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Children of the Night

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Causes: Children & Youth, Children & Youth Services, Crime & Law, Homeless & Housing, Homeless Shelters, Youth Violence Prevention

Mission: Children of the Night is a privately funded non-profit organization established in 1979 and dedicated to rescuing America’s children from the ravages of prostitution.

Results: We have rescued over 10,000 American children, boys and girls, from prostitution.

Programs: The shelter home provides appropriate care and supervision of american's children (ages 11-17) who have been forced to prostitute and seek refuge in our home, attend our onsite school and receive comprehensive case management. In the last 36 years we have placed 100 children in colleges across america and many of our successful graduates are teachers, 911 emergency operators, nurses and child care workers. In 2014, we received 5342 calls on our toll free nationwide sex trafficking hotline and 5016 online educational services and extensive case management through our wow program. There were 7 children who lived in our home that were placed in college. There were 4359 young women, 850 young men and 45 transgender who called our hotline. Of those callers 29 were rescued directly from a pimp/trafficker, 694 received intervention in a crisis. Our shelter home received 70 children (ages 11-17) who have been sex trafficked right here in the united states. This year only girls sought admission to our home and 63% of those girls were 16 years old or younger. Only 8 (11%) returned to the streets 7 (10%) of these children were placed in colleges 38 (54%) returned to their families 44 (63%) were 16 years of age or younger 4 completed a high school dipolma or passed the high school equivalency exam 2 participated in a college prep university summer camp 2 entered the los angeles county science fair and 1 won the nuclear society award 7 students completed the "baby think it over" program that includes an empathy belly and child care for a full week 14 (44%) developed keyboarding speeds in excess of 50wpm 9 completed a comprehensive independent living program completion of the independent living program and the achievement of at least 50 wpm in keyboarding provides the child with the opportunity to attend driver's training. 6 completed driver's training programchildren of the night wow(with out walls) offers young people in shelters, drop in centers and outreach programs throughout america on-line ged assessments and ged tutoring, funding for ged testing. In 2014 we partnered with goodwill of california as well as smaller agencies but plan to grow with goodwill nationwide. 29% of our referrals were from goodwill 21% were children of the night alumniin 2014, children of the night provided 5016 services to 490 clients in 30 states. There were 407 who received ged services and 83 who received case management. Of those callers 331 were female, 157 were male and 2 were transgender. Online tutoring represented 80% of our calls and 26 of our students successfulyy passed the ged. Online students were spread across the united states but significant numbers were as follows: 61% were calling from california 8% were from florida 7% were from north carolina 7% were from texas

Community Stories

3 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

Children of the NIght is the best organization I've ever had the priviledge of working for and Lois is beyond dedicated to the children her organization serves.

Her methods and ideas are progressive, well implemented, effective and reflected in the success of her program.

I ran the street teams for Children of the NIght in the 80's and 90's until it was no longer possible because gangs were dominating the streets and forced the kids underground. I can say from first hand expereience the services of Children of the Night need to be taken directly to the children where they survive. I don't know of any other agency capable of doing this other than Children of the Night.


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

I was living in Las Vegas, Nevada when I received a call from a girl I'll call "Jane Doe". She was only 17 years old. I knew she was living in a trailer with her father - and soon found out her father was actually her pimp. Turned on her father was also mom's pimp too. So every day he'd send mom and daughter out to bring him home "his money". In Vegas there's only a few shelters that will take someone under the age of 18 - and he knows where those shelters were. She was afraid if she went there - that he'd show up demanding to see her and as her father and with her being a minor that she could not refuse to see him. If she stayed with me she was also worried if he showed up with the police he could force them to make her leave and come home with him. She felt if she told the police she didn't want to go home with him because he was pimping her - that then he would take it out on her mom and her other sisters. I called Children of the Night and they said if I could get her to either an airport or a bus station they would arrange to pay for her transportation there to Los Angeles and take care of everything. She didn't have any ID to board a plane - so I took her to the bus station. Whenever I send someone to a program - I always ask them to call me to make sure they got admitted safe and sound. She told me she was made to feel welcome and felt very comfortable there at Children of the Night. They helped her get clean from drugs, get her GED, and a driver's license. I picked her up from the bus station when she came back to Vegas after CON helped her. She is now married, has two children, is clean from drugs and out of prostitution. Because of her age and the complication of her father being her pimp - I do not believe I could have helped her without CON being there for her the way they were. I also don't know of any other program that would have been able to respond so quickly when I called to have her on that bus just a few hours later. They are truly amazing and saving lives.

1 donausten@thursdayschild.org

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

I was beaten by a volunteer of Children of the Night as its founder and director, Lois Lee sat idly watching. Lee had orchestrated "a scheme" to lure me to Marina del Rey in an attempt to discredit the organization for children I was with. I was left with permanent back injuries as a result, which are the cause of excruciating pain to this day. The following is from the charge evaluation sheet as completed by the Los Angeles District Attorney's office. LOS ANGELES COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY CHARGE EVALUATION SHEET DA CASE NU. 90-0556 COMPLAINT DEPUTY JAMES E. KOLLER REVIEWING DEPUTY R. GUNSON I.I.B File Case No. 090-0031 "It is this Internal Affairs Investigation prepared by Sergeants T. Pradia and Sergeant E. Allen of the Internal Investigations Bureau that reveals the true nature of the conflict that occurred on November 9, 1989. Lois Lee, Executive Director of Children of the Night, devised a scheme whereby Donald Austen1 would be lured from his business to assist a non-existent runaway girl. Ms. Lee states the purpose of this fraud was to obtain a photograph of Mr. Austen. Ms. Lee's plan was to have her friend, Robert Christie, request Mr. Austen meet the feigned runaway at a restaurant. To activate this ruse Ms. Lee obtained the assistance of a private investigator, two photographers, two co-workers, three deputy sheriffs and the deputy's wife. These nine individuals were present at the restaurant before Mr. Austen's arrival. This investigation reveals that off-duty Sergeant Gil Parra contacted the Marina del Rey Station and requested assistance in making a traffic stop of Donald Austen, whom he described as a homicide suspect. The evidence suggests an intent to unlawfully detain Mr. Austen. It is also clear that Sergeant Gil Parra and off-duty Lieutenant William Salveson misrepresented the legitimacy of their investigation of Donald Austen to the Marina del Rey Station deputies. And, we note the plan as described by Lois Lee appears far too elaborate for its express purpose of obtaining photographs." I was not the only victim of Lee's "scheme." Also were former Oregon police officer, Margaret Weems, and her daughter, actress, Priscilla Weems, who were both volunteers with my charity. In 2008, Children of the Night sued both me and the charity for publishing on the Internet what Children of the Night did. After the UCLU took up our right to freedom of speech, COTN dismissed their claim.