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CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm

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Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals

Mission: CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm (www.cjacres.org) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all-volunteer organization that exists to rescue, rehabilitate, and reintroduce in-need animals suffering from abuse, abandonment, neglect or catastrophic disasters, all while promoting compassionate animal care to the community.

Target demographics: In-need animals throughout the United States. Currently, our "residents" come from Arizona, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, South Carolina and even Canada.

Geographic areas served: United States

Community Stories

6 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

11 dalestine

Client Served

Rating: 5

CJ ACRES is not just a sanctuary for the animals, whose many lives are saved there.It is also a haven for the people who give tirelessly of their time, their passion and their love to care for them.One might not generally think of a barn and its environs as a magical place but that is most certainly how I see CJ ACRES. Very recently, I found myself in an incredibly difficult and emotionally-charged situation in regards to my 16-year old cat Patch. Without going into the details of the for-me-very-sad story, suffice it to say that I reached out to Lee Sacket, the "lead mare" at CJ and after a series of important and appropriate questions, he took her in without hesitation. Had it not been for Lee and the sanctuary, Patch would not have made her way further into an ideal setting and home to live out the remainder of her years. I will always miss her, but I know in my heart that I did the "right" thing by taking her to CJ ACRES.I do not know the number, but I venture to say that there are VERY few farm animal sanctuaries in existence. For me, this is some of the most important work that is being done on the planet. It speaks not only to the rescues who live at CJ, but to a greater global consciousness and awareness. I highly recommend that anyone who finds him- or herself in the area (or nearby) inquire about receiving a guided tour of the farm. I even MORE highly recommend that everyone consider becoming a donor. It is very easy to create a recurring donation directly from your bank account. One can choose to be an active participant for as little as $12 per month by becoming a member of the Compassion Club.I could go on and on as I cannot say enough good, glowing and glorious things about CJ ACRES, but for now, I'll leave it right here. PLEASE DONATE and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!



Rating: 5

Amazing amazing animal sanctuary! Such an incredible experience with all the animals! Lee is an amazing person to work with!



Rating: 5

I was introduced to CJ Acres by a friend when we went to a "farm day" event. What an amazing experience! We learned about all the animals stories and even did a few "chores" that made us all feel useful but not overworked. We got to interact with them, feed them, and truly see their different personalities! Lee was very careful to make sure we (and the animals) knew the boundaries. Overall a fabulous experience that I believe everyone should have the chance to experience!
Since then, I've had the opportunity to go back on a couple occasions (they hold fundraiser events that are tons of fun - like wine with the swines), and it's always the same, fantastic, educational experience.

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Lee S. 07/20/2016

We appreciate your kind words and support and look forward to seeing ewe at the sanctuary soon!

