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A two-century old dynastical religious platform for the cause of human values housed in the religiously renowned premises of Dayera Sharif, in a densely populated area of the old historical place at Azimpur at the heart of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, culminated into an organizational set-up as the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh in the year 1969. This Dayera Sharif, the seat of religious and spiritual deliberation, bears 200 years old history. A lone dilapidated wall at its premises build after the Moghul structural pattern still stands as silent testimony to its glorious past. Here, from this great house the message of fraternity and universal brother-hood were preached and its values upheld by the great learned spiritual advocates occupying its seat as descendants of Prophet Mohammed (SM) (Peace be upon him). The Prophet Mohammad (SM)(PBUH) stated that, “The human beings are crowned creations of Almighty God & The descendants of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) (SM)(PBUH) Christians, Jewish and Muslims are cousin brothers”, in accordance of The Holy Quran. 2. His Eminency Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah, the immediate past spiritual occupant of the House is the founder Chairperson of the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh which is named as such after his great family anecdote. He was devout saint with dynamic vision. His relentless efforts have gone to the formation of a spider web of the socio-economic activities of this organization throughout Bangladesh. He breathed his last breath in 1995 (May His soul rest in peace). During his 3rd visit to the Holy city of Mecca for pilgrimage in 1987 His Holiness Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah (R.), the 42nd direct descendent and spiritual successor of the Holy Prophet of Islam Hazrat Mohammed (SM) bestowed 43rd Spiritual successor ship upon His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam. The Dayemi Complex has become a symbol of succor to the poor, destitute and distressed. It made a clarion call for rehabilitation of tens of thousands of people rendered homeless due to river erosion, floods, cyclones and other natural calamities. A never-ending rehabilitation process of distressed humanity has been on acceleration under the initiative and dynamic guidance of its chairperson who has fully addressed himself to the Herculean task of upliftment of that section of people who have less. It is no wonder that this spiritual saint could rightly identify the ills his country is infested with.3. Bangladesh, the most densely populated country of the World with 120 million people in 54,000 sq. miles of land is also factually the second poorest country in the world. Illiteracy, poverty, unemployment and over-populated are the main factors for her being in such a plight. The agriculture, which accounts for 85% employment of the people, remains primitive with the lowest per acre yield. The growth of an industrial economic base is measurably hindered due to absence of impetus and necessary expertise. The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh upholds that the only panacea for amelioration of peoples sufferings is to evoke a fundamental change in their outlook at grass-root level and this can only be brought about the removal of ignorance from among the vast masses. It has, since founded, more than 100 educational institutions and orphanages throughout the country. It can take pride in its achievement of providing accommodation for more than 3 (three) thousands orphans, irrespective of caste and creed who can devote to conventional, religious, technical and vocational pursuits in the 15 houses of orphans so far built. The schools, colleges and madrashas (religious institutions) established and run under the patronage of the Dayemi Complex have contributed its due share towards betterment of human resources. 4. Currently the Dayemi complex Bangladesh is carrying out its ambitious ten-year pilot plan (June 2007-2017) for upliftment, rehabilitation and development of the tribal areas, unemployed young men & women, orphan children and disastrous men, women & children throughout Bangladesh and adding to encourage micro-credit program among the distressed social women victims, tribal area, and hill tracks area of Chittagong Division. The DCB is working to provide necessary help and assistance for proper sanitation and supply of pure drinking water throughout the rural areas of Bangladesh also working to promote education for prevention of HIV/AIDS. 5. The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh UN office New York is officially submitting this proposal for your kind consideration regarding the proposed humanitarian projects of Dayemi Complex in Bangladesh on absolute humanitarian ground. The DCB is working for the following humanitarian projects in Bangladesh: • Rehabilitation of 3000 Orphan children in 15 Orphanages at rural areas in every 3 years, with facility of education, vocational training for income generating program.• Rehabilitation of 2000 distressed and social victim Women per year with vocational training for income generating program.