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2011 Top-Rated Nonprofit

Canvass for a Cause

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Civil Rights, Lesbian & Gay Rights, LGBTQ

Mission: Canvass for a Cause is incorporated as a 501c4 working to build support for the progressive movement. Staff and volunteers have worked on a projects ranging from marriage equality, DADT, to cannabis reform, as well as international relief efforts.

Geographic areas served: California

Community Stories

4 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters



Rating: 5

As a Cfac employee for three years, I have repeatedly witnessed acts of vengeful retaliation, by leadership. to shame, mock or humiliate ANYONE from asking obvious and innocent questions reguarding Cfacs methods. Weather at storefronts with supporters, during staff meetings with leadership. or on this website, ALL perfect examples of how this organizations top leadership attempts to absolutely reject and deny any form of accountabilty... The bottom line is simple....Cfac claims it raised over $600,000 last year, BUT..., spent well over that amount......Prove it Cfac!!!..... Prove it with a public accounting....The leadership of this organization touts its policy of total transpareny however launches smear campaigns against ANYONE who asks them to deliver on that boast.. All of us wunder...Why must that be??????



Rating: 5

I currently work for CFAC and have for over a year. I can say WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING that this is one of the most organized, structured, and passionate non profits I have EVER encountered. Leadership CONSISTENTLY gives support and education to all employees. Where else can you work that is concerned for your emotional AND physical well being? I can tell you: NOWHERE. Every employee is able to discuss ANY problems, concerns, complaints, etc with ANYBODY, providing they do ask for consent from the other individual. These FEW former employees on this site that keep howling about "safe space" obviously don't understand the definition of SAFE SPACE. It goes both ways. You may feel comfortable in the safe space enough to open up about issues YOU DEEM as problematic, but that DOES NOT give you the right to force those emotions onto others in said safe space. You MUST ask for consent. Otherwise, you are violating the OTHER person's SAFE SPACE. The sword cuts both ways. I can say WITH CONVICTION, that no job is all lavender and roses. EVERYONE and EVERY ORGANIZATION has it's bad days. That being said, here is some advice: If you are SOOOOO unhappy EVERYDAY with what you do for a living, and continually come into work sowing that negative energy and throwing it onto others like a giant sprinkler system, MAYBE you are in the wrong line of
work. This job isn't for everyone. Be a mature adult and bow out gracefully and with some DIGNITY. ALSO, instead of holding onto anger over one little organization and writing scathing and defaming, derogatory reviews about that organization, shouldn't you do something for YOU? Like look for other means of employment. Rent and food ain't free people. No matter what, we all have to make a living. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, wipe away your tears, and MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE. You are only hurting yourself by holding onto all this anger. Let it go. Get a job. Live.



Rating: 1

Canvass for a cause it's a shameful organization. Let me preface this was saying the reason that no one has come out until now is that anybody who is fighting against the executive director who is also a lawyer and many of the board members who are best friends with the Executive Director are lawyers, have been blackmailed into silence. The sad thing is even though the brand itself is dead unsuspecting, caring individuals will be manipulated by their canvassers day in and day out into giving them at least small amounts of cash to sustain themselves until all the money is stolen and gone by the Corrupt leaders And unethical people that support them, run the organization Into the ground. Anybody who gives this organization a positive review is somebody that has invested their own money or profits from the success and continued corruption of this organization. You will see you on this website countless ex-employees and some anonymous current employees that explain how things really are there. The sad fact is this organization could've been great. The problem is trust was put into the wrong hands and those hands failed us. Many ex-employees have walked away burnt tired and pained and want nothing to do With bringing these Shameful "activists" to justice, they just want to walk away because they're so sick and tired of it. But more and more people that have had their hopes and dreams smashed by this organization are coming together to make sure that they don't hurt anyone else. That means anyone that They hold to the standard of an employee yet pay as an independent contractor, no sick time, no vacation time, no holiday pay and certainly no help with taxes. Do your research, cfac is the only canvasaing organization in San Diego that does not count their fundraisers as employees. I've been in leadership, I know exactly why they do it and it's to save money. Less money paid To IRS in taxes for employees, more money in the directors and executive directors pockets. With that you're on your own and that also includes employees that they have denied and fought hard to prevent Any ex-employee unemployment. Truth is contagious. and the truth is out there Cfac. you hurt good people. you believed liars. you screwed over "friends" and coworkers who supported you no matter what, even when it might have been YOU that were fired. Is minimum wage or a little more than that worth your integrity? it ended up not being worth mine.



Rating: 1

i agree with the reviews that state that this organization is sketchy and the money does not go to wha the fundraisers in the field say that it goes to. I worked for this organization since it was only six months old, I've been in all positions of leadership, and I have never seen them work on a real campaign. The board members are not active in the governing of the organization and nobody has control over the budget but the top three directors. Their salaries are inflated, meanwhile employees get paid the bare minimum that you can pay someone to call somebody them an employee by law. Anybody that tries to voice dissent against the corrupt and manipulative behavior of the leadership gets fired. Including people that have built the organization into what it is today. No one is exempt from getting fired except the people that suck up to the current leadership. and work to keep the status quo. As early as last night, employees tried to get together to make change and fight against the opressive nature of their bosses and this morning at least one of those employees were fired. Do not give money to this organization!