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CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals

Mission: CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm (www.cjacres.org) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all-volunteer organization that exists to rescue, rehabilitate, and reintroduce in-need animals suffering from abuse, abandonment, neglect or catastrophic disasters, all while promoting compassionate animal care to the community.

Target demographics: In-need animals throughout the United States. Currently, our "residents" come from Arizona, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, South Carolina and even Canada.

Geographic areas served: United States

Community Stories

2 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

11 dalestine

Client Served

Rating: 5

CJ ACRES is not just a sanctuary for the animals, whose many lives are saved there.It is also a haven for the people who give tirelessly of their time, their passion and their love to care for them.One might not generally think of a barn and its environs as a magical place but that is most certainly how I see CJ ACRES. Very recently, I found myself in an incredibly difficult and emotionally-charged situation in regards to my 16-year old cat Patch. Without going into the details of the for-me-very-sad story, suffice it to say that I reached out to Lee Sacket, the "lead mare" at CJ and after a series of important and appropriate questions, he took her in without hesitation. Had it not been for Lee and the sanctuary, Patch would not have made her way further into an ideal setting and home to live out the remainder of her years. I will always miss her, but I know in my heart that I did the "right" thing by taking her to CJ ACRES.I do not know the number, but I venture to say that there are VERY few farm animal sanctuaries in existence. For me, this is some of the most important work that is being done on the planet. It speaks not only to the rescues who live at CJ, but to a greater global consciousness and awareness. I highly recommend that anyone who finds him- or herself in the area (or nearby) inquire about receiving a guided tour of the farm. I even MORE highly recommend that everyone consider becoming a donor. It is very easy to create a recurring donation directly from your bank account. One can choose to be an active participant for as little as $12 per month by becoming a member of the Compassion Club.I could go on and on as I cannot say enough good, glowing and glorious things about CJ ACRES, but for now, I'll leave it right here. PLEASE DONATE and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

11 Johannes2

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

I attended two events at Cj Acres. Each time the pigs had bleeding sores on the ears and the volunteer with the tattoos said there are many reports to the local animal control. When I was there the volunteers kept talking about the lawsuits filed against this rescue. I asked them why this was happening and they said the owner was never there and he kept lying to the public and losing animals. Last year six animals went missing and he didn't let them look for the lost animals.He told them to take down the missing flyers. I asked the man who runs the events if he worked outside of this rescue and he said no. He owned the rescue and didnt need a job. So does that means that the money donated has been used to fund his lawsuits and pay attorneys fees. That is against the law. I asked him why he auctioned off animals and he told me that he never did. I found court papers that show the truth. When you look at the animals and facilities when you are on the grounds it looks like a petting zoo that one sees at carnivals the animals are in severe neglect. I do not believe that this place serves the public. Why are there so many lawsuits and why are donations used in direct violation of laws that direct non profits. Also there is a group of people that harass and attack and lie about those who have complained about this place. That is the well kept secret that the volunteers all tell you. If you complain the attacks begin. I think this place should be closed down. If you go to events there is a huge difference from what you see on their social media. The animals on social media are not at the Keystone Hieghts location. Where are they. The volunteers described the horrible castration of the animal auctioned off in the lawsuit they said he almost bled to death and that no one cared.

20 Lynda16

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

CJ Acres has a Go Fund Me Account, where they are LYING about receiving a PIG from PETA.
We have made contact with PETA who have begun an investigation.
The "PIG" that CJ ACRES keeps claiming is being sent to Keystone Hieghts, was NEVER even considered being sent to this horrible farm.
The pig went to Virginia- Why is CJAARF claiming that PETA is sending it here?
They are not legitimate.
Farm Sanctuary does not lie.
No legitimate Rescue lies.
There is no insurance on the 501 (c).
Who lies and runs a scam via GO FUND ME on their Facebook Page?

