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Cancer Fund of America, Inc.

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Causes: Cancer, Health, Health Support, Specifically Named Diseases

Mission: Cancer Fund of America's mission is to provide support and services to financially indigent patients; to disseminate information concerning the early detection and prevention of cancer; to provide commodities, and gifts-in-kind to hospices and other health care providers; to procure and distribute donated merchandise to various 501-(c)-(3) nonprofit community service organizations which aid the ill, needy, and infants.

Programs: Patient and community services - financial and other assistance to cancer patients and their caregivers as well as community organizations that provide services to ill and needy individuals.

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Community Stories

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Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

I work for a non-profit in AZ. I was shocked to see this scam in my state. It is despicable to use Cancer and its Victims to rip people off. Sinful for sure. In curiosity I went to their website. It looks cheesy- very unprofessional and notice the "Donate now" buttons and animation all over the website- another clue- look at the lack of info given about the board members and CEO- also very unprofessional. If it looks like a duck.... this should be a federal crime and the CEO and all involved from staff to board members should be heavily fined and the $ returned to donors.


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

I am an oncology nurse and I receive multiple annoyance calls soliciting money for this organization which telemarkers report is "Cancer Fund", "Cancer Society", "Children's Cancer Fund", "Cancer Fund of America". Recently the caller ID displayed ACS with the number 313-203-8198 - a bogus attempt to misrepresent this organization under the guise of the credible American Cancer Society (ACS). Shameful marketing practices.


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

I worked for this so called "charity" in 2006-2007. Other reviewers who have worked for this company have been right on the money. I worked at the office in Dearborn, MI and the one in Southfield MI. When I first started I was so excited to get paid for advancing such a noble cause. I quickly became discouraged, however, because they made us really badger people, requiring us to get turned down 3 times per call, & I remember seeing the same names pop up on my computer screen more than one time in the same day. What really got me though, was that in April of 2007, a prospective donor told me that her son had cancer and they called our help line for assistance, but the recording said we weren't accepting new applications for assistance until JANUARY of 2007, several months prior! I couldn't believe it, so I called it myself and sure enough that's what the recording said. I spoke to my manager about it and she said she would investigate it. About a month later I heard a similar complaint, so I called it again. I heard the exact same message, but now the year was 2008!!! I was mortified! So I went home and checked out a couple of sites like this and discovered I was working for a band of shysters! While it's not a scam altogether, (they do help SOME people) it is operated more like most corporate entities, far more concerned with PROFITS (in the form of 6 digit incomes for executives) than in the fortunes of those they claim to help. I could no longer work there in good conscience. They're essentially praying on the misfortunes of the poorest cancer patients, by invoking sympathy for these poor souls to get you, the general public, to donate some of your hard earned money to their mansions, vacations, sports cars, and who knows what?! My first thought was, I wonder how much money these reprehensible execs have donated to ANY cause themselves?!
Robin, 1st let me say I'm so sorry to hear you have cancer. What a terrible affliction. Hopefully soon someone will come up with a cure, so people like you won't have to suffer! God bless you and get well soon! I'm also glad that you were among the fortunate ones to receive help from CFA. I would likely feel the same way if I were in your situation. My only concern is this: I am a compassionate person who derives great satisfaction from helping others, which is what I thought I was doing when I was first hired there. But having seen how they operate first hand, and having done some internet research, I began to feel guilty about coming to work everyday. Please follow me for just a moment here. Each person with the heart to donate to a worthy cause has only so much money they can donate, right? So, nationwide there is only so much money that can be collected each year. So, if someone wanting to make a bundle of money opens a "charity" and begins soliciting millions of dollars, but only passes on a very small percentage of those donations to their cause, so they can live in a million dollar house, aren't they misusing monies that could have been collected by legitimate charities that would have given a much higher amount of help to people like you? You said 2 or 3 charities helped you out. What if one of those charities called someone who had just donated to CFA, and they couldn't donate to that charity, because they'd just donated to CFA? Say they donated $1000 dollars to CFA, and CFA execs kept $900 for their sports cars, and sent you 1 box of supplies. Now the other charity calls (who may have sent you 4 boxes of supplies with that same $1000 donation) but that person has just made their budgeted donation to an organization who is only helping nominally. See how that can affect you?! Doesn't it sound just a little shady that they are soliciting positive reviews from those they've helped? You said you were "MORE than willing to participate" as would most people of limited means who are ill and have been helped by a charity, right? That said, count the number of reviews claiming they got help from CFA! Thirty, MAYBE? They collect in excess of 5 million dollars a year, yet even though they are SOLICITING positive reviews, only thirty people spoke up?! So how many people do you think they ACTUALLY helped with those millions?! I hope you can see the logic of what I am saying. Donations made to CFA come at the expense of people like you!! Either way, my heart goes out to you, and I'll pray for your speedy recovery! God Bless Greg

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