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Children of the Night

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Causes: Children & Youth, Children & Youth Services, Crime & Law, Homeless & Housing, Homeless Shelters, Youth Violence Prevention

Mission: Children of the Night is a privately funded non-profit organization established in 1979 and dedicated to rescuing America’s children from the ravages of prostitution.

Results: We have rescued over 10,000 American children, boys and girls, from prostitution.

Programs: The shelter home provides appropriate care and supervision of american's children (ages 11-17) who have been forced to prostitute and seek refuge in our home, attend our onsite school and receive comprehensive case management. In the last 36 years we have placed 100 children in colleges across america and many of our successful graduates are teachers, 911 emergency operators, nurses and child care workers. In 2014, we received 5342 calls on our toll free nationwide sex trafficking hotline and 5016 online educational services and extensive case management through our wow program. There were 7 children who lived in our home that were placed in college. There were 4359 young women, 850 young men and 45 transgender who called our hotline. Of those callers 29 were rescued directly from a pimp/trafficker, 694 received intervention in a crisis. Our shelter home received 70 children (ages 11-17) who have been sex trafficked right here in the united states. This year only girls sought admission to our home and 63% of those girls were 16 years old or younger. Only 8 (11%) returned to the streets 7 (10%) of these children were placed in colleges 38 (54%) returned to their families 44 (63%) were 16 years of age or younger 4 completed a high school dipolma or passed the high school equivalency exam 2 participated in a college prep university summer camp 2 entered the los angeles county science fair and 1 won the nuclear society award 7 students completed the "baby think it over" program that includes an empathy belly and child care for a full week 14 (44%) developed keyboarding speeds in excess of 50wpm 9 completed a comprehensive independent living program completion of the independent living program and the achievement of at least 50 wpm in keyboarding provides the child with the opportunity to attend driver's training. 6 completed driver's training programchildren of the night wow(with out walls) offers young people in shelters, drop in centers and outreach programs throughout america on-line ged assessments and ged tutoring, funding for ged testing. In 2014 we partnered with goodwill of california as well as smaller agencies but plan to grow with goodwill nationwide. 29% of our referrals were from goodwill 21% were children of the night alumniin 2014, children of the night provided 5016 services to 490 clients in 30 states. There were 407 who received ged services and 83 who received case management. Of those callers 331 were female, 157 were male and 2 were transgender. Online tutoring represented 80% of our calls and 26 of our students successfulyy passed the ged. Online students were spread across the united states but significant numbers were as follows: 61% were calling from california 8% were from florida 7% were from north carolina 7% were from texas

Community Stories

5 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

15 years ago, I was haunted by a mural on the side of an office building in Hollywood, CA depicting a child prostitute along side the name of a rescue organization “Children of the Night.”

Compelled to visit the home and meet Dr. Lois Lee, who founded Children of the Night in 1979 as a walk-in shelter, I marveled at the magic of children between the ages of eleven and seventeen (all of them victims of child prostitution) getting to be regular kids and receiving an education at the on-site school. I was instantly inspired to become a financial donor as well as a volunteer, teaching journalism as extra credit for their English class.

My first week in the classroom, a 12-year-old wisp of a girl asked if she could write about her pimp… I decided this class would have no parameters on topic nor language. Some students pour out their feelings in poetry, others in desperate prose. After 14 years of reading these autobiographically inspired pieces, it never becomes easier to keep my tears in check.

13-year-old Hanna had been forced to provide sexual acts to boys in her school. Her grandmother reported it; but the school did nothing, so she pulled Hanna out and called COTN. Hanna has been at COTN since June 2014. A few months after arriving, she placed 2nd in the Los Angeles County Science Fair, competing against 1,000 teens from schools across our country. Last July, Hanna attended “Super Camp,” a college summer prep program at Stanford University!

Lea’s father sold her to sex trafficking (between Mexico & US). Last April, the 17-year-old was left for dead. Having the wits to contact Law Enforcement, Lea currently has 2 cases pending in the FBI & Sheriff’s Department. She is now sober and will be taking part 1 of the GED this month. Upon completion, she will enroll in a Nursing Program.

10,000 children have found their way to COTN. Most all of these runaway street kids’ stories began as abused children and they would do anything to survive.

In 2011, Dr. Lois Lee also created “Children of the Night With Out Walls” (WOW). WOW provides critical services needed to permanently remove anyone, any age from life on the streets. Recipients of these resources no longer have to be below 18 to have access to COTN’s life changing services.

I feel privileged to have been able help underwrite the cost of the WOW annex, that houses 9 video conferencing computers staffed by live tutors and helps people like 19-year-old Pete, who suffers with paranoia and is chronically homeless. WOW helped him get his High School Equivalency certificate, complete a resume, and enroll in a local community college. The COTN 24 hour hotline and case managers continue to provide him with the support services to manage his paranoia and successfully complete his college classes.

I am also proud to be the current chairman of the board of this extraordinary organization.

Review from #MyGivingStory


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

Okay, so let me get this straight. Children of the Night used to be called the California Association of Trollops and was partially run by people we now consider human traffickers. Suddenly Hugh Hefner gets involved because he wants to "rescue teenagers from the ravages of prostitution," gives lots and lots of money, till he finally becomes their "hero" a year after he is presumably having sex with twin teenage sisters at the age of 83. And in addition, the founder, executive director, Lois Lee, "devised a scheme" to put another children's charity out of business. She gets people beaten and apparently holds a loaded gun right up to the chest of a 17 year old actress, threatening to kill her. But wait! a 14 year old girl is sodomized inside the Children of the Night shelter. Of course, this is after she tried to have a benefit with a date with a call girl as a grand prize from Danni Ash's Hard Drive. And this was after Children of the Night was majorly fined by the United States Postal Service for misusing their nonprofit bulk mailing permit. Lois Lee apparently takes pride that when she was younger, she used to take teenage girls in the sex trade in, in her apartment. Hmmm. I wonder if there would be any raised eyebrows if Hugh Hefner or Charlie Sheen did that? Oh, and check out the salary of Lois Lee on Guidestar. She make close to a quarter of a mil on a $2 mil budget. Great place to send kids. Great place to donate. Not. I was a runaway. I was a teenage girl prostitute. I know about Children of the Night all too well. Hey, if you see anyone from there coming, run Forrest, run!

2 Huntington

General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

Could there possibly be a worse organization? Children of the Night is a supposed "helping" charity that operates behind locked doors and barred windows. It says that it "rescues" teenage girls from the sex trade, but it posts Hugh Hefner as it's "hero" on its website. A 14-year-old girl was sodomized inside its shelter. Its director, Lois Lee, CON's Founder and Executive Director, takes an obscenely high salary. Lee caused a friend of mine to be beaten while she watched and from what I heard from direct eye witnesses, she aimed a presumably loaded gun with a silencer attached at a 17-year-old girl whom she conned into believing that the girl the 17-year-old girl was trying to help was an endangered runaway. I would as soon recommend that young girls be sent to Al Qaeda than to CON. Maybe that's a pretty extreme statement, but the fact is that it would be a cold day in hell before I would send any girl to either.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 2

I wanted to donate to this organization, but can't justify the salary for the founder. Who is being served here? Compensation % of Expenses Paid to Title
$216,482 12.46% Lois Lee Founder


General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

Children of the Night is a valuable tool in the fight against American child prostitution. The founder goes above and beyond the call of duty to help rescue these children. The children get the help they need, justice is provided, and recovery begins here.