The man who runs it COLLECTED funds ILLEGALLY in PETA' s name.
WILLFULLY knowing that he would not be receiving ANY abused PIG from PETA.
Call PETA and confirm this or go to Twitter & check out CJAARF and the PETA PIG.
PETA's letters are uploaded
This RESCUE lied. They KILL.
Star the Blind Mare DIED here.
Kevin the Rooster lasted three month.
Star is Starving. Star is a Mustang who arrived healthy & fat almost.
Ask them about Nikki.
We have e mails and phone calls from PETA.
This farm lies and steals from the public.
Riverside Arts Mart, a farmers market in Jacksonville, recieved many protests, when CJAARF claimed that RAM requested they man a booth.
We discovered the truth - CJAARF paid the 25.00 REDUCED fee and was
given a slot just as anyone else that PAID the fee.
The manager agreed that she did not agree they should even be allowed at RAM but they let them.
They are aware of Star the Mustang being starved.
This MAN who runs the "Rescue" lies and lies.
This rescue was SUED in court over the animals he illegally obtained.
So this rescue AUCTIONED them off for CASH.
Moses the Ram ws the subject of a lawsuit, so was Opie the donkey and quite a few other animals.
This rescue SUBMITTED court documents signed by the owner, his name typed & his signature clearly legible STATING that every animal subject to this lawsuit was AUCTIONED off two weeks before the court hearing.
This "Rescue" took in animals in February.
They gelded a 12 year old donkey and almost killed it when it bled out.
That incident caused animal humane agencies to be contacted.
Star the Mustang was photographed in June with her bones exposed and ribs jutting out.
She is my profile photo on Facebook - her photograph went viral
As for the animals in the court case?
They lied about how the animals came to arrive at this location.
They lied about the previous owners and slandered them - calling them homeless and hoarders.
Not the truth.
They were taken to court and the LEAD MARE signed documents under the PENALTY of PERJURY that he and the 2nd "Rescue" auctioned the animals off to the highest bidder.
If you scroll down, you will see that the very RAM he told the Judge he "AUCTIONED" was the subject, of a HORRIFIC shearing party.
No proper animal RESCUE holds a SHEARING party.
They subjected Moses to hours of terrified abuse.
Why didn't they use a professional sheep shearer?
The job would have been done in less than 10 minutes.
It is obvious these people took pleasure in the harming and fear of the poor ram.
The women pose gleefully with scissors and the WRONG type of shearing tools.
Moses has been carrying dirty wool for months.
In March a volunteer, who was undercover photographed is feces & urine stained rear.
She photographed the matted coat and dead insects.
There are animals at this "Rescue" that should be removed.
If you read the comments of people who are "NEW" - it is easy to see they have no idea what they are doing.
No one but a PROFESSIONAL should Shear a "rescued" ram.
And if a Ram has been "AUCTIONED" Off and the court documents speak to that.
Then there is something wrong here.
This "Rescue" lies to Judges.
This "Rescue" lied about PETA and the Pig.
Are they going to REFUND the money to those who donate?
Are they going to write a check to PETA?
Are they going to keep lying and claiming animals are arriving and are not?
When are they going to give us the VET bills and financials that we keep requesting?
What have they to hide?
They MOVED thier last fund raiser OFF SITE.
I believe they are aware that many are revealing the horror of this place.
That doesn't change things.
We SAW on social media THE HORROR Moses went through when he was CRUELLY sheared.
TIED up like a dog.
Sheared on a DIRTY Floor.
There are no real workers at this "rescue".
Just people that come and go.
Social Media is giving us the many photos we need.
As are the undercover volunteers who have decided to give photographs to authorities
Surrounded by people who looked drunk, at least 13 surrounded him - holding his legs as if they were going to put him on a grill and cook him

Shut CJAARF down.
Go to Twitter and look at the many posts about the PETA PIG and thier lies.
Go to Social Media And see what PETA has said about that PIG.
Do NOT donate to this place.
It MUST be shut down.
This place revels in cruelly harming animals.
Gelding Stevo without anesthesia.
Almost killing Moses by anesthestizing him and causing an almost DEADLY allergic reaction in March.
LYING AND PERJURY to the Clay County Municipal Court.
CJAARF must be shut down.
The animals are suffering and the people who go there revel in harming them
Reading that this woman "ENJOYED" the shearing is heartbreaking.
The Florida State Authorities who govern 501 (c)'s and those who govern Matching Funds have been given all of this documentation.
PETA is also on their trail.
This could ONLY happen in FLORIDA.