• Rehabilitation of 50,000 men & women of Chittagong Divisional Tribal area and 100,000 Myanmar (Burmese) & Pakistani Biharee Refugees in Bangladesh thru Micro-Credit as well as Micro finance income generating program with Sonali Unnyan Foundation (SUF) and Save The Green Foundation of Bangladesh.• To provide necessary assistance for proper sanitation, supply of pure drinking water & to educate for prevention of HIV/AIDS thru 200 location of rural area of Bangladesh along with medical assistance to the needy, poor and distressed orphan children, men and women. • To promote Agricultural development, Fishing and Poultry farming for unemployed young men & women.• To rehabilitate natural disastrous victim men, women & children of cyclone affected areas.• To promote Solar Energy project for rehabilitation & development of rural & tribal areas as Pilot Project6. Besides the above, the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh has visualized and initially been working on project profile regarding the useful absorption, integration of beggars and tribal distressed men and women of Chittagong divisional hill tracks into the mainstream of society. The magnitude of social menace as posed by the beggars can hardly be underestimated. The overall improvement of the socio-economic condition of the people depends on complete eradication of beggars problem in accordance the millennium development goal of United Nations proclamation declared by the UN general assembly.7. As regards funding and implementations of projects, the Complex depends on its own resources and funds received as donation from benevolent and philanthropic institutions of national and International stature. Constitutionally, it can also depend on their direct participation in the projects.8. The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh is now working on national as well as international fields for propagation of faith, unity, discipline, peace and prosperity for the distressed humanity. In order to discharge their functions and to maintain liaison with various World Bodies, Government and Non-Government Agencies, this organization has established its offices at New York, Geneva, Vienna and Addis Ababa and His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi M. N. Alam, President/CEO, of the Dayemi Complex has been designated as Permanent Representative and World Peace Envoy to the United Nations since 1985. His Eminency has empowered and designated his younger son Syed Harmayen Khalil Ullah as Deputy Custodian of The Holy Dayera Sharif Azimpur and Dayemi Complex Bangladesh with immediate effect. 9. Because of the expanding gigantic task embarked upon by the Complex with its own meager resources and with a view to run these projects more effectively, we cordially invite your esteemed Foundation/Organization for direct and generous participation in our said economic & humanitarian projects which provide impetus to the poverty stricken, distressed and oppressed people living in sub-human conditions in Bangladesh and regions covering Third World Countries by contributing and, providing material, financial, technical and expertise support to all or any of our socio-economic and welfare projects for eradication of poverty, disease, illiteracy, unemployment, hunger, death and effects of natural calamities, man-made disaster and for protection, welfare and security of the oppressed humanity.10. Should you deem it fit to have further information, please do not hesitate to write to us. We shall make a common platform of Partners in Progress. Donations may also be sent directly to The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh, The Chase Manhattan Bank Branch 15 UN Headquarter New York NY-10017 and will be acknowledged with appreciation. 11. Mr. Rafiq Ahmed, Additional UN Representative of DCB & Project Director of Fund Raising Project for Dayemi Complex Bangladesh in USA. He has been empowered to communicate with the US and International Foundations to raise funds for Dayemi Complex's Humanitarian Projects in Bangladesh. To contact him, his Phone# is 609-271-5817. With Best Regards, His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi Mohammad N. AlamPresident & CEO of The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh
Cell Phone# 917-536-4006

P.O. Box: 1860, New York, NY 10163,
WorldSpiritualAssembly@yahoo.comBACKGROUND HISTORY OF SUFI PROPHECY, HERITAGE AND RECORDOn the Arabian Peninsula in the sixth century, the Prophet Muhammad preached the religion of humanity to establish permanent peace on the surface of the planet Earth. After re-entering the Holy City of Mecca with the prophet's new vision for mankind, the prophet predicted Sufi Prophecy in presence of 100,000 of his followers. According to Sufi cosmology, it has been predicted that a child would be born in the Arabian Desert around the year 1962. The prediction cited that the child would be born, resembling Prophet Muhammad, in a farmer's house, and he would be born within the prophet's family, and His father's name would be Abdullah and his mother's name Aminah. The prophet also indicated that there would be two occurrences after the year 2002; the miraculous reappearance of Jesus Christ (SM) and the enlightening arrival of the new messenger of God, Imam Mahdi (SM). The child