hard since and now to think of different altenatives to make sure they help the youths and the communities not to live a miserable and dependent life,make sure the people can stand on their own and live a comfortable life.
Edpowerment is dealing with many things and operating in many ways just to help the needy.like here at Kilimahewa Edpowerment has a number of students whom they sponser,still they run the school expenses like paying salaries to the working staff,providing the school with materials like books,desks,computers ,providing students and teachers with lunch,just to mention few of what Edpowerment do at Kilimahewa,just to make sure that the youths arround the Kilimahewa community gets education in a conducive and comfortable environment.
i also know that in the other hand Edpowerment deals with autism connection and provide assistance to many places where they feel that people needs a help.
all in all i can say that Edpowerment is doing a good job,it is an Organisation that must not be left astray since it works for the peoples welfare regardless who they are.having this Organisation arround the community is a treassure to us.its something we relay on for the betterment of our future as youths,i as a teacher i depend on Edpowerment to get my daily bread,students depend on it to achieve and fulfill their dreams in the future.
so without Edpowerment is like killing the dreams of those people who cant afford to run their life expenses.example students who are now doing wonders at school and others have started to run their lives but all is through edpowerment since their families couldnt send them to school,so may be without Edpowerment we could have a lot of street dwelers and dependants in our community.good job edpowerment staff keep it up!!!!