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Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation

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Causes: Cancer

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This organization's nonprofit status may have been revoked or it may have merged with another organization or ceased operations.

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Rating: 1

Similar story to most here... I received an unsolicited call from a telemarketer asking for a donation. I pledged $35 and told them I would honor the pledge if the charity was legitimate and passed my research. I sent them a letter back stating that I would not be honoring my pledge based on their history and IRS filings, then received several calls from an anonymous "out of state" number asking me to "honor my pledge" and "uphold my commitment to cancer survivors".

From what we have found, the Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation is a legitimate registered public charity. Their IRS EIN is 27-2827805 and they regularly submit their 990 filings as required.

The organization is founded and operated by Dr. Yulius Popylansky. It was founded the year before his retirement and relocation from NJ to Florida. He is still a licensed physician / internist in NJ and Florida.

The organization employs a telemarketing company called "Outreach Consulting", owned and operated by Damian Muziani, an aspiring actor from NJ with connections to Dr. Popylansky. Muziani's call center operations in NJ have been featured on several news exposes highlighting the darker side of telemarketing, including this one from Tampa: http://www.tampabay.com/topics/specials/worst-charities2.page

The Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation only donates 2.91% of revenue (charitable contributions) to breast cancer survivors. This charity spent over $3.3M on telemarketing with "Outreach Consultants" and another $1.1M in operating expenses to generate $4.6M in charitable donations. It costs the charity $.96 to earn $1 in donations, leaving just $.04 (4 cents) on every dollar received available for donation to survivors.

The national spokesperson for Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation, Dee Dee Lowland, is a professional fundraiser for charitable organizations. She is located in Missouri and is hired by the Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation to represent their interests.

Other members of the charity include Marjorie Velasko, who opened the Adagio Medical Practice and is registered on their LLC along with Dr. Popylansky, despite his retirement and non-practicing status.

The remaining members of the Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation do not list their board membership as part of their professional social media presence, including LinkedIn, HealthCheck, Spokeo, etc. Several list other board affiliations, but not this one. That is a red flag for me as well.

The bottom line is this charity spends a lot of money on telemarketers, professional fundraisers, and telemarketing campaigns but spends a minimal amount on "Breast Cancer Survivors". They have donated some money to various clinics to offset the cost of early breast cancer detection (Mammograms) for low-income clients; however these procedures are usually covered through other state and federal programs.

Your money could be better invested with other organizations, this one appears to be a scam.



Rating: 1

I received multiple calls from this charity and agreed to pledge. After researching, I decided my donation could be put to better use by another organization. BCSF continued to mail me pledge cards. They eventually called again from a 703 number and asked if I would give them my debit or credit card information so they could obtain my pledge. I refused. The caller got angry and reminded me of the multiple mailings they had sent and how that money could have been used by BCSF. I replied I had changed my mind and she promptly hung up on me. If they ever call me again, I will not be a very nice person.



Rating: 1

I donated over the phone. Within 3 weeks I received so many letters from charities asking for a donation.Some of these I had never heard of- Within a month it got so bad that I started writing them down- then I got fed up and threw the letters away.The next donation card from this org came in the mail- I replied with a note that i will contact my states Attorney Generals office if I ever got a letter or phone call from them again- They apparently sold/gave my address to numerous charities.Based on other reviews- I would stay away.



Rating: 2

I made a donation to the Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation in honor of a friend and breast cancer survivor. My 2 star rating is not based on the effectiveness of the organization as I've not seen anything other than their website. My low rating is based on the fact that after making the donation, we started receiving 2 to 5 calls a day from different non-profit organizations. Apparently, in addition to our cash donation, they made a little extra by selling our information to other organizations. If they didn't sell it, I am still very disappointed that they shared it. Now we have to screen all of our calls.

Note: The address I have for the organization is based in New Jersey and not Oregon, but it is the exact same name. The website of the organization I donated to is http://www.breastcancersurvivor.org (w w w dot breastcancersurvivor dot org) - I apologize if this is not the same organization and will promptly remove this review if so.