would lead humanity together with Jesus Christ (SM) to co-create Heaven on Earth.This Sufi legacy has been predicted innumerable times before; First, by The Great Ali of the seventh century, fourth Khalifa of Islam at Kufa, Iraq and during the ninth century by the Great Sufi Saint Abdul Kader Zilani (R). In the eleventh century, the Sufi Master Sheikh Nyamuttulah (R), of India, predicted the details of the prophecy in his fifty-four Persian Poems. Sheikh Mozaddat Al-Fasani (R), another Sufi Master at Sher-Hind, West Punjab, India, was detained by Mogul Emperor Akbar in the sixteenth century for his prediction for the after year 2002.The forty-third spiritual successor from the prophet of Islam, Chief Khalifa and custodian of Dayera Sharif, of the seven hundred years old Sufi Dynasty and president of the World Spiritual Assembly, Sheikh Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam, confirmed this prediction as being true in the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June 1992. Through his twenty-five years research of mathematics, astronomy, astrology, theology, science, Sufi cosmology and the exploration of one hundred fifty-five countries, the prophecy has been rationalized and affirmed by the presentation of the executive director, Seshadri Gupta of India. This prophecy was proclaimed in the Global Forum at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June 1992, for the sole reason of safeguarding human society. It was recorded on radio, television and with other competent authorities.The vision of the "Millennium Prophecy" of Dr. Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam can now be recognized as a clarion call to man to awaken from his dream of the naïve voice of antagonism. This enlightened seer can be heard as the voice of mankind call to reason.Originally brought forth in the early 1980s, just as the nuclear arms-race gathered geometric momentum, and as mans strident hostility grew ever louder and less rational, the prophecy pointed to the extreme, yet very real, possibility of mans annihilation. Initially, much abuse was heaped on the well-meaning seer who is the 43rd spiritual successor of The Prophet of Islam. Derision greeted his "extremist" views, first expressed to a wide audience at the Global Environment Summit at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has also expressed his views in over seven hundred other conferences, symposiums and in many noted international organizations and meetings held at the five continents of the world.It is not easy to wake a sleeping giant to a wider reality, particularly if he is asleep, to the fact that he is trapped in a naïve and hostile illusion. And it follows that when it is necessary to awaken, the sound of the alarm is always perhaps somewhat jarring to a sleeping man. It may be mentioned here that The Prophet Noah(SM) warned his followers, sons and wife till the last moment before the flood, but they refused to attend to his words even then.Dr. T.H. Rampa, a Tibetan with supernatural powers, has written a profound thesis on the Tibetans religion mythological data entitled “Chapter of Life", in which he mentions that near the year 2004 a world religious leader will be heralded. With his arrival, the world’s states will change entirely and enter into a new era of development through his leadership. People will be able to communicate from far distances not only among each other, but also with animals. They will also be able to foresee the future with help of supernatural powers. A revolution in religious rejuvenation in man and woman will also occur. Dr. T. H. Rampa further stated on page 138 of his thesis, that on February 5th, 1962 the Milky Way’s celestial bodies will fall into a sixteenth position. Eventually, on May 5th 2004 these same bodies (Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury and Saturn) will fall into the same position. This phenomenon will bring about a great change in civilization, as we know it. He also states that on the 5th day of May 2004 A.D., the history of mankind will enter a new age where peace will reign. This humble and gifted spiritual personality from Asia, having spent his lifetime studying the wide-sweep of forces, both within and without, that seem to propel man along the path toward his destiny, recognized that it would take a "shock", an extreme event, to alter mans course. "If we continue the way we are going", says the spiritual being and seer Nurul Alam, "We will end up where we are headed"; and that, he points out, is in mutual destruction, the end of our contemporary civilization.The Prophets fundamental message is a simple one: That we must awaken our gratitude for the extraordinary privilege that it is to be heir to the possibility of what being human is. And that out of the awareness, our gratitude must lead us to take responsibility for a harmonious balance between man and environment, between man and man. He suggests to us that only if we step beyond our naïve antagonism can we avert the consequences of the course we are on. Specifically, we must recognize our unity and lay aside hostility between national boundaries and religious schism. We must manage our populations, our ecology and our resources while we bring about equality and eliminate poverty.