20 AliciaCabreraThomas


Rating: 1

Animals at this "FARM" are all in terrible states of health.
SIX have died in SIX MONTHS!~~
They arrive here & they die.
One arrived in late March & by April 16th, 2014 we saw posts of his almost NEAR DEATH!
Photographs of blood and an animal NOT SEDATED.
The owner by his own admission allows his sheep to carry 50 + pounds of wool in the HORRIBLE Northeast Florida heat because to quote him " I cannot catch them" .
I recently saw photos from this past weekend of these sheep and their coats are
disgusting dirty and matted and filled with their excrement in the rear.
How can they eliminate if their wool is matted?
In April, CJ ACRES almost KILLED Two " NEW" RESIDENTs.
They gelded a donkey & by their own Admission that donkey "BLED OUT" and almost died.
On the same day a ram had an "ALLERGIC" reaction to anesthesia & also almost died.
Two botched procedures in one day?
Kevin the Rooster arrived in August 2013 and was dead by November 2013.
The Rescue posted photographs of the gelding procedure and the Donkey was NOT sedated, there is a man ( the man who runs the rescue) wearing gloves - holding the donkey's legs with a rope that is
SO TAUT that you can see the muscles in the donkey's leg moving -
which meant the DONKEY, a terrified & sentient being was indeed NOT sedated.
A sentient animal at a " rescue" GELDED and not sedated? Why?
Anyone familiar w/animal husbandry and equine KNOWS you do NOT Geld Donkeys
especially if they are over 12 years old as was the case with this one.
He, then posted a " plea " for monies to cover this botched procedure -
which took place on GRASS with no sheet and no clean area.
The donkey is SHOWN bleeding on the grass.
Grass means bugs, ants, and dirt and infection.
But the owner of this rescue DOES not have any common sense.
No responsible animal owner allows a 2 hour bleed out & a surgical procedure done ON GRASS!
Five to Six animals died between September 2013 and February 2014.
There is a revolving door of volunteers and NONE of them are familiar with animal husbandry.
Photos have been posted of the Mustangs coming out of winter with their Hip Bones
And RIBS showing.
These are the alleged "MIRACLE " Mustangs.
Any Horse Vet would tell you it is a miracle they did not DIE due to exposure & lack of food at this locale.
Florida was hit by the Polar Vortex TWICE this winter and to see mustangs so thin their ribs show- makes it evident that CJ ACRES does not tend to its animals and is UNDESERVING OF ANY MONIES.
This 501 (C) is currently being sued over the above mentioned donkey & a few other animals on his farm. Most 501 (c) deserving of money do NOT go to court and fight to keep animals they almost killed.
His pastures are filled with sand and weeds up to the horses withers.
Talk to the previous members of the Board of Directors and you will learn they ALL RESIGNED
as they could not work with the man who runs this "RESCUE"
He has even gone so far as to buy cute piglets and then post that the responsible owner he bought them from was actually "Being Investigated" again SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH, that when she learned of this
She advised him to remove his slanderous posts on Facebook & he did.
There is no "REHAB" at this locale, I understand the Mustangs are so feral they cannot be properly Vaccinated for East West Nile Virus, nor from what I could see at the Fundraiser I attended,
have they seen a Farrier in years.
As we all know an equine's hooves are it's health.
We have documented hooves so long on videos and photos the equine seem to have an odd gait.
The man who runs this "Sanctuary" has never adopted an animal out in the past two years,
I visited CJ ACRES & was shocked at the horrible conditions of the pastures and the extremely thin horses. Recently at an event I saw Esteban the Turkey, who appears to have been attacked by another animal.
I asked the owner, who does their hooves, in one breath he claimed he did & in the next he stated he could not CATCH the sheep nor the mustangs to tend their hooves.
Animals arrive and then die.
So many BAD REVIEWS went up on the FACEBOOK page that the administrator
moved the " REVIEWS" ~ so one has to SEARCH for them ~they are now hidden!~
That should speak to the integrity of this 501 (c)
He cannot afford a 500.00 Vet Bill ( Posted on Social Media)
but he can afford an Event called "WINE WITH THE SWINE"
Should this 501 ( c ) spend the money on his animals instead of wine?
Why is his board of directors ( if it exists) so silent on the many deaths & terrible states of the animals?
IF Farm Sanctuary is the GOLD Standard -- CJ ACRES ANIMAL RESCUE FARM should be shut down.
Or have their 501 (s) status revoked.
GO TO OTHER 501 (c) who do NOT have a revolving door or volunteers.



Rating: 5

I am proud to have donated to CJ Acres numerous times over the past several years. It is completely volunteer-run, which means your money is going directly to help the animals. CJ Acres in an incredible place, both for it's rescued animal residents, and for the inspiration and education it provides for its visitors. I highly reccanend visiting, volunteering, and donating!

3 Deborrah H.


Rating: 5

We and the rescued animals are beyond fortunate to have CJ Acres here in Northeast Florida. Lee Sackett's tireless energy and dedication benefit not only the lucky animals who call CJ Acres home, but also the community. Here's how: In addtition to their fundamental rescue mission, CJ Acres educates and reaches out the community, With Lee's expertise and sensitivity, the animal ambassadors provide information and are living testimonials to help people make the personal connection between farm animal exploitation and their plates. The CJ Acres team does a great job participating in outreach events that help bring CJ Acres to the public, as well as organize ongoing events that bring people to CJ Acres -- all the while prioritizing care of the animals.



Rating: 5

I am a volunteer and a donor to CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm. I can't think of a more deserving charity. All the money goes to the care of the animals--nobody takes a salary from this organization. Everyone, including the Lead Mare (Executive Director) is a volunteer. The animals receive the best care. The animals may be adopted, and if not, they end up with a wonderful home for life right there at CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm. CJ Acres is straightforward, honest, and does a fantastic job.