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Donate Life California

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Causes: Health, Organ & Tissue Banks

Mission: Donate Life California saves lives by creating opportunities for all Californians to sign up on the official state organ, eye and tissue donor registry.

Results: As of July 2016, 13,248,477 Californians have signed up on the state organ, eye and tissue donor registry. We are the largest state registry in the U.S., and have the greatest need with more than 21,000 people waiting for life-saving organ transplants. On average, three people die in California each day because the organ transplant they need doesn't come in time.

Target demographics: 21,000+ Californians waiting for life-saving organ transplants, and the thousands more waiting for life-enhancing eye and tissue transplants

Direct beneficiaries per year: Thousands of people receive life-saving and life-enhancing organ, eye and tissue transplants each year

Geographic areas served: California

Programs: #GivingTuesday (http://bit.ly/I5xOr9), high school education, registration drives, fundraising events, DMV training & education, public outreach, hospital volunteer education, Living Donation California (www.LivingDonationCalifornia.org)

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Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

Many years ago my husband died and I was not asked about donating. If feel that I would of gotten some relief in knowing he helped others. Soon after that, I became involved in organ and tissue donation and then transplant. I believe that everyone has the right to make the decision and this organization helps to give the information needed to do this. Thank you for all you do!

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Donate Life California Thank you for your comment and being involved in our mission to save lives. Currently, 22,000 Californians are on the national organ transplant waiting list. Our work to grow the Donate Life California Organ & Tissue Donor Registry is critical if we are to save more lives. For the latest news, information and resources, please visit our website at donateLIFEcalifornia.org. Donate Life California Staff

4 JePahl W.

Client Served

Rating: 5

Donate Life California has had a powerful and continuing impact on my life. I am a two time kidney recipient and I am grateful for the knowledge, expertise, and passion exhibited by this organization. The entire process of receiving the Gift of Life is an amazing and humbling experience. Donate Life California has made this possible for many others like me.

3 Lupe R.

Client Served

Rating: 5

I became associated with Donate Life because of my husbands' passing. Shortly before he died, I found his reciept from DMV of his registration to be a organ donor. I asked him about his choice and inquired as to what he would like donated. We had never discussed this in the past. I've seen his Driver's License before but overlooked the pink dot. My discovery was about 2 weeks before his collapse. I understood the gravity of his medical condition in the hospital, I immediately told the nurse of my husbands wishes. I was informed that the hospital already knew and so did the organ donor orgainization. He stated they wanted to respect the family and would approch me when it was appropriate. He stated they did not approach the family until my husbands condition was confirmed. He further stated that he would note the I knew of my husbands choice. One Legacy is the organization that services our area for Donate Life. When they did approch me they were kind, gently and understanding. They anserwed all of my questions, they helped me it explain it to my younger children. My husband, David was their step father but they called him dad and loved him so much. The coordinators at the hospital watched over me and made sure I was ok and that at all steps I was not alone. My husband is the love of my life, he is my best friend, I had no one who could understand and be by my side that could comprehend my loss. Carlos from One Legacy was the person who made contact and guided me through the process. He would let me talk about my husband and he was so kind and understanding. Since my husbands passing we continue to use the after care services offered to all families. We go to the monthly family support meetiings. My children participate with other kids who have been through the same thing. My son is of special needs, he has the inocence of a child but is 16 years old, they have him in a group where he flouishes and can share his thoughts and love for Dad. I cannot speak their praises enough. I thank them for all they have done to help us and to honor his memory. I cannot speak their praises enough, your site will not allow me to type anymore. Thank you.


Client Served

Rating: 5

They do a great job supporting and encouraging organ donation. Their services support the donor families, the recipients, and the recipient families.

1 Rita18

Client Served

Rating: 5

My husband would not be alive today were it not for Donate Life California. As an only child, he has now outlived his widowed mom. We have since learned so much more about the process of organ & tissue donation that we are now able to speak intelligently about the subject. The myths persist, preventing many from registering when, if they knew the facts, would register as donors. It's more than a shame that lives are still lost due to misinformation. We have learned one is never too old, too sick, too frail, too many long time health issues, etc. to be a registered donor. Corneas never age, even some blind people could give the gift of sight! From babies to elderly, people from all walks of life, all nationalities, all sizes and shapes, rich and poor are on the wait list for life saving organs. Most people on the wait list did nothing to cause their organ failure!

2 Robin46

Client Served

Rating: 5

My son Michael was born with complete heart block, we were told that there was only 1 in 1000 chance of it turning into something worse. Unfortunatly for him he drew the short straw and his Junior year of high scholl he went for his annual physical for track and we were told they wanted to run more tests. We were told on his 17th birthday he had conjestive heart failure. He would do well with medication, we were also told he wouldn't need a transplant because he was doing so well. Maybe in 10 years or so. 6 years later he went to the emergency room with breathing difficulties then off to CCU. He was then transferred to L.A. and from there 3 months later to Cedars to await a heart. As critical as he was everyone kept us fully informed and when things became difficult for me at work (I have Lupus too)they helped not only my son but me as well through some major emotional rollar coaster rides. Donate Life was key in helping us know exactly what was happening and what to expect. I can truely say that if not for the volunteers with this program Not only my son would need medical care but mee as well, They knew what we needed and when.

4 Michelle81

Client Served

Rating: 5

Nick was 23 when he passed, and I became a widdow at age 25, We had only been married 3 months when he had a stroke which in turn caused brain death. He was an amazing person, who had a love for life that I have never seen in another individual ever since. The people who helped me through this time at the California Transplant Services were beyond angels themselves. They were so kind, and pacient, never once did they make me feel uneasy, they were so generous and with out them I don't think I would of found peace. So this is my way of saying thank you to them, for they too need to be raised up. They have a hard job, and I am blessed to know that because of their hard work, My nick will live on through others that he never knew, and will help them get to live a life he was not ever given a chance to enjoy.