HIS EMINENCY DR.ALAM'S VISIONS OF THE MILLENNIUM PROPHECYTo the honorable heads of state, heads of government, kings, emperors, distinguished religious leaders, intellectuals and scientists; I am disclosing valuable information concerning the future. It is the age of science and the era of utmost improvement in human civilization. It is known from history that this is the second human civilization on Earth. At the time of the Prophet Noah (SM), the culture, developed science and education of the first civilization vanished away from the Earth by flood and earthquake. It is also known that four thousand years ago the Atlantic Ocean was once the shape of a continent with different nations, where many cultures lived. According to historical findings, the Atlantic Ocean (as a continent) collapsed in consequence of universal cataclysm and earthquakes resulting into an ocean. Therefore we see how tremendous the history of mankind is. Archaeologists and scientists are discovering innumerable relics of human civilization and history through digging and searching the soil. Many aspects of our current civilization is likely to be wiped away completely from the Earth after the year 2002 AD. Human beings will build up the third civilization as indicated in The Sacred Holy Koran, The Taworat, The Zabur, The Bible(Angel), The Kalki Puran (Hindu Sacred Text) and others.THE PRESENT CIVILIZATION WILL END AFTER THE GLOBAL YEAR 2002, AFTER THE OCCURRENCE OF A THIRD WORLD WAR IF MAN DOES NOT HEED HIS INNER VOICE. THIS INNER SPIRITUAL URGING IS GIVEN EXPRESSION BY THE MODERN PROPHETS. A NEW CIVILIZATION WILL BEGIN BY THE PERMANENT PEACE MESSENGER OF ALMIGHTY GOD, THE GREAT IMAM MAHDI (SM) WHO WILL COME FROM A REGION IN THE ARABIAN DESERT. AS DESIRED BY GOD, JESUS CHRIST (NABI ISHA) (SM) IS TO ESTABLISH A WORLD GOVERNMENT BASED IN JERUSALEM CREATING HEAVEN UPON EARTH AFTER THE YEAR 2002.
This statement refers to the great transformation, which will occur at the time of the New Millennium.
Similar prophecies concerning this period are the subject of most of the world's religions, as well as of astrologers and modern western prophets like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Jean Dixon. This statement is made here as an appeal to the Heads of State, as well as to the people of the planet, to make every effort to bring peace to the planet and to prepare ourselves spiritually for the great events, which are about to occur in our lifetime.According to the Holy Koran and the leaders of the Sufi Orders, the course of human history and the present conditions are leading to the Third World War and the destruction of the planet. This will result in the dawning of an entirely different system of human values and organizations. According to Sufi cosmology, civilization began with Adam (SM) the first man. Biblical floods and earthquakes destroyed this civilization at the time of the Prophet Noah (SM) about four thousand years ago. This gave rise to the second and present civilization, which may come to an end unless humanity heeds its inner voice, given expression by the prophets.The present civilization, which is based on military might, economic exploitation and the dependence of the industrialized world on cheap crude oil, will pave the way for the Third World War. Other factors contributing to the war are the fragmentation of the Soviet Union and the resultant economic chaos there, and the impoverishment of Africa and Asia. The economic pressure that a unified Europe will place on the United States and the competition for diminishing natural resources will also create pressure.Incomparable and beyond imagination, the Third World War will cause famine and drought worldwide. The nations of the West will face economic crisis and political instability. There will be no rest in the cities like New York, San Francisco or Chicago. Natural disasters caused by man-made behavior will also add to the destruction. The prophecy holds that three quarters of all living beings and natural resources will be destroyed by this probable war.In the course of the war, the descendants of Abraham (the Jews, Christians and Muslims) will fight with each other, but none shall dominate. The Earth will be laid to waste in their struggle.The war will come to an end after the destruction of the oil supply and technological infrastructure. At this time, when humanity is facing extinction, a self-proclaimed king and god named King Dajjal will appear in the area of the Red Sea. He will declare himself the custodian of heaven and make war on all who do not accept him as their god. While this situation is occurring, after 2002 a spiritual being called the Great Imam Mahdi (SM), an inhabitant of the Arabian Desert, and a descendant of the Prophet Mohammad (SM), will be proclaimed as universal leader in the Holy City Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This will occur after, 2002. On the same year, Jesus Christ (Nabi Isha) (SM) is expecting to appear from the blue sky in the city of Damascus, capital of Syria, in the minaret of Holy Omaiya Mosque. Jesus Christ (Nabi Isha) (SM) will expel King Dajjal. With the co-leadership of great Iman Mahdi (SM) and Jesus Christ (Nabi Isha) (SM) heaven on earth will be created for all beings. The people of the Earth will be unified into one Nation, having one Government, and worshipping one God. The Great Messenger of God Great Imam Mahdi (SM) will establish this New World order in Jerusalem, the unified center of world harmony and peace. Imam Mahdi (SM) will then lead humanity into the Golden Age, unifying Heaven and Earth. There will no longer be any destructive intent, or any need for weapons of mass destruction. Around the year 2011 Jesus Christ (Nabi Isha) (SM), will lead the New World Government until December 2052. The people of the Earth will be unified in a confederation of governments. All will accept the Great Imam Mahdi (SM) as the universal leader. The mindless power struggle will vanish under his spiritual leadership. This period of peace and joy will last until 2052.After the year 2052 another world leader named King Jahjah will come to power to continue the spiritual legacy. He will lead until 2102. At this time a leader from Africa will emerge and thereafter descendants of his dynasty will lead for the next 900 years. During this time confusion and chaos will again come about. Eventually, the Holy Mosque at Holy Mecca will be damaged and the spiritual strength of Pure Islam will gradually decline and 7000 years of human civilization may come to an end on the planet Earth. Humanity can have an alternative future, however, if it heeds in time the Holy Voice. The Prince of Peace, the Merciful Source of life, the one living God in his infinite love, speaks to mankind through the voice of the prophets. If humanity heeds the warnings of its inner voice, given expression by the modern prophets, to cease its inhuman behavior, to care for the environment, to respect all life as an expression of Divine intention, only then humanity will sustain spiritual grace and dwell in the house of the Lord for ever more. This too can be our "Destiny."This gigantic task of research on the Millennium Prophecy statement from the Holy Koran, Old Testament of The Bible, religious research books and opinion of the concerned intellectuals, is also based on astrology, astronomy, geography and philosophy. Included are also the interfaith opinions of the religious personalities of the world. Natural disasters in North America and Europe, as well as many man-made disasters prefigure many of the realizations of the Prophecy. UN Secretary General Dr. Kofi Annan has advised the Millennium Prophecy should be forwarded to the US Mission in NY and taken into the General Assembly and Security Council Agenda.Statements of The Union of Concerned Scientists Point to The Validity of Millennium ProphecyProminent World scientists have warned humanity that we must take certain actions on behalf of our planet, if widespread human misery is to be avoided in the new Millennium. These 1,600 senior scientists, including 102 Nobel Laureates, target resource management, population control, poverty, sexual equality and maintaining ecological balance of Earth's systems as the five critical areas requiring attention. They tell us that a new attitude of gratitude and responsibility is required by us, if we are to create a harmonious balance between humanity and our environment. The Union of Concerned Scientists is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.
P.O. Box: 1860, New York, NY 10163, WorldSpiritualAssembly@yahoo.comALAM'S VISIONS OF THE MILLENNIUM
Please note that, The most the information of Chronological History of Jerusalem was cited from Raheem Bawa Muhiyaddeen’s (RA) letter to the Head of the states in 1980. He had many visions of mass-destructions. This is included in the last part of Alam Vision’s of the Millennium Prophecy; if his followers agreed to compose this information voluntarily. 4128 B.C.Creation of Adam in Paradise. In the beginning, according to the Sacred Scriptures of the Holy Traditions, Adam and Eve were brought together by the mercy of Allah in the Arabian Desert following a long period of preparation in paradise. Immediately thereafter they created the first house of worship and called it Holy Kaaba. And surrounding this Holy Kaaba they created a city and called it by the name of Holy Mecca. And to better remember the paradise into which they had been born, they created in the desert a second Holy City with green gardens, flowers, great fields of olive and fig trees and other splendors. They gave to this flowering place of the soul the name Jerusalem and dedicated it to the family man. By the time of Adams death, at approximately 1000 years of age, he had more than 4000 descendants. This first human civilization spread through Asia and the Middle East, ended with the great flood during the time of Noah (SM) (Flood receded in 2472 B.C.). The prophet Noah (SM) established the second human civilization, and re-established the animal kingdom with the survivors of the flood. Today Adams seed has populated the Earth with nearly six billion souls. And now, as before, mans holy quest for spiritual perfection and an enduring peace is his highest purpose.1900 B.C. Abraham enters Jerusalem. Melchizedek, King of Salem, welcomes and blesses him.1300-1240 B.C. Moses leads the Israelis from Egypt; his followers led by Joshua, arrive in Cannan. Joshua defeats the King of Jerusalem, who is the head of the alliance of cities, but the city remains Jebusite.1000 B.C. David wrests Jerusalem from the Jebusites and makes it capital of his kingdom.970 B.C. Solomon succeeds David as King of Israel.950 B.C. Solomons Temple is completed (The Holy Mosque Al-Aqsa)928 B.C. Shishak of Egypt sacks the city.721 B.C. Tiglath-Pileser of Assyria conquers Northern Israel, and tiny Judea is all that remains of the Empire of David and Solomon.701 B.C. Sennacherib, King of Assyria, lays siege to Jerusalem but is repelled.587-86 B.C. Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon conquers Jerusalem, destroys Solomons Temple, exiles the Jews to Babylon, and for all intents and purposes, Judea ceases to exist.539 B.C. Cyrus of Persia topples the Babylon Empire. Jerusalem is freed, Nebuchadnezzars victims are released, and the descendants of David are allowed to return to Jerusalem. Construction of the second Temple is begun under Sheshbazzara, a descendant of the House of David and governor of Judah, and is continued by his nephew Zerubbabel.515 B.C. The rebuilt Temple of Solomon is inaugurated.445 B.C. Nehemiah completes the fortification of Jerusalem.332 B.C. Alexander the Great of Macedon conquers the Persian Empire but leaves Jerusalem untouched.312 B.C. After a series of battles between Alexanders generals, Ptolemy wins control over Jerusalem and takes Jewish prisoners to Alexandria.312-198 B.C. Rule of Ptolemaic Dynasty.198 B.C. Antiochus III drives the Egyptians from the city.198-169 B.C. The Seleucids rule Jerusalem. Antiochus IV marches on Jerusalem to impose conformity of worship, the Jews are forced to conform to the Greek world and to give up circumcision and their codes of cleanliness and diet. They are forced to worship Zeus. The temple is pillaged. Antiochus IV erects a Pagan altar and sacrifices pigs before the idol of Zeus. The scroll of the law is torn up and burned.164 B.C. The Maccabes rise in rebellion and drive the Seleucids from the city and the temple. They cleanse, purify and rededicate the temple.63 B.C. Pompey and the Roman legions conquer Jerusalem. They defile the temple and dedicate it to Imperial Rome.40 B.C. The Romans are driven out and the city is briefly ruled by Mattathias Antigonus, the Hosmonean King. The Romans re-conquer the city.39 B.C. Herod is chosen by Romans to be King of the Jews. (Herods father was an Arab, who had been forcibly converted to Judaism and so he was readily adapted for Roman uses. Mark Anthony made him a Roman citizen, and thus his son, Herod, learned Roman politics.)Emran appointed custodian of the Holy Temple of Solomon (Al-Aqsa Mosque).35 B.C. Prophet Zakaria (SM) killed by his followers.33 B.C. Allah accepts Emran and his wifes prayers and grants them a girl child named Mary. Emran dies 3 months before Marys birth. Marys mother, keeping a promise to Allah, turns her daughter Mary over to Zachariya (SM) for service in Solomons Temple (Mosque Al-Aqsa).32 B.C. Prophet Yahya (SM), son of Zachariya (SM), also killed by his followers.20 B.C. Herods Temple construction begins.4 B.C. By special gift of Allah, the Virgin Mary bears a son. This child is named Jesus.29 A.D. Jesus Trial and his departure from the world to Heaven.66 A.D. Gessius Florus troops loot the temples treasury, slaughtering worshipers and rabbis. This touches off the revolt of the population of Jerusalem.70 A.D. Titus captures, sacks and destroys the second temple. Thousands upon thousands are killed, and again Jerusalem falls into the hands of the Romans. (Six-hundred-and-fifty-seven years after the Babylonians plundered and razed the first temple, the second fell and none has risen since.)132 A.D. The Jews, led by Bar Kokhba, drive out the Romans and again make Jerusalem the Jewish Capital.135 A.D. The Roman emperor Hadrian destroys Jerusalem and builds on its site a city with new walls called Aelia Capitolina, with a temple on Mount Moriah dedicated to Jupiter. Hadrian bans the Jews from Jerusalem, and all Jews who defy the ban are executed.324 A.D. Constantine of Byzantium conquers Jerusalem.325 A.D. Constantine the Great embraces the Christian faith, thereby inaugurating the first Christian rule over the city. He marches under the flag of Jesus, uniting the eastern and western Roman empires. The city of Jerusalem is rededicated. His mother, Helena makes a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and identifies the sites for the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Church of the Church of the Nativity.336 A.D. Constantine builds the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. (This was the rebirth of Jerusalem, both as spiritual center and as an objective of religious pilgrimage.)570 A.D. Birth of Muhammad (SM). (Prophet of Mankind and Peace in Holy Mecca).614 A.D. The Sassanid Persians led by Khosrau II push south through Palestine to the Sinai and Egypt, conquering Jerusalem, butchering 60,000 Christians, selling 35,000 into slavery and demolishing the Christian shrines.621 A.D. The prophet Muhammads (SM) journey to the Heavens (Meraj or Ascension) gave him fresh inspiration and the courage of heart to continue his prophetic mission in the service of God and Islam. On the way to Heaven the prophet stopped over Jerusalem and lead spiritual prayers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the presence of more than 124,000 souls of departed prophets.622 A.D. With divine consent, prophet Muhammad (SM), along with a band of his Muslim followers, emigrated to Holy Madina on the invitation of its wise elders, who acknowledged him as the Prophet of God. He built a Mosque in Holy Madina. This was also the beginning of the Islamic Hijra Calendar. He established the first Islamic State in Holy Madina.623 A.D. Muslims were instructed by the prophet to turn towards the Holy Kaaba in Holy Mecca during their prayer instead of Jerusalem (Baitul Moqadas) as was the practice heretofore. The prophet gave the covenant of Holy Madina to govern the relations between the Islamic State and its inhabitants, between the State and its non-Muslim citizens and the rights and duties of the citizens and the State.628 A.D. Prophet Muhammad (SM) signed the Peace Treaty of Hudaibya with Holy Meccas emissaries under which Muslims were, inter Alia, allowed to go to the Holy Kaaba for the annual pilgrimage in restricted numbers. Muslims won the battle of Khaybar in the same year. Prophet Muhammad (SM) wrote to the Heads of many States to enter the fold of Islam.629 A.D. The Byzantine Emperor Heraclius returns to Jerusalem, massacres the Jews, expels the survivors and restores the ruined city.630 A.D. Mecca surrenders to Muhammad (SM) and during the next seven years, the Empire of Heracluis begins to fall to the rising Arab Nation.632 A.D. Prophet Muhammads (SM) last Haj pilgrimage at the Holy Mecca and his historic sermon on Mount Arafat on the outskirts of Holy Mecca.Death of Muhammad (SM). (Prophet of Mankind and Peace in Holy City Madina).638 A.D. Úmar Ibn Al-Khattab (R), the second Muslim Caliph, captures Jerusalem and builds the first Mosque on the site where Solomon had erected the first temple. Úmar (R) is deeply conscious of Jerusalms universal sacredness and during his rule there is justice and freedom of worship. As People of the Book, Christians are exempt from payment of a poll tax.687 A.D. Ábd Al-Malik orders the erection of the Dome of the Rock (the oldest Muslim Sanctuary still standing in Jerusalem) for the purpose of attracting pilgrims to the Holy City.691 A.D. Dome of the Rock completed. Christians and Muslims coexist peacefully and their pilgrims share the Holy City.1077 A.D. A fierce band of Turkish nomads called Seljuks swarm through Persia, Iraq and Egypt, finally seizing Jerusalem. For over twenty years the Christians are prevented from worshiping in the Holy City.1096 A.D. In retaliation, the first crusaders depart for the Holy Land. Their number is made up of Christians from England, France and Germany. Over 100,000 foot soldiers pillage and battle their way across Asia, without order or discipline. Less than ten percent reach Jerusalem.1098 A.D. By the time the crusaders reach the Holy city, the Egyptians of the Fatmids Empire have recaptured the city. Though the Fatmids had always given Christians the freedom of the city.1099 A.D. The crusaders led by Godfroi de Bouillon capture Jerusalem, butchering its defendants and inhabitants, men, women and children alike, and defile the Mosque of Al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock. De Bouillon becomes the defender of the Holy Sepulcher.1100-1118 A.D. Reign of Baldwin I, first ruler of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem. Plaster is applied over Arabic inscriptions and the Dome of the Rock is transformed into a Christian Church. Muslims and Jews are forbidden to reside in Jerusalem.1187 A.D. Saladin, vizier of Egypt, is determined to restore the Dome of the Rock to Arab rule. Through daring political and military maneuvers, he becomes King of Egypt and Syria. Finally, he achieves his objectives and captures Jerusalem. He restores Muslim and Jewish inhabitation of the city.1192 A.D. Saladin and Richard the Lion-Hearted sign a five-year truce, ending the third crusade and giving Christians the right to make pilgrimages to Jerusalem.1193 A.D. Saladin dies.1229 A.D. The two succeeding monarchs, Sultan Al-Kamil and Frederick II of Germany, briefly revert the Holy City to Christian rule. Warfare again sweeps the city and Arabs again recaptured Jerusalem. For nearly seven centuries Christians would not again govern Jerusalem.1250 A.D. The Mamelukes rise against the Ayyubid Caliphs in Cairo, seize power in Egypt and turn Palestine into an Egyptian province, beginning a 267-year reign of Egyptians, during which 47 sovereigns briefly sit upon the bloodstained throne.1260 A.D. The Tartars pillaged the city.1267 A.D. The Mamelukes take control of Jerusalem and inaugurate a period of architectural beautification of Muslim Jerusalem. They also rebuild the walls of the city.1400 A.D. Muhammad II, a Sultan of the Ottoman Turks, successfully besieges the city of Constantinople.1517 A.D. Salim I (Muhammad IIs grandson) captures Jerusalem from the Mameluke army. According to the original writs of Úmar, he gives the Christians jurisdiction over their holy shrines.1537 A.D. Suleiman the Magnificent, successor of Salim, begins his campaign to rebuild, beautify and fortify Jerusalem.1816 A.D. A decree of the reigning Sultan allows the Jews free entrance to Palestine. From this time on, the Jewish population increases rapidly.1827 A.D. United States opens the first diplomatic mission in Jerusalem.1839 A.D. British Consulate is established in Jerusalem, extending protection to the Jews.1847 A.D. The Catholic Church is renewed in Jerusalem.1854 A.D. Turkey, England, France and Russia fight the Crimean War- ostensibly to settle the question of jurisdiction over Jerusalems holy shrines.1860 A.D. The first Jewish suburbs are built outside the wall.1896 A.D. Theodore Herzl publishes The Jewish State, a pamphlet that details a plan for the establishment of an autonomous Jewish State in Palestine under the authority of the Sultan.1897 A.D. First Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland. The creation of a homeland for Jews in Palestine is proclaimed as the goal of the Zionist movement. There is a tremendous upsurge of Jewish migration to the Holy Land.1917 A.D. This Universal Message From the 43rd direct descendant of the last Prophet of mankind, Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him), His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi Sheikh Mohammad Nurul Alam;President World Spiritual Assembly, New York, USA. (His Eminency has been supporting the United Nations since 1985 and United Nations General Assembly designated his Organization DCB, as a United Nations Peace Messenger Organization in 1986.)
All concerned are requested to be ready to face and overcome about the current situation of the World and future of the World. The human being is the crowned creation of Almighty God. The Jews, Christians, and Muslims, are cousin brothers in accordance to the Holy Quran. The Muslims, constantly prays for peace for the descendants of Abraham (PBUH) everyday in their five times prayer since 1400 years ago (Durud Sharif (part), “Allah Humma Sawlle Ala, Saye Dena Mohammadio .., Kama Sallaita Ala Ibrahima Wala Ale Ibrahim, Innaka Hamidum Majid .., Ref, This is a part of Muslims five times prayer, in accordance Holy Quran & Hadith Sharif), So Why are they fighting with each other? Because of the fanatic belief and malpractice of reality of theology, Muslims, Jews, and Christians do not understand the Abraham’s ideology. No one shall dominate in a War or Fight. The fanaticism of “So-Called: Muslims, Christians & Jews also Political Dilemma” must stop to avoid the WWIII. The World federation of the United Nations still exists, but they are only talking about peace. They have their own agenda for international security and peace, but no one abides. For that reason, the UN Security Council Resolution since WWII has been disregarded by the disputed nations. The single superpower, the United States of America has been playing their own role by their own way, without following the UN Charter and UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It was reported to me and confirmed that, Western Media is taking advantage to paralyze the truth of Islamic Ideology, which establishes Peace & Prosperity towards mankind since 1400 years ago, “Islam does not approve fanaticism or terrorism”. Subsequently, some sects of Islam in the name so-called “Jihad” encouraged by misguided political groups and patron by Russia, USA and other powerful nations to carry out terrorism activities to diminish the Islam from its course. I am challenging and warning, to whom, those who are engaged in such activities to stop immediately otherwise the consequences shall be paid by the Almighty God. My prayer is that all human beings, the crowned creation of God, May Allah, the Almighty bless them, bless America, and bless United Nations and other countries victimized by manmade disasters. “AMEEN”
2nd universal comment an accordance of Holy Quran of Hiseminency Dr. Alam:
The human being is the crown creation of Almighty God. The Jewish, Christian and Muslim are cousin brother, why fighting each other? we are the descendant of prophet Abraham (PBUH). In accordance the Holy Quaran, the Muslim pray 5 times in side the prayer every Muslim every day 5 times praying for Abraham descendants; why fanatic Jewish, Christian and Muslim does not recognize this value of this thing; Be aware for the future, don’t fight each other. The human being is the crown creation of Almighty God. The Jewish, Christian and Muslim are cousin brother, why fighting